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This article is targeted towards people who already have a familiarity with sport betting in general, or already bet the NHL hockey. A lot of my friends have been betting hockey for years via the likes of Pro-Line, Sport Select,Oddset, Mise-O-Jeu and whatever other Government-run betting options are available in your province.

However betting online is a LOT better than betting Pro-Line or Sport Select – you’re basically throwing money away when it comes to betting with Sport Select. However a lot of my friends have been hesitant to bet online – not sure how exactly it works, what sportsbooks to trust to bet hockey or how to get started.

I’ve thrown together this Beginners NHL Betting Online Guide to help assist you, answer all of your questions and alleviate any fears. If you’re new to sports betting or hockey betting in general, then I recommend reading my Betting NHL for Dummies guide instead.

Let’s start with the big one:

Why Betting NHL Online Is Better Than Sport Select:

Wow, so many reasons.

The main one is odds. Sport Select are notorious for offering horrible betting odds compared to online, or Vegas odds. Vegas odds for example will generally have a juice or vig of 110% – meaning you would bet $110 to win $100. However Sport Select odds are generally at LEAST 130% juice or vig, and in most provinces force players to bet parlays. This means that the juice can go as high as a ridiculous 300%.

I mean look – I’ll explain it – but go check out the hockey section at Bodog.ca. You’ll see a much more wide variety of options, plus a lot better odds than you’d find at the local corner store.

Betting online you don’t have to bet a parlay – you can bet just one game, for much fairer odds. And if you DO want to bet a parlay? Then you will get MUCH better odds than you would if betting via sport select.

Another reason is convenience – no need to keep walking to the store to place a bet or get your money – simply relax on your couch and bet online. At your fingertips is tons of data, NHL Betting Tips etc as well. Then there’s bonuses. Do Sport Select give you free bets? Nope. Do online sportsbooks give you free bets or bonuses? All the time! Do Sport Select reward you for betting with them? No, but online sportsbooks offer reward programs.

Hell – you can even bet on your cellphone at the majority of online sportsbooks. Most online sportsbooks offer a mobile version of their website so you can bet with ease.

There are a lot more reasons but I just want to cover the last one – trust and security. Most people prefer to bet with Sport Select because they get the money immediately if they win. However most online sportsbooks are able to process withdrawals within 24 hours, and accept bank wires, credit cards etc. You may also wish to sign up with an intermediary like Moneybookers – they act as a bank, a go-between your actual bank or credit card company and the online sportsbooks, and will process all your money for you.

There ARE some shady online sportsbooks out there – but at BetNHL.ca I only provide you with the sportsbooks that I personally use and trust. I’ve been betting at every one of these sportsbooks for at least a year and some for as much as 10 years. As long as you stick with the sportsbooks listed on BetNHL.ca, you’ll be fine.

How To Deposit Online to Bet Hockey:

The process of depositing at online sportsbooks can turn people off – but it really shouldn’t. It’s incredibly easy.

What you do is register at an online sportsbook – for your first online sportsbook we’d recommend Bodog(which I’ll go into in a minute).

Once you registered at your preferred sportsbook and logged in, there’ll be an option to deposit. Most books will just list “Deposit” as a link while others will link to their Cashier. You go there and choose the method to deposit – be it via a bank transfer, credit card, interac e-transfer or whatever – and that’s it – you’re good to go. It couldn’t be any easier.

How To Withdraw From Online Sportsbooks:

Same deal as depositing – log in, then find the “Withdraw” option.

Your options for withdrawing will differ at every sportsbook. However most of them offer both a check – sent via courier so you can get your money within 24 hours – or a bank wire, which also will take about 24-48 hours.

Where To Bet NHL Online:

There’s a LOT of online sportsbooks to choose from – and a lot depend on what type of sports better you are. We’ve got a full article dedicated to where to bet on the NHL.

However let’s keep it simple – go with Bodog. Bodog are one of the best overall sportsbooks for so many reasons. They have a great bonus, amazing and unique props, fast withdrawals, great customer support, awesome odds, very nice user interface – if you’re a beginner, betting hockey online is best to do at Bodog.

The only reason NOT to bet at Bodog is if you plan on betting a lot on your cellphone. If so, go with Bet365. They’re as good as Bodog pretty much and have the best mobile betting software. They have iPhone apps, Android apps and a full mobile betting site.

Bet365 don’t have payment processors in Canada though while Bodog do. So while Bodog withdrawals will take no more than 48 hours, Bet365 warn a withdrawal for a Canada hockey better can take as much as 72 hours.

Visit http://www.bodog.ca to learn more.

How To Bet NHL Online:

Betting hockey online may seem intimidating at first – but it’s actually really simple.

We’ll explain actual game betting once sportsbooks have their odds up. But here’s a step by step guide for betting NHL online at Bodog:

  1. Visit http://www.bodog.ca and log-in
  2. In the “Betting Lines” sidebar to the left, click on “hockey”.
  3. This will bring up a list of selections, such as NHL Hockey Lines, NHL Play Props etc.
  4. Click the option for the bet you want to make, ie: NHL Team Props.
  5. In the main area, all of the betting options will appear. Let’s go with the first one – “Anaheim Ducks Regular Season Points”.
  6. It gives you the option to bet over 53.5 points or under 53.5 points. Click the checkbox beside (-115)o, to bet over 53.5.
  7. On the right side, the “Bet Slip” will now list this. Put the amount you wish to risk – ie: $10 in the box.
  8. Click “Review My Bets”.
  9. If you are happy with your bet, click “Place Bet” and this will place your bet.

That’s it – you just made your first online bet at NHL hockey!

If you have any more questions I’m happy to help. Send me an e-mail with any questions about betting hockey online and I’ll answer you quickly. Otherwise get your butt over to Bodog.ca and get to betting.

Best America Sportsbooks for NHL
Good deposit bonus, lot of unique bets & props. Excellent mobile & live betting.
Have the best odds the majority of the time
100% to $250 Deposit Bonus, sometimes have really good lines

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