Nitrogen Sports is fast becoming one of the most popular online sportsbooks. Nitrogen Sport is a Bitcoin only sportsbook.

Bitcoins popularity rose however sportsbooks were slow to catch on, and there are still many online sportsbooks who don’t deal in Bitcoin. Enter Nitrogen Sports, one of a few bitcoin only sportsbooks and the one that has become the biggest.

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One other big factor in Nitrogen Sports is it is all completely anonymous. Sign up at any online sportsbook and you’re immediately stuck filling in form after form with registration information and with some of them you even have to send over a copy of your drivers license before you can deposit or withdraw.

Not Nitrogen. Soon as you visit you’re registered, and you can set up a username and password if you want. No e-mail or anything like that required. No name or address etc. It’s a very impressive system. If that’s the sort of thing that appeals to you then it’s right up your alley.

When it comes to hockey betting they cover an excellent variety. You can bet on leagues like the AHL, the SM Liga, SHL, International Friendlies and of course the NHL.

If you’re a big fan of prop bets you’ll be a bit disappointed with the offerings Nitrogen have for NHL. Currently this is what Nitrogen Sports offer for NHL Games:

– Team To Win in Regulation
– Team To Win in Overtime
– Puck line Team to win in Overtime
– Puck line Team to win in Regulation
– Over/Under Including Overtime

They also offer futures betting but yes at this time, their nhl offerings are fairly basic. Hopefully with more action they will increase that.

Have a look to see what Nitrogen Sports currently offer

Nitrogen Sports really shine with their odds though. Taking odds from a random game between the Penguins vs Capitals for example, Penguins are +110 at most books yet +121 at Nitrogen. Over 5 is -125 at most books yet -120 at Nitrogen. They’re one of the best sportsbooks online when it comes to NHL Odds.

If you’re looking for more than just hockey they offer pretty much everything from Golf to Badminton to NBA to Chess to specials like the US Election.

Really though – the biggest selling points of Nitrogen Sports for me is the deposit/withdrawal factor. I mean the anonymity is good too I guess but it’s not something we care too much about. However if you’re an American I’m sure it’s a big factor.

It’s just nice to be able to be paid instantly. We have accounts at a lot of online sportsbooks with money in them. We don’t mind processing a withdrawal at Bet365 or Sports Interaction and waiting a few hours. That’s no big deal. But there are some online sportsbooks who take awhile to process withdrawals, some that make you jump through hoops.

With Nitrogen it’s instant – so you never have to worry about moving money around and you never have to worry about Nitrogen closing and running off with your money – because you can put money in your account ONLY when you want to bet, and then withdraw it when you’re done.

Their customer service is excellent too and if you’re wanting a Bitcoin account for multiple gambling options Nitrogen have you covered with Nitrogen Poker AND Nitrogen Casino.

If you’re big into Bitcoin already then Nitrogen Sports is a no brainer when it comes to sports betting. If you’re not too familiar with it we’d recommend getting started – Nitrogen Sports has gained our trust and with their betting odds you’ll see then popping up a lot during the NHL season when we list the best odds available.

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