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There are many different and exciting ways you can bet on any game of NHL. Grand Salami, Puck Line, Total goals for each period and game total odd or even are a few of them. But for some people some of the bets may seem confusing.

Well for people who want to understand these unique bets or for people who just want refresher this article will help. Below we are going to go over some of the bets, explain how they work and which Sportbook you can use to place each bet at.

NHL Money Line Bet:

The NHL Money Line Bet is the most common bet you will be making. When you are betting on the money line, you are predicting whom the winner will be in a particular game. There are often slight variations of this, for example being able to bet the money line in regular time(which offers the tie option), or bet the money line with overtime included.

For example – then San Jose Sharks are playing the Edmonton Oilers. The Money Line odds are the Sharks -115 and the Oilers -105. If you bet $100 on the Sharks -115, you are betting the San Jose Sharks to win the game. If the Sharks win, you win your bet and profit $87. If the Oilers won the game, you would lose the bet and lose your $100.

The NHL Money Line bet is the most popular of all bets and can be found at any sportsbook. For the overall best odds and bonus, I recommend Bodog.

Spread or Puck Line Bets:

The Spread or Puck Line Bet seems to be one of the more confusing bets out there for all sports not just Hockey. A spread, which is also sometimes referred to as a handicap, is basically a score the team you pick either begins the game with or after game is added to their score. In the case of hockey the spread will normally be 1 team -1.5 the other team +1.5 and the team expected to win, by default, will be the team that has the -1.5 where the underdog team will have +1.5

For example lets say that the Bruins are playing the Jets the Bruins are favored to win so they are -1.5 The Jets are +1.5. You bet the Bruins to win +1.5 which for you to win this bet means that the Bruins need to win by more than 1.5 goals, and since there is no .5 goals they need to win by 2 or more, if the Bruins win by only 1 goal you lose your bet. This bet offers better betting odds as its a tougher bet to predict. On the flip side if you were to pick the Jets +1.5 means that they can win the game or lose by less then 2 goals for you to win the bet

All Sportsbooks offer this betting option but for some of the best Puck Line odds around I suggest using either Bodog or 5Dimes

NHL Additional Puck Lines:

The NHL Additional Puck Lines betting option allows you to vary the point spread in either teams favour. For example, The Winnipeg Jets are +155 against the Washington Capitals -175. However you can add goals to each teams score. So with the additional puck line bet, you could bet Jets +2.5 at -475, Jets -1 at +240, Capitals +1 at -333 etc.

The NHL Additional Puck Lines bet is available at Bet365.

Grand Salami

In one of the more exciting betting options available The Grand Salami is very easy to use and a way to make some easy money. Lets say that there are 8 games being played on a day and the Grand Salami is set to 40.5.

So to win this bet you must decided on if you think that between all 8 games being played that day will the total score of all games be above 40.5 or under 40.5. So some simple math lets you find out that if ever game had a score that totaled 5 goals:4-1, 3-2 5-0 then 8 X 5 = 40 so you would need one of the games to have more than 5 goals scored to win this bet pretty easy right. If you think that it’ll be a low scoring night than bet under hoping all games don’t accumulate a grand total of goals 40.5 goals.

JustBet is one of a few places that offer the Grand Salami

Which Team Will Score First

The Which Team Will Score First Betpretty simple to understand you are betting on which team is going to score first regardless of the outcome of the game. Leafs vs Sens you bet that the Sens will score first they do but end up losing, you win this bet because the Sens scored first

The Team To Score First Bet can be placed at Titan Bet

Will The Game Go To Overtime Bet

Another straight forward and simple bet to understand. Do you think this game is going to go to overtime. If so bet yes if no then bet no. Thats all there is to the Will The Game Go To Overtime Bet Because of the chances of a game going to overtime slim the odds payout as such. But if you choose yes it will go to O.T and it does then it pays out quite well.

Will Game Go To Overtime Bet can be placed at a few sites but the one offer the best odds for this prop isPinnacle Sports

Total Game Score Odd or Even Bet

Will the combined score of the game you are betting on be an even or odd number? The chances really favor the odd bet here because:1-0,2-1,4-1, 3-2 4-3,5-4 etc are all, when added together odd numbers. But for even:3-1,4-2 5-1 6-4 are odds so it needs to be a high scoring game and a blowout to have a chance. Good at predicting game scores and math than the Total Game Score Odd or Even Bet is for you

The Game Total Score Odd or Even Bet is available atBet365 home of the largest selection of betting options on the internet.

1st Period Winner Bet

The 1st Period Winner Bet is exactly what it sounds like. Which team is going to win the first period. Lets say the Bluejackets and the Coyotes were playing you bet that the Bluejackets would win the first period and after the 1st Bluejackets were winning 2-1 then you win the bet. Even if at the end of the game the Coyotes were the winner of the game with a score of 4-1 you still win that bet

Think you know who will Win The First Period then go to Intertops and bet on it there.

Highest Scoring Period Bet

The Highest Scoring Period Bet is a bet of which period do you think that the total goals scored by both team will be? Fairly simple to understand do you think the game will be all but over by the 1st then choose the first. You think that the game will be quite until the 3rd than bet the 3rd.

As with all unique bets Bet365 has an unreal amount to offer and that includes the Highest Scoring Period Bet

Pick The Correct Score Bet

Now this can be a tricky bet to predict, but the Pick The Correct Score Bet,when successful, can be very profitable.
Think you know what the final score of the game will be? Then bet it. After that see if you can figure out the Lotto 6/49 for me please.

At 888 Sports you can bet the Pick The Correct Score Bet they have a large number of predetermined score to pick from so the one you want is sure to be there

There are so many more things you can bet on and these are just 10 of them . Check back here often as I will be updating this throughout the season.

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