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Bet365 NHL Betting Quick Review:

Bet365 (http://www.Bet365.com) is our #1 sportsbook on the internet to bet hockey at. They cover everything you would ever want from a hockey bookie. Want a bonus? You got it – 100% to $200 for all new depositors. How about a mobile app? Yep they offer that too, AND a mobile site for those without an iPhone or Android.

Need more? Bet365 offer a huge variety of betting options, team props and player props. You can bet practically everything NHL related at Bet365. Their interface is sick, and they often offer live streaming.

Finally – Bet365 are without a doubt the BEST online sportsbook when it comes to live betting hockey. If you want to bet NHL Hockey during the game then there’s no better online sportsbook than Bet365. Honestly stop reading and just head on over there and you’ll be convinced.

Bet365 NHL Betting Options:

As the season hasn’t started yet, Bet365 do not have all their betting options up. Currently at Bet365 they offer three NHL Futures – To Win the NHL Outright, to win the NHL Eastern Conference, and bet to win the NHL Western Conference.

Bet365 also offer division winning betting. For example you could bet the Penguins to win the Atlantic Division, or the Leafs to win the Northeast Division. Although why would you do that when burning money with a lighter is so much easier?

Here’s a list of all the available bets you can make on any day on any NHL game:Grand Salami, First period lines, Home goals vs. Away goals spread betting, Time of first score; Before 9:30 /after 9:30, Final score, Game total – odd or even, Team total Odd or Even, Team to score first, Team to score last , Team scoring first wins game, Race to 3 goals, Money line 3 way, Margin of victory game total over 5, 5.5, 6.5,7, Game total over/under 5, 5.5 6.5 7, Puck line, Highest team score of the night:0-3,4 goals exactly , 5 goals exactly, 6 goals exactly, 7 goals exactly, 8 or more, Lowest team score of the night:0 exactly, 1 exactly, 2 exactly, 3 exactly 4 exactly, 5 or more, Highest scoring period.

Why Canadians Should Bet at Bet365:

Sooooo many reasons. Let’s list them and see how many:

  1. #1 Trusted Bookie Online
  2. $200 Bonus for new betters
  3. Additional bonuses on top of that
  4. Best Mobile Apps & Mobile Sportsbook – Work on iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone etc
  5. Live Streaming of hockey games
  6. 50% additional parlay/accumulator bonus
  7. Live In-Play Hockey Betting
  8. Great Interface
  9. Quick withdrawals, lots of deposit options
  10. Top-notch customer support

That’s 10 – which is about the same amount of games the Leafs will win this season! I kid, I kid – they’ll be lucky to win 5.

Why Canadians Shouldn’t Bet at Bet365:

There’s not really many reasons. The only one I would say is the odds. Their betting odds for hockey are average at best – you can find better odds at Bodog or Pinnacle occasionally although not all the time. This is because Bet365 are first and foremost a UK bookie. However the vast amount of betting options available compared to other sportsbooks is incredibly impressive.

The Bottom Line:

When people come up to me and tell them “I’ve never bet hockey online before”, they ask me “where to bet NHL online”. They’re worried – they’re used to going to the local corner store or 7-11 and betting there. It seems a lot simpler.

But after betting hockey at Bet365 you’ll be laughing at yourself for EVER going to the corner store. While the odds on Bet365 aren’t the best – they are ridiculously good compared to Pro-line, Sport Select, or whatever it is you bet at the local 7-11.

The amount of betting options they offer is crazy too – PLUS they have a really sick section on their site where they display a ridiculous amount of statistics. You’ll never have to leave another website. They provide details on matchups, offensive and defensive grids, injuries, trend sheets, ATS(Against The Spread) standings, reports, previews, predictions and my favourite – the “Systems Database” where you can run various queries and check specific stats on teams, players etc in special circumstances.

Seriously – sign up at Bet365. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. These guys are the Wayne Gretzky of online sportsbooks.

Best America Sportsbooks for NHL
Good deposit bonus, lot of unique bets & props. Excellent mobile & live betting.
Have the best odds the majority of the time
100% to $250 Deposit Bonus, sometimes have really good lines

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