So watching hockey is fun enough by itself but it’s a lot more fun when you have actual money on the game.

But I’m sure we’ve all been there – we’ve headed out to a bar with some friends and start watching hockey. Suddenly you start itching to put money on the game, wishing you had planned to do so at home. And the local convenience store is a few blocks away, so you can’t even duck out and do some betting on pro-line.

Well that isn’t a problem for Iphone and Ipad users as many sites offer mobile websites that are designed for the Iphone and Ipad and takes advantage of the touch screen capabilities. Another cool thing is that some sites list live scores so you are always up to date and are able to follow along with all the games you have bet on no matter what game is on the TV.

I’ll tell you about three sites that offer very easy to use iPhone sites and I’ll do a step by step guide for people who are unfamiliar with mobile sites. This will show you just how easy it is to bet on your iPhone.

Best NHL iPhone Betting Apps:

The first site i will tell you about is Titan Bet. They offer lots of NHL options but also so many other things to bet on here: Darts, Politics the list is incredible. They also give you $50.00 in free bets and they also offer special bonuses for Canadians so anyone that gives us extra bonuses is good in my books also offer live betting.

Next is Pinnacle Sports who are guaranteed to have the best betting odds available. Their iPhone app is nice and fast which is always a bonus when betting on the go.

Think about it, you’re dragged out clothes shopping with the wife and when shes trying something on you can put a few bets down on the Sens or Leafs and she will have no idea!! What a great husband you are!!

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