avatar Written by Scott on Monday, December 5th, 2016

Sorry for the delay with the tips today.

Well it was a rough night last night

We had the Predators to win in regulation at home against the Flyers and for the 2nd game in a row at home the Preds lost this time 4-2.  By looking at the way they play while at home I didn’t see them losing 2 in a row the way they did.

And I also went with the Ducks to beat the Flames and this was a disaster.  The Flames pounded the Ducks 8-3.  Gaudreau came back early from his injury and he scored on his first shot and added an assist.

Only 4 games tonight and only 1 tip.

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Sabres vs Capitals Betting Tips:

The Sabres have been playing some good hockey and have won 2 of their last 3 games.

The Caps are in a slump losing 3 straight.   They beat the Sabres on November 25th but have lost the 3 games that followed.  I really like their chances to get back in the win column in this game.

Capitals in regulation 

Canada: 1.76 Odds at Bet365
USA: -135 Odds at BetOnline
Everyone Else: 1.76 Odds at Bet365

Mathematical/Experimental Betting Systems:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. Previous Records: 1st Period System 30-36 (+15.99u), OHL 28-15 (+17.15u)

1st Period System (8-20, -3.8u):

1st Period Betting: Washington Capitals 2.38.

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Americans: BetOnline or Bovada.
Everyone Else: Bet365 or 888 Sports.

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  • BlueLineBets

    3-2 yesterday for +.39 (+1.07 in Dec.) Short slate today but I feel confident about these games. Good luck all!

    Blue Jackets in Regulation (TBD)
    Bruins ML (1.714)
    Panthers/Bruins Under 5 (1.833)

    • Henry Del Valle Sr.

      3-0 night in the works for you, my friend! I agree with all of them

      • BlueLineBets

        Thanks! Hopefully we’re right!.

    • Mojo

      I like all of those. That Preds collapse left me reeling all weekend. Lost 2 more huge parlays Sunday when the Saints lost and then when the Chargers choked in the afternoon on another. Keep losing 4 leg parlays with one pick and its driving me insane.

      What do you think about tonight’s.

      Colts -2, Under 48.5, Caps in regulation, Jackets in regulation OR Bruins ML (which one is safer you think)

      • BlueLineBets

        I like the Colts, they should be motivated to win with the division up for grabs and it’s less than a field goal. I don’t really have a strong opinion on the total, but the public usually likes the over so if you like the under wait as long as you can to get the best line. Caps should win tonight, as long as their offense shows up but watch out, Buffalos offense is clicking. As for the 4th leg I think The Jackets are safer going up against Domingue in net who has a 4 GAA on the road this year and like 3.2 GAA overall.

        • Mojo

          Ya Domingue has me thinking hard about the Jackets, Coyotes are just a team that seems to be dangerous to bet against now because they seem to be playing really tight defensively. San Jose burned me by not beating them in regulation last week for example. So I’m hesitant. And yeah 48.5 is just way too much for a December night game in New York with one team that will be off an emotional loss to a rival in their de facto Super Bowl and another team who has their totals inflated because they are the Colts. The Colts have been getting healthier on defense and the Jets aren’t a high flying team. I think the Under is a great play

          • BlueLineBets

            The Coyotes have been in a lot of tight games lately, including a couple days against the Jackets in AZ, but thats was with Smith in net, who has been great lately, and the Jackets didn’t start Bobrovsky who has been really good this season. Also this Jackets team is so much better offensively at home, averaging 1.3 more goals/game in their building compared to being o the road, Coyotes are the same way, giving up about 1 more goal/game on the road compared to when they are at home.

          • Mojo

            Yeah I like that analysis. Plus the more I think about it, as good as Rask is Luongo can steal a game as well. Plus FLA seems to be enjoying playing all these 2-1 games which is scary as well. Boston’s home ice has sort of disappeared over the past couple seasons too. If the total was 5.5 I’d just go Under in the Boston/FLA game i think instead of teaking CBJ but…man this is tough trying to find the 4th pick. So conflicted

          • SanDiegoBruins

            I took Colts +1 / under 48.5 / CBJ reg. 5:1 odds.

          • Mojo

            I like it, I’m doing the same except WSH reg instead of CBJ…i like both though don’t you?

            YOu got Colts +1?! Last night i saw them at -2?!

          • SanDiegoBruins

            My site has them at +1. Graeme and Scott, any idea why Colts are slight dogs in MNF?

          • Stats Guru

            What site did you get INDY +1 at may I ask?

      • SanDiegoBruins

        I like Jets ATS and the under.
        Bruins ML is safer in my mind. Cats are on a slump and Yotes and CBJ play each other tight.

        • SanDiegoBruins

          I misspoke in post, meant to say I like COLTS ATS. As BLB said, they have a lot more to play for, Luck is back and will motivate the team and Jets are a terrible home team and Ryan F. sucks!

          • Mojo

            Ohhh okay. Good me too haha

          • Mojo

            So i took Colts Pick Em, Under 48.5, Caps in reg, CBJ Moneyline. $25 dollars to win $212. Good play?

          • BlueLineBets

            Looks good to me!

          • Mojo

            Good, I need to win badly tonight. Being in school sucks haha.

          • BlueLineBets

            Ha I feel ya. I’m a grad student.

          • Mojo

            Yeah I’m doing my after degree in Education. Future Phys Ed Teacher…hopefully aha

          • BlueLineBets

            Nice! Good luck!

          • Mojo

            Thanks man. Lets hope for a Habs/Hawks Stanley Cup. Be great

          • BlueLineBets


          • Mojo

            Grew up a huge Habs fan and Gallagher is my cousin so now be nothing better than to see them bring the Cup back to Canada!

          • BlueLineBets

            That’s awesome man! (Except hopefully the Cup would be coming back to Chicago, ha). But that would be a fun Stanley Cup matchup to watch.

          • Mojo

            Yeah it definitely would, especially since every time they meet it seems to be a 1 goal game and ridiculously fast paced. Plus two original 6 teams in crazy hockey markets. Not many better matchups. MTL/Boston is the best rivalry in the NHL by far but I’ve seen that so many times now lol

          • SanDiegoBruins

            it’s not like what it used to be. PK is gone so the Bs fans don’t have anyone to hate. Do Habs still hate Chara for pacioretty injury?

          • Mojo

            Yeah its not the same for sure. Even though Brendan and Lucic are friends I’ve always hated the guy. Yeah I mean I’m from Edmonton so I can’t speak for most people in MTL but he still gets booed every time he touches the puck at the Bell

          • Mojo

            Damn CAPS. I’m so choked i keep losing these things by one pick!

          • BlueLineBets

            Yeah that sucks. Sorry man! Not a perfect night for me either because the Bruins can’t clear the puck out of their zone to hold a 3rd period lead.

          • Mojo

            I hate that, that Nashville loss is still bothering me. Absolutely ridiculous. Did you have a parlay as well that it broke up?

          • BlueLineBets

            Just a 1/2 unit on my three picks. Nothing major. I try not to play too many parlays. I’ll be up tonight because I ended up making a play on the Colts, assuming they win. But it is worth noting that the last 4 nights, 50% or more of the NHL games on the schedule have gone to OT. A lot of parody in the league right now. Regulation bets beware.

          • Mojo

            With that Nashvile game I had been at the gym and was checking the scores. Once the Rangers won in regulation I saw Nashville made it 4-1 after the 2nd I thought I was in the clear. Got home and saw it was tied 4-4 late and couldn’t believe it. And Jersey had only 21 shots! Then the OT started and NSH had the puck the WHOLE time and of course Cammalerri scores.

            Yeah I’m almost thinking unless its an absolute lock of a feeling I’m not going to go with regulation wins anymore at all.

            I want to get some money in my account and be able to play off of that for the next while. I don’t have much left to play with though. Like not much at all. What should I do tomorrow to ensure I get something going?

            And how much did you play on the Colts?

          • BlueLineBets

            Well I’m up like 1/2 a unit tonight in the NHL and I put 2 units on the Colts -1 to I’ll be up like 2.something units. it looks like the Colts will win, Jets just put in their backup. My NHL model said there was a good chance of OT in the Bruins game. Wish I had listened ha. That’s why I played ML instead of Reg tonight in that game.

          • Mojo

            You wish you had played the Bruins ML instead of regulation?

            And yeah I got used to it because that’s how sports select works which is something we have in Canada that I’m not sure exists in the States. There are just booths at convenience stores at malls you can fill out and play games. But you have to make at least 3 picks and they all have to hit to win.

            So if I have $50 dollars left on my credit card what should I do to start something going?

          • BlueLineBets

            No I played Bruins ML but I wish I had listened to my system about OT in that game and played OT. Bankroll management is super important. You shouldn’t really be betting more than 2-3% of your bankroll on any one bet. You might want to start by just making small $5 bets with a bankroll of $50 dollars and even that is 10%. The goal is to try and hit somewhere around 60% of your bets, and if you do that you will (slowly) make money over time.

          • Mojo

            Oh okay, what is your system out of curiosity? And I mean OT’s are complete chance, I don’t know why you would ever bet those. And makes sense. There are 3 games that feel like locks to me tomorrow and just to get something going do you think it be okay if I parlayed those 3 on a $10 bet?

          • Mojo

            The 3 are NJ @ home over Van
            NSH @ home over Col
            WPG @ home over Det

          • BlueLineBets

            Ha kind of tough to explain my system. I built a statistics model that I plug daily stats in to and it spits out likely game outcomes based on stats. sides, totals, ML, Reg, OT, 1st period bets and more. Took me a couple years to build and test out, and as with most systems you have to adjust and tinker with it over time. Then I use recent trends and my own judgement to pick games each day. If you feel strongly about games you should bet it, but that would be 20% of your bankroll and just keep in mind, a three team parlay with 3 -110 bets the odds are 6-1 against you that you lose everything. I only play parlays if I’m really confident and even then I try to limit it to 2 legs because the odds are much better, like 13-5 instead of 6-1.

          • Mojo

            See I’d be really interested to know how you build a statistical model like that.

            In the NFL I just feel really strongly about being able to pick Sides, at least on the ML. Like this past weekend I went $150 on GB, DEN, NO, and NE. And NO screwed it up
            Then had SD, PIT, OAK in the afternoon and Rivers did inexplicably gaffed that game and threw that one overboard as well.

            I don’t really look at the theoretical odds that much because if I think a team is going to win and feel strongly about it, the natural odds of the parlay don’t feel important. It’s when I lose and start trying to recover, that’s when I start getting burned. Like yesterday.

            The three games tomorrow I was thinking about parlaying were

            Van @ NJ…Jersey win
            Col @ Nsh… Preds win
            Det @ Wpg Jets win

            Tomorrow i want the best chance to make some money, I can limit the number of picks (I’m used to going with 4) I just want to win and a worthwhile amount.

          • BlueLineBets

            I get wanting to win a nice amount but parlaying really increases your risk because you have to hit 3 bets to win anything. The best gamblers in the world don’t even hit 2/3rds of their bets all the time. You hit 3 of 4 pretty consistently. If you took $160 and bet $40 on 4 separate bets and hit 3 you’d probably be up 2.5 units (with NFL odds), that’s $100 bucks, which isn’t bad. But if you parlay and miss you get nothing. That’s a $260 swing! See?

          • Mojo

            Yeah very true. So in terms of tomorrow what should I do, I need some guidance to dig myself out of this. It’s important

          • BlueLineBets

            Well, first let me say you should never wager more than you can afford. Number one rule. Now, as far as tomorrow’s games, I won’t know until I update the stats in my system and I’ll do that tomorrow, probably mid day, so I don’t want to speculate on games until I do that, but I will post my opinions here and tomorrow you can ask me what I think about specific games after I update my system and look at the games. Alright man, it’s been fun talking tonight but I’m going to hit the hay. Early day tomorrow.

          • Mojo

            Alright sounds good. Talk to you later

          • BlueLineBets

            Also, I’d recommend going away from parlays for a bit. You might not get super big wins or make money quickly, but you’re more likely to make money over time making single bets.

        • Mojo

          See I like the Colts because they have everything to play for, a far superior QB and a defense that’s getting healthier. Jets are coming off their Super Bowl, which they ended up losing and are completely done. Screams let down for them. Plus they are strong against the run but are weak in the secondary which suits the Colt offense. Colts something like 24-14. Under is a great play we both agree. Jump on board with me and take the Colts!

          And yeah see I’m so conflicted about the Bruins ML vs the Jacket regulation pick. I hate taking O/U set at 5 otherwise I’d love the under in the Bruin game. Jackets have been so good at home and Domingue is in net which makes me think the Jackets should win easily. And in Boston Luongo has the ability to steal a game as good as Rask is. Ahh i don’t know man. Can’t decide on what the 4th pick should be

          • BlueLineBets

            Maybe just do a 3 team parlay then, with a slightly increased investment. Every pick you add to a parlay drastically decreases your chances of cashing statistically speaking. If you can’t decide on a 4th, just go with 3. Better to confident and come away with something (hopefully), than be unsure and lose it all.

          • Mojo

            Yeah maybe that’s the way to go. Colts -2, Under 48.5, and Caps in regulation be my 3 plays for sure. You agree with my reasoning for the Under?

          • BlueLineBets

            Yeah, I like it. Under seems like a good play, especially considering the Jets played in their “Super Bowl” last week and lost, they probably won’t be very motivated to win, but their defense should be good enough to not get blown out.

          • Mojo

            Yeah exactly. And the Jets aren’t traidtiionally a team that gets involved in shootouts. Especially in December.

  • magus1349

    Only one unit tonight.
    One combo with all home teams win in reg.

  • Smoking Barrel

    What do you think about Pengs-Senators O5,5?

    • Mirko Presen

      Anderson is in the net just heared it if helps.

    • SanDiegoBruins

      Good chance it’s going over. Pens have been scoring goals in bunches and Fleury is hardly a brick wall.

    • Henry Del Valle Sr.

      I would lean that way. SDB says it best. fleury is prone to giving up 4 and the way the Pens have been scoring of late, lots of goals are a great possibility.

    • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

      4 goals in first period already

  • Mirko Presen

    Leaning on CBJ reg (Smith is out) , Panthers ML , Sens ML or +1.5

  • Henry Del Valle Sr.

    Coming off a butt-spanking on Saturday night where I went 1-3.

    Anyways…not loving this card tonight. The home teams are way high-priced. But at 2-1 odds, I am willing to take a very small position on the following:

    Senators (ML) Anderson is back in net and Ottawa isn’t playing all that badly. I am also banking on Fluery to revert a bit back from his recent strong play. An OVER 5.5 looks like a decent bet as well.

    Sabres (ML) Buffalo has really improved its overall play ever since Eichel came back. What’s also impressive is their offense has stepped up as well; they’re getting lots of shots on net. Can Washington lose AGAIN? Maybe not. But they’re struggling to score big time, and their once potent power play has disappeared. The UNDER total could be a good play too.

    Bruins (ML) I really, really hate going against Florida. They’re such a scrappy bunch, play tight defense and score opportune goals. Luongo is confirmed between the pipes, and he might be getting tired. Also a long road trip for the Panthers. Boston hasn’t been lighting the world on fire, either. But Chara is back on the blue line and Rask is confirmed. What’s pushing me to take the Bruins is this: Rask is 16-3-1, 1.48 GAA and .951 save percentage lifetime vs Florida. Florida is 1-9 last 10 trips to Beantown. I’ll take Bruins is a squeker, 2-1.

    • 1 for Florida isn’t exactly from out of the blue and use to be what they reach for in all their away OT games. Bruins have from time to time been quite a relibale OT team also but not this season Otherwise 1-1 would have been moulded.

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Caps 1st period – after losing 3 in a row, including two to less talented teams, they are going to come out fired up in the 1st period in front of the home crowd.

    Bs reg – Bs are 3-1 and Cats are 1-3. Bs will be stoked to have Captain back.

    Cats-Bs under – in the past 8 games for each team, only one game has gone 5+. Two good goalies and with Chara back this one will be tight.

    Sens-Pens over – Pens have scored at least 3 goals in last 7 games. Sens have scored at least 2 goals in last 6 games. Both goalies can be leaky.


  • Jens Denmark

    Bruins in reg. – Bruins have won 3/4 while Panthers have lost 3/4. Panthers have only scored 6 goals in regulation in the last 6 games. Rask have won 13/18 this season with a 1.6 GAA. Bruins have won 4 of the last 5 against Panthers and 9 of the 10 home games Panthers (lost the latest).

    With the above stats and @ 2.20 I am picking the Bruins.


  • I also do like Washington, but I can’t. https://disqus.com/home/discussion/betnhl/november_26th_2016_nhl_betting_tips/#comment-3022231707
    So the same for the Penguins and for the Jackets. This gives me an easy decision to look for this Bruins game. And following the news and your picks guys, I would also prefer the Bruins here.
    So I see three options. Bruins reg(2.1), Bruins ML(1.66) or an under(1.83). I don’t like unders and I don’t see why Rask should hold his stats as an argument for an under game. I would even say he should lose one more now and get some goals what makes me fastly think about a Panthers win. But you called it somehow, Luongo could be tired. And there is this Chara factor @ Bruins side which I like most. I feel like this could be an OT game, so I can’t bet on regular. And now there is just Bruins ML left which I can’t take because I have nothing to combine with this shitty ODD.
    Maybe this helps you. GL

    • Mojo

      Take the Bruins ML with Jackets and Caps regulation

      • Oh don’t be suprised if Jackets go OT or lose in reg. Jackets backup goalie was great and Bobrovsky could get leaky today. I don’t like this all today. The ODDs are like last week or the week before pointing to nobets or to do the opposite of your thinking. No! I will not waste my units on such things! 🙂

        • Mojo

          I’m going to stay off the Jackets I think but Bruins ML and Caps in regulation (they’ve lost 3 in a row and will be very motivated) are both very good bets I think.

          My parlay for today is going to be Colts -2, Under 48.5, Caps in regulation, Bruins ML

          • I will play this combo:
            Caps ML
            Pittsburgh ML
            Over 5.5 @ CLB – ARZ
            ODD 4.28 with 0.9 units (because I really have a lot units 🙂 )

        • Mirko Presen

          What about sens great odd.It seems similiar game like against NYR when their offense was clicking ( hot 4ga per game ) and sens beat them.

          • Yes I prefered this too, but I think Penguins get now on a win streak. Either they score them out like they like to do or they go OT and score them out. This is what I think. H2H isn’t fine and Anderson did to much great things last games, so he is able to get a bit leaky what would help the Penguins. As I said above mostly I stay away because I have bad exp with such games.

        • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

          Sens are choking, gave up a 4-2 lead.

          • Oh man. For me things just became real. It’s nice to see the Penguins fight back and win games. But I’m disappointed by the Caps and also I’m still hoping that Rask will lose, but you can see that Boston is dominating. Also CLB will win this. For me a night where I just should stay away. :))

  • Victor

    Hi guys. Caps and Pens over 3.5 team goals tonight. After loosing three games in a row Caps will be fully focused and can easily score 4 or 5 goals. Pens scored 20 goals in last five home games, so to to score another 4 goals will not be a problem.

    • Mojo

      Be careful with that one, I’ve found banking on lots of goals in the NHL is always a recipe for failure. The Sens have been playing low scoring games as of late and Anderson is back in net as well. I’d stay away from that bet

  • BlueLineBets

    I like the Colts tonight, they should be motivated to win with the division up for grabs and it’s less than a field goal. I don’t really have a strong opinion on the total, but the public usually likes the over so if you like the under wait as long as you can to get the best line. Caps should win tonight, as long as their offense shows up but watch out, Buffalos offense is clicking. As for the 4th leg I think The Jackets are safer going up against Domingue in net who has a 4 GAA on the road this year and like 3.8 GAA overall.

  • BLS

    Real Picks
    YTD 5-2

    Florida ML

  • the odds today are so scary that u are thinking that there is going to be a suprise for sure with a fat odd the thing is which one? I can agree with the caps but that odd makes u really just want to wait… but oh well

    gonna bet on the colts also tonight ! they are coming back tonight for sure

  • David McGillis

    Flames were amazing last night and I truly feel that the loss of Johnny Hockey for the last month may have been a blessing in disguise. The team has rallied since his absence and the way they have been playing their last 11 games I think that they have turned the corner and will be a legitimate threat to make the playoffs.

  • Dybala21

    Another 0-3 last night.

    Tonight I like Caps in reg., Bruins U5, Penguins O5,5.


  • Caesium

    No bet for me tonight.

    The value isn’t attractive to me. Anyway, I like Senators, so I will probably do a small bet just for fun.

    GL to everyone!

  • Arto Reinikainen

    Perfect amount of games tonight to get the feel back – been very busy lately and it’s better not to post anything for the most part, like we saw last time when you try to rush picks it can be a disaster !

    But i won’t lie, also been struggling to make picks lately. The amount of OT’s we’ve had made me want to re-visit my earlier research on them, and as i’ve been focusing on OT’s now i can’t seem to get a regulation win right and it feels like every game will go to OT.

    But as usual when you’re struggling with picks the best way to go about it is to work hard to get back on track. Tonight is a very tough night though. It’s not easy to pull the trigger on anything as there’s some interesting games.

    By the way, some of you sent me messages on facebook asking for tips, and while i appreciate people liking my picks, from past experience i know that if i start doing that people expect me to send them personal tips every day and that’s not what i want to do as it would start to feel like a chore, and also i don’t want to screw up people with bad picks at times when im not focusing on the games, like lately. So no offense if i didn’t respond !

    Panthers @ Bruins
    Pick: Bruins in regulation

    – Obviously these two teams have been heading in the opposite directions. Boston is feeling good for a change, while the Panthers are struggling and desperate for a win. So at first glance the Bruins at home seem like the easy pick. But let me tell you these type of games are not easy for the home team. While the road team is not getting the results and frustration is mounting, the good-feel home team don’t feel like they need to pound their opponent to the ground – most of the time just getting the job done is enough. And with that mentality against a team that’s fighting for every inch out there, it’s not easy to win in regulation and the problem is, if the road team gets it to OT, a lot of times they end up winning it. Recent examples of this are Panthers-Red Wings 2-1 OT and Habs-Kings 5-4 SO. I’ve been making a ton of research about these games in the past, and the defining factor is how much of a contrast is there between the two teams play as of late (TBL-STL 4-5 a good example of when the home team can get it done, Tampa was leaky while the Blues were scoring over 3 goals per game, just too much for Tampa). And when it comes to this game, it’s tough to judge. I mean the Panthers can’t score, but also they don’t give up much, resulting in a lot of very tight games and OT’s. The Bruins haven’t even averaged 2 goals per game in regulation in their last 3, but they don’t give up much either. I feel like i can confidently say the Panthers won’t win it in regulation, as they’re not playing well enough for that right now, if you can’t score winning in regulation is borderline impossible. So the question is, can the Bruins score either ? It wont be easy against the Panthers tight defense and Luongo, so if they can’t pot in more than 2 goals, there’s a good chance the Panthers can hang around for the OT. Judging by everything i just said, OT seems like the value pick that shouldn’t be a bad play regardless. But i’ve had a feeling all day long that the Bruins have enough to win it, and looking up some stats i found out why – the Panthers have lost 9 straight at Boston when underdogs. Not necessarily a deciding factor, but having confidence against Florida at home doesn’t hurt.

    Senators @ Penguins
    Pick: –

    – I had my eyes set on the Senators for this one. They’ve been masters of big underdog wins this season (vs Habs, Rangers) but i actually would have preferred to see Condon in net. He’s been good lately and last year he also played pretty well against the Pens. But Anderson is back and while he’s obviously a great goalie, you never know how the absence affects his play and the Pens had no problems scoring on him last year. I can’t fully count out the Sens out though and the Pens odds scare me off, so i feel like just seeing what happens is the best way to go. Thought about the Under, as the Pens want to play tighter defensively and the Sens are without Ryan, but just didn’t like the value.

    Sabres @ Capitals
    Pick: Sabres in regulation

    – I feel like i just have to make this pick with the value that’s available right now, up to 4.25 which is crazy. I mean the reality is, the Sabres are actually playing better hockey than the Caps right now, and it’s not even that close. When was the last time you got 4.25 odds (almost 3 ML) for the team that’s playing better ? Honestly the Caps aren’t as good as last year, they just haven’t hit their stride yet. Kuznetsov is struggling, Williams looks like he’s declining, Eller hasn’t gotten comfortable with his new team yet, Oshie is out. Caps are averaging 1 goal per game in regulation in their last 3, while the Sabres are scoring 3.33 goals per game.

    Sure, you could make the argument that the Caps are desperate and will come out firing, but it’s not like the Sabres are coming to the Verizon Center expecting to have an easy game. They already lost to the Caps this season and i don’t think there’s a single team in the league who would take the Caps lightly. They approach the game just as they would if the Caps were on fire – only way to win is to work hard.

    Im not saying the Caps can’t win it. But i’d be crazy if i didn’t give the Sabres a shot at least.

    Coyotes @ Blue Jackets
    Pick: Blue Jackets -1.5

    – Same type of game as the Bruins-Panthers. Desperate road team, surging home team. But what’s different about this is the Blue Jackets are just playing so much better than the Coyotes. Im not expecting an easy game, and wouldn’t be surprised if it was a one goal game in the 3rd, but why i like this bet is if the Jackets don’t have a 2 goal lead in the final minutes, the Coyotes poor offense shouldn’t have much success trying to tie it up and when you can’t generate much zone-time late chances for empty net increase (lose puck = jackets go the other way).

    Good luck everyone !

    • I hope you are right with the Bruins. I like them too, but I have this damn feeling about Rask. His stats are to good, that makes me stay away from this game. I can’t believe he will keep on doing like he does.
      W L T OT SA GA GAA Sv%
      13 4 0 1 491 29 1.60 .941
      Wtf? But Chara could help him out. Isn’t it a question of time that Panthers will do some high scores again? Good luck!

      • Alexfdg

        Of course all stats points to bruins winning and where I can agree is that cats have to comeback at anytime, (still can remember last season when they won like 11 matches in a row), also is true Rask can´t be at the top forever (pendulum´s law)… BTW, thanks for yesterday´s pick, simple awesome! 🙂

        • At the end it went like expected for me! 😀
          Thanks for the compliment. I will keep on posting my kind of suprising picks. It’s already usual for me having them and the winrate shows that they will keep on coming. Have fun with it! Also like in the Devils game, if you feel comfortable just go and make a bet on the losing team if it is from my program. You can make a lot of money with it. A lot.. 😉

    • Arto Reinikainen

      So close, but no luck 🙁

  • Lawelly

    Another rough night, now at 4 losses in a row, atleast we were losing after cashouts, so all good still! =)
    Now for tonight
    Lion project 1/15 (NHL)

    Pick: BOS Bruins Reg (1.95)
    Progress: 10kr>19.52kr?

    And for the NBA im just feeling it tonight, alot of good bets that can be made but the one ive picked out specificly is Houston Rockets 🙂
    Lion project 1/15 (NBA)

    PICK: Houston rockets -5.5 (1.90)
    Progress 10kr>19.09kr?

    SPREADSHEET (15 bet challenges ) = http://www.betdog.eu/profile/Lawellys_Predictions

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Sabres are taking it to the Caps who look like they are skating in concrete. Pfft. Over looking good in Sens-Pens game

    • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

      one goal first period, you think bruins game will stay low scoring? looks like it so far.