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Welcome to the BetNHL.ca Betting Guide page. We basically consider this whole section of the website NHL Betting for Dummies.

The point of this section is simple – to teach you a lot more about NHL Betting. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new NHL sports better, a semi-experienced NHL better or live in Las Vegas and hang out at the sportsbook all day – this section covers everything to really help you out when it comes to NHL Betting.

We also get asked a ton Where to Bet NHL. That’s the most common question we get.

When we provide the tips we provide the best odds for each game and we only provide odds from sportsbooks we trust, respect and actually use.

This is a list of those sportsbooks:

NHL Betting Guide for Dummies:

Here is a list of the articles within this section, and descriptions of each article:

Betting NHL Online for Dummies: This is mostly an article explaining WHY you should bet online, as opposed to betting NHL with Pro Line or Sport Select. It also provides you with the basics in regard to betting NHL Online, for example explaining how to withdraw, or a step by step on how to bet the NHL online.

Best NHL Sportsbooks: This is a brief list of the current best online sportsbooks to bet NHL Hockey at. I provide you with a couple of the best sportsbooks and the reasons to bet at them, and then I also provide additional advice depending on your situation, ie: if you want to bet via your cellphone, or if you want to deposit with a credit card.

Where To Bet NHL Online: At BetNHL.ca you might notice that we refer to the same sportsbooks over and over. There’s 11 sportsbooks that we currently have money at, to bet on the NHL. This allows us to follow the best odds, take advantage of reload bonuses or any specials. We’ve provided a detailed list of all the sportsbooks we recommend in this article, along with a bullet list explaining the highlights of each sportsbook.

How To Bet NHL Online: Never bet NHL, or any sports online before? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered – our article goes into specific detail at all of the sportsbooks we recommend, and how exactly you bet online. It may seem confusing but don’t worry – our guides will have you betting Grand Salami’s and accumulators with ease!

Sportsbook Deposit Options: Having problems depositing to an online sportsbook? It happens. Read our complete guide to depositing to online sportsbooks as well as how to withdraw, so you know what sportsbooks will accept your Credit Card.

NHL Mobile Betting for Dummies: Did you know that you can bet on your cellphone? There’s nothing like being at a bar, seeing a game is coming on the TV, and placing a bet right there on your phone. Whether you use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or whatever else – we go into detail about mobile betting, and the best places to do it.

We’ve also got a separate article discussing NHL iPhone Betting as there are many websites who offer specific iOS apps, or have a website specifically configured for iPhone users.

How To Bet NHL On Your Cellphone: This is a complete step by step guide to every sportsbook that we trust which offers a mobile option for betting. Whether it be a mobile application or a mobile website, we provide a step by step guide so you know how to bet NHL on your cellphone.

Where To Bet NHL Props: We have a whole section on all the type of current NHL Prop Bets but what about where to actually bet these props? We’ve went over the best overall online sportsbooks for betting each specific prop in this article for you.

Different Game Bets Explained: One thing you will find with online sportsbooks is that they have a wide variety on what you can bet. You’re no longer restricted betting on who will win a game – you can bet with handicaps, on who will score first, who will score the most goals, the correct score, the 1st period winner and so much more! In this article we explain the variety of match bets you can choose from, and what they mean.

Where To Bet Specific Game Bets: In the above article we explain in detail all of the different betting options. In this article we tell you where the best sportsbooks are to bet these specific bets. Some sportsbooks offer better odds depending on the bet so be sure to read this article to figure out where you should be betting.

Bankroll Management: An article on bankroll management we wrote and we also wrote a follow up e-mail.

Different Odds Explained: If you’re coming from pro-line or sport select, you’re probably used to the betting odds being displayed like this: Canadiens 2.45. If you’re in the US, you’re more used to +145. Basically there are 3 different ways to display the betting odds, and in this article we explain all three of them to make it easier when you start hitting up different sportsbooks.

NHL Live Betting Guide: NHL Live Betting, also known as NHL In-Play Betting, is the best way to bet during NHL because you can place bets DURING the game. Watching the Leafs 1-0 up against the Habs, but notice the Habs are starting to get some powerplays? Then you can bet on the Habs, with the odds dynamically updating to factor in the latest score. My article explains everything about live betting, how to bet on it, and what NHL in-play betting you can do.

NHL Bankroll Building Guide: Pretty much every online sportsbook offers a signup bonus to new players. In this article I tell you how to take advantage of MULTIPLE signup bonuses offered by the sportsbooks, to really pad up your bankroll. This is the quickest way to go from betting $5 per game to $50 per game.

NHL Betting F.A.Q.: We get lots of questions, so this is the section for all those random questions. Just ask us whatever you want and we’ll answer them all here.

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