Not too much longer until the 2019/2020 season. Me and Scott are already counting down the days and looking forward to those upcoming games.

I wanted to take a minute to chat about the non-NHL leagues that I aim to be covering this year.

I’ve been getting quite a few questions over e-mail and in the comments so wanted to do a post to cover that.

I usually cover the OHL, WHL, AHL and KHL.

Last season I added the Czech Extraliga and it was profitable with an 8-5 record, for +1.26u. I ran a poll last year and I will now be adding the Swedish Hockey League and Finland SM Liiga to that list.

Here’s a quick status update on regard to all leagues:

  • AHL: Begins Friday, October 4th.
  • Czech: Begins Thursday, September 12th.
  • FSML: Begins Thursday, September 12th.
  • KHL: Underway. Approx 3-4 games played.
  • OHL: Begins Thursday, September 19th.
  • SHL: Begins Saturday, September 14th.
  • WHL: Begins Friday, September 20th.

For betting the non-NHL leagues, I recommend:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

All of the above betting tips will be primarily data based predictions as they always have been. I do however overlook everything to make sure there is no major issues that may affect a betting tip.

We’ve been quite successful overall with these non-NHL Tips with a complete record of 252-192 for 41.72u profit since starting them in the 2016/2017 season. Hopefully that will continue. As always, and just like our NHL Tips, there are no promises or guarantees.

As this is based on data, that means I need quite a few games before I can even begin experimenting and tweaking the system. So while I am already harvesting data from the KHL, 3-4 games means not enough time to accurately predict anything yet.

I’m slowly fine tuning things and I think I can start doing tips for that in a couple of weeks. The other leagues I’ll most likely give until the beginning of the NHL season.

As like previous years there won’t be any separate posts for the non-NHL tips. All will be embedded within that days NHL Tips posts. I may create one separate one for the KHL just to cover KHL Tips until the NHL season begins.

Anyway just wanted to post an update. The additional leagues will mean a bit more work for me, but it won’t affect the other tips in any manner. Hopefully we can keep going strong, and I can add even more leagues next year.

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