avatar Written by Scott on Monday, April 3rd, 2017

A good night of hockey last night.  We are getting a clearer picture of the playoffs too.
The Bruins beat the Hawks 3-2.  The win now has them in 2nd in the Atlantic, pushing the Sens into the 8th position.

The Lightning won 6-3 against the Stars.  The Lightning now have 88 points which is 3 behind the final wildcard spot.

The Islanders beat the Sabres 4-2 and the Isles are at 86 points. Its going to be a crazy week of hockey in the Eastern Conference.

Well the Western Conference teams have been decided.  The Kings were eliminated last night.  If this is it for Iginla I wish he would have had one more shot at a Cup.  The teams are decided but the matchups aren’t.

Only 3 games today and only 1 tip.

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Maple Leafs vs Sabres Betting Tips:

The Leafs currently sit in 3rd in the Atlantic but are tied with the Sens who sit in 8th.  A win in this game would move them into 2nd and gain some distance from not only the Sens but the Lightning.  The Leafs are 7-1-1 over their last 9 games.

The Sabres are out of the playoffs and are now playing for pride and to show the fans what they can look forward to in the future.

The is the 5th and final meeting of these teams tonight with both teams winning 2.  Of the 4 games, 2 have gone over.

With the Leafs needing points to better their position for the playoffs I like them to come out strong in this game.

Maple Leafs win in regulation 

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BetNHL.ca » Tonights Tips » April 3rd, 2017 NHL Betting Tips
  • Leafs 1P @ 2.59

    Tough games are coming, so they have to win this game all the way! I am expecting a strong start by Leafs so, if they will win this game, they have to take the lead soon. Therefore I prefer to grab Leafs 1P which is their stronger period and also the play with most value. I also like the over!

    If you don’t like this kind of risky plays I’d advice Leafs 1P ML. Leafs ML is too low at this time.

    I also really like Red Wings today.


    • Matthew

      3-0 in 5 mins lol

      • Nice juicy profit! 😉 Happy with my play and also to help others getting value!

  • Matthew

    Tonight I like TML, Wings and Habs

    • Mojo

      I like Wings as well but I think Under 5.5 is the safer play. The other two are bang on

      • Matthew

        Additionaly I chose only TML and Habs for parlay, Im staying out of Wings-Sens, no bet on this match, Also added Cats-Habs over considering starting goalies

        • Mojo

          Makes sense. I really like the under in Wings/Sens though

          • Matthew

            Yes, it is very possible to go under.

          • SanDiegoBruins

            I’m only get 5 for the posted total

          • Mojo

            Sports select in Canada, there are no pushes so its 5.5

      • Matthew

        So it seems like I avoided the right match…

        • Mojo

          Yeah pretty frustrating when multiple awful goals are happening including three from behind the net…

  • Benson

    Mon 4/03

    Leafs Reg
    Ottawa Reg
    Montreal ML


  • Johnny Hockey

    Cats/Habs OVER 5.5 – look at these goalies…

    • SanDiegoBruins

      all over it

  • Western Rattlers

    Toronto to WIN is the only thing I can find.
    Ottawa to win I have no confidence in with Ottawa’s mediocre play recently even though they really need wins right now and Detroit is out of the playoffs, Detroit can have the odd rally. Montreal riding high and Florida out of the playoff spells a slack Habs effort to spare energy and injuries, and the home team with a late rally for the fans, just for kicks, so a Montreal win I have no confidence in. There’s more parity in the league than stats indicate (sometimes). Along with those reasons, no Over/Under leans either. Tomorrow, 13 games to pick from!

  • Petri Kontiola

    I like home teams tonight.

    • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

      Since everyone, and everywhere i look is against you supporting the home teams tonight, any chance of a short reasoning post?

    • I think Buffalo is the best option considering the constellations. I wonder why all like Toronto so much. On the paper they’ll have to fight and the ODD gives a great value on Buffalo.
      Rest is a coin flip, isn’t it? 🙂

  • Mojo

    Won both my parlays yesterday.

    Pens, Bolts, Wild all in reg (main bet)
    Pens, Bolts, Wild, Rangers all in reg

    Today I like Habs and Leafs in reg with Under 5.5 Sens/Wings

  • Tomislav Štefanac

    Canadiens, Maple leafs and Senators all in regulation!

    • Mojo

      You’re right on except for the Sens. They have no blue line and that game will be a grind it out type game. Go Under 5.5 there instead

      • Tomislav Štefanac

        Thanks for advice! The rest is O.K.?

        • Mojo

          Yes i really like it

  • Juri

    Leafs (win and over) and Habs (win and under) probably tonight.
    Senators ML hmmm, but who knows =)

    • Matthew

      Berra and Lindgren are starting goalies for Cats and Habs, Im rly not sure about the under

      • Juri

        Probably, yep, – just lost few times on Habs matches taking over )
        Cats can score a lot, indeed

        • SanDiegoBruins

          Cat win 1st and tt over 2.5+

          • Juri

            Yep, not easy to predict those. Those time was nicely predicted, just Sens has not won, i have predicted them to win by +0.5

      • Juri

        Both were ok, risky though – just though Sens match will go to Under, with the Sens to win with the handicap +0.5

  • Juri

    Ottawa Senators (+0.5) – probably, they could win that time

  • Juri

    Will try Buffalo Sabres – Toronto Maple Leafs – both to score at the 3rd period
    Nice NHL session to All !!!

    • Juri

      Great night tonight ! , – Got some + to keep playing !!!
      Thanks Mates !!!

      • Juri can add me up on Skype with donatus chigozie let’s chat

        • Juri

          Sorry, don’t use Skype

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Hi everyone,
    Love lots of goals in the Habs-Cats game. here are my bets:
    1.5+ for 1st per -110
    over 5.5 +105 (big units)
    Cats score 2.5+ +101

    over 5.5 -125
    TML -.5 1st per +135

    Parlay +270
    TML-Sabres over
    Habs-Cats over

    Go Gonzaga!


    • NHL Daily Tips

      Got nearly the exact same picks! Nice SDB

  • oem Schütz

    lost 2 bets followingFlorida / Montreal over 5.5 and LA Kings to win the night before. Do I have to interpet postings differently?