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Welcome to – The Ultimate NHL Hockey Betting Website for Canadians.

We’re Scott and Graeme, the owners of this site and men behind the tips. Scott is a Chicago Blackhawks fan and Graeme is a Montreal Canadiens fan.

We alternate NHL Betting Tips with Scott taking one portion of the week, Graeme the other. We discuss the tips together and try to have a unified front although each persons actual tips are considered their own.

Any betting tips we have are always in bold with the odds listed. Anything else is just thoughts and analysis.

While we await the beginning of the season, be sure to read our article Where To Bet The NHL 2022/2023 Season. If you want to bet seriously, it is imperative that you follow our instructions in regard to chasing the best odds within that article.

Latest NHL Betting Tips:

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For those wondering we’re based in Kingston, Ontario which is in-between Toronto and Ottawa. We travel a lot however to watch hockey all over Canada. NHL is our life – it’s what we make money on, and we literally live and breathe NHL.

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We started – The Ultimate NHL Betting Resource because we have so many friends who are looking to bet NHL. Some do – but they are suckers who bet the likes of pro-line, sports select or whatever other betting options are available at your corner store.

Sorry guys – but if you’re betting that way, you’re practically burning money. The odds for betting online are way better, and there are no crazy restrictions like some of these Government-run companies push. It’s safe, secure and you can do it from the comfort of your own home – no need to spend hours shoveling the driveway just to throw a 3-team parlay on!

Our ultimate aim with Bet NHL is to help my fellow Canadians(and everyone else around the world who visits us – we have a HUGE European following) when it comes to betting NHL hockey online. I’ll explain WHY you should bet NHL hockey online, HOW to bet NHL online, and also WHERE to do your NHL betting online. I’ll also let you know the places to avoid.

For example – we get a lot of visitors from people searching for “best pro-line hockey tips”. However you shouldn’t actually be betting Pro Line or Sport Select – so we have articles like betting NHL online for Dummies to explain that all to you.

We also provide daily NHL Betting Tips. As we said above I’ve been betting hockey for years. Our tips are the results of both a NHL computer betting system that Graeme wrote and the result of our own experience when it comes to betting hockey. While our computer system is fairly good – there are so many things that a system just can’t calculate, so we add our own history, experience and intelligence when it comes to betting hockey to provide you our daily betting tips.

We also provide as many valuable resources as I can to help you when it comes to betting. One of the features of we are MOST excited about is our NHL Betting Odds page.

This is probably the most important page on the site, and something you need to bookmark if you are going to bet NHL. It lists all the betting odds for the NHL from Vegas to a variety of online sportsbooks.

Whether you’re looking for NHL Regular Game Odds, NHL Playoff odds or NHL Stanley Cup odds – that’s the page for you.

It may not seem important – but as you build your bankroll, it’s important to have money at about 4-5 different sportsbooks. You can use that page to compare the NHL betting odds, and choose the best betting odds for whatever bet you want to make.

Whew – we’ll shut up now. Just consider us your “betting nhl for dummies” guide. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we’d love to help you all stop blowing money at the local Macs or 7-11, and start making money online!

Go Habs & Blackhawks!