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April 8th, 2020 NHL Sims Betting Tips

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Sorry about having no tips yesterday. Just had so much to do here that time slipped away from me. We have a dumpster here and I spent most of the day filling it up. And my kids helped and found old things they haven’t played with in a while including a huge rubber band launcher, […]

Well there is still no update on when or if we will get back to having hockey. The only thing good to come from this for me has been me being able to hang out with my wife and kids everyday. My kids are having a hard time adjusting. They all are missing their sports […]

So we had two tips in Madden Simulations yesterday and went 1-1. I had the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs -3.5 against the Steelers. And obviously the Steelers picked up the convincing win. They pounded the Chiefs 48-20. Roethlisberger had a crazy game throwing for 454 yards and 6 touchdowns. The other game was Redskins vs […]

Well I had two tips yesterday of Madden Simulations and we went 1-0. For the Steelers vs Chiefs Madden Sim they were having issues with Twitch not streaming through PS4 so the Steelers @ Chiefs game was canceled. But the Lions vs Vikings game went on and I had the Vikings -2.5 and this came […]

And still we have no hockey and no idea if we will get to see a playoffs of not. I have been watching some old games and its been a lot of fun to see players that have long retired. I watched a Leafs vs Kings game the other night. Gretzky and Gilmour. Robitaille and […]

March 25th, 2020 Table Tennis Betting Tips

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Hey! It’s March 25th and hockey has been off for 2 weeks. 14 long days without hockey. It sucks too as this is usually one of the best times of the season with teams fighting for home ice in the first round. Only good thing to come out of this was it gave me more […]

Top 5 Goalies in the NHL 2019/2020 season

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

The final article on judging who has been the best at each position in my opinion. And its probably the hardest position to judge and easiest to debate. For this I used their stats to make my decisions. There are easily another 5 goalies who could have made this list but I went with these […]

Graeme continues to kill it with his non-NHL betting tips. He went 2-0 yesterday with his win in table tennis making him 3-0 in table tennis for the “season”. He also won his Bowls bet and said that “getting up at 5am for this was the greatest decision of my life”. He’ll be back later […]

Continuing on with our best at each position so far this season we now get to the Right Wingers. The top 3 in the league leaders for right wingers are all above 80 points so far. After that the points drop down into the 60’s. But sometimes a players value isnt based on points alone. […]

So to keep ourselves in the hockey spirit without any hockey, we are discussing who has been the best at each position this season. When the season gets back underway this list will be different I’m sure. But up until the stoppage who had been the best? We are going to be going over the […]