It’s amazing the number of different ways you can bet on a hockey game.

But just where exactly can you place these bets? Well I will take the work out of looking for you and tell you which sites offer which bets.

I’ll also tell you which Sportsbooks offer the best Odds for certain types of bets so you make sure you get the best value. It’s recommended you have accounts at pretty much every sportsbook listed below so you can compare odds and always get the best value:

Where To Bet The Money Line Bet

The NHL Money Line Bet is the most placed bet there is. Its a bet on which team you think will win. Very basic and easy to use. There are different versions of this bet, for example you can bet the money line in regular time (No OT), or bet the money line with overtime included.

The most popular bet there is the NHL Money Line bet can be found at any Sportsbook. For the overall best odds and bonuses, I recommend using Bodog.

Where to bet the Puck Line

The Puck Line Bet is another very popular bet which can be confusing for people new to the betting game. Basically its a spread with one team having a -1.5 to cover and the other having a +1.5 cushion. The team having to cover must win by 2 or more goals to win the bet. The team with the cushion can win or lose by 1 goal for you to win the bet.

All Sportsbooks offer the Puck Line Bet. But 5Dimes consistently offer some of the best Puck Line Odds.

But as the odds are constantly changing be sure to check out our < a href="https://www.betnhl.ca/betting-odds/nhl-live-betting-odds.php">NHL Live Betting Odds for the most current up to date odds at different Sportsbooks.

Where To Bet The Will The Game Go To Overtime Bet

One of the more straightforward bets available. The Will The Game Go To OT bet is where you’re betting on if you think the game will need Overtime or not. Since a large majority of games don’t go to overtime the odds when you bet against it pay accordingly. But if you bet that a game will go to OT and it does you will win a nice payout.

A lot of Sportsbooks offer this betting option and all pay out closely the same. But Bodog has a bit of an edge in the value department for Will The Game Go To OT Bet. And in the world of betting every edge you can take advantage of helps.

Where To Bet NHL Additional Puck Lines:

The NHL Additional Puck Lines betting option allows you to vary the point spread in either teams favour. For example, The Winnipeg Jets are +155 against the Washington Capitals -175. However you can add goals to each teams score. So with the additional puck line bet, you could bet Jets +2.5 at -475, Jets -1 at +240, Capitals +1 at -333 etc.

The NHL Additional Puck Lines bet is available at Pinnacle Sports

Where To Bet The Grand Salmi Bet

The Grand Salami is an awesome bet that forces you to pay attention to all game being played on any night. The Grand Salami is a number determined by the Sportsbook, will the total number of goals combined by all games on the night of the bet be over or under the predetermined number.

A few Sportsbooks offer the Grand Salami. The two books that have the best odds available for it are JustBet and 5Dimes.

Where To Bet The Which Team Will Score First Bet

The Which Team Will Score First Betis very simple to understand. Pick a game any game. Now in that game who is going to score first. That’s all there is to this bet. It doesn’t matter the final score as long as the team you picked scored first you win this bet

The Team To Score First Bet can be placed at Pinnacle Sports

Where To Bet The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Period Winners

You can bet on which team will win any period during any game. So if the Leafs are playing the Sens you could bet that the Leafs will win the 1st Period, and if after the first the Leafs are winning you win that bet. You could then bet that the Sens will win the 2nd period and as long as they score more goals in the 2nd then the Leafs do you win that bet. Same goes for the 3rd period if at this point the Leafs are up 4-2 and you bet the Sens to win the 3rd and they score 1 goal and lose the game 4-3, you still win that bet because in the 3rd they outscored the Leafs 1-0.

The Who Will Win Each Period Bet is a different approach to betting on a game and only heightens the excitement. This type of betting is available at
Titan Bet.

Where To Bet The Pick The Correct Score Bet

Have you got a hunch and feel strongly the The Flames are going to beat the Stars 4-2? Well the Pick The Correct Score Bet is for you. Or if the last few times teams have met they have finished the game with the exact same score, you might want to bet it. Basically any imaginable score is available to choose from. And as you can expect if you pick the correct score for a game you will make a ton of money on it.

If you would like to try this bet and show off your knowledge of the NHL by Picking The Correct Score then head to 888 Sports and enjoy all the money you can win from this.

Where To Bet If Home Teams Or Away Teams Will Score More

This bet is easy to understand and easy to cash in on. On any given night do you think that the combined goals of the home teams will be more than the combined goals for the away teams well you can bet on that. All it takes is a quick look at the matchups for the night and you should have a great idea which combined side will score more.

The Home Or Away Goal Totals Bet is available at BetOnline.

Where To Bet Player Props

Player Props are a fun way to bet. They offer you to bet on a certain player statistics during the game instead of his team winning the game.

This amazing Player Props betting option is available at the incredible Bodog so go have a look and see just how fun it is.

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