avatar Written by Scott on Monday, February 12th, 2018

Well that was a night full of strange results.

The Flyers beat the Knights 4-1.  This was only the 4th loss at home in regulation for the Knights this season.

The Canucks beat the Stars 6-0 snapping the Stars win streak at 5 games. The Red Wings beat the Capitals 5-4 in OT. The Rangers beat the Jets 3-1.

So there was some unexpected results but that seems to be normal this season.  It’s made for some interesting story lines.

A slow night for us with only 3 games.  We could only come up with one unit bet.  The Hawks are in Arizona to take on the Coyotes and with the way the Hawks have been playing I have no idea who comes out on top in this one.  The Panthers vs Oilers game is another where it is to hard to predict a winner with the way each team has been playing this season.

Be sure to read and discuss tonights games in the comments.

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Unit/Confidence Betting Tips:

Lightning vs Leafs – Over 6- .5u

The Lightning are ranked 1st in GPG and the Leafs are 5th. This is one where history suggests it won’t be a high scoring game but we think it might be.  The Leafs score at home while the Lightning score on the road. 

(We are experimenting with adding unit/confidence to our betting tips.  For more details see this post.)


OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

WHL Betting Tips (23-18, +2.83u): Kamloops in reg 1.60.  0.5u on Red Deer incl OT/SO at 1.93.

AHL Betting Tips (30-31, -2.19u): Iowa Wild in reg 2.00.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

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  • SanDiegoBruins

    Yesterday was a bizarre day that left me down. Magus probably made 23u. Was it Sunday and the favorites took the day off or is there some kind of weird dynamic where the teams in the shitter are going, “damn, we better salvage some pride.” I don’t know but I will hang it on variance.

    Today it is Hard to see why the Bolts are even dogs here. I will put 1u on them to win and 1/2 u on the over as tipped by the guys


    • magus1349

      Magus make 0u. Thanks to Islanders.

      • SanDiegoBruins

        Sorry Magus, the Isles are really having problems at this time.

  • Juri Safoshin

    I will try with the Maple leafs and Oilers wins tonight, just 0,5 units each.

  • magus1349

    Tampa, Blackhawks and Oilers with 1.5u;
    Tyler Johnson, DeBrincat and Maroon with 0.5u.

    • Tony Le

      Tampa and u oilers and o , hawks and o

    • Geir Aage R Jensen

      My stomach feeling is saying Panthers win, but lets see 🙂

      • magus1349

        Maybe you eat something wrong.:)
        We will see!

      • Bronx B

        yesterday i did read something like Losing Streak breaker (teams with +2 losing streaks win against +2 win streak.) so it happened in 3 games last night.. i was little bit hesitant and chosen over under bet. today there is Hawks game and oilers on 3 losing streak but panthers are on 1 losing streak tho. so dun know what will happen.

  • jmskippy

    This hockey is tough to read!
    But I like it because the odds are sometimes so good.
    We will hopefully win tonight.
    Thanks for all the analysis and tips.

    • Western Rattlers

      Tough to read, and I suspect we’re getting into that time of the season where teams desperate to get into the playoffs start becoming more dangerous and unpredictable than the best teams who are being more strategic with their focus and energy outputs in matchups. So season stats and much else starts to mean less while watching the playoff race positions becomes critical. Watching comments coming out of the teams and their local media helps too.

  • Geir Aage R Jensen

    Lightning win Reg
    Oilers vs Panthers over 5.5
    Blackhawks win Reg and over 5.5

  • Mojo

    Coyotes and Panthers ML!!!

    • Bulletproof


  • John Uduak

    Oilers, Blackhawk all win

  • Mark

    must take Oilers PL if they will loose next game then idk what they want win. now or never McDavid and Draisaitl are hot!
    Killorn, Duclair, Klefbom to score
    GL all 🙂

  • Syd

    Hard to call the Panthers/Oilers game;
    Reimer (3.03GA) and Talbot (3.10GA) are starting (daily faceoff)
    Like the Panthers chances but Reimer’s last game was Jan 23rd; Oilers are always unpredictable; i.e. beat Bolts 6-2; this one could go Over; *Motivation shouldn’t be a problem for the Panthers chasing a WC spot and the Oilers want to end their 3gm losing streak; Good Luck all!

  • Kimball Smith

    Where can we get WHL props ?

    • Syd

      Good question. Wish my bookie (bodog) had them:)

  • Bulletproof

    Oil w -Tor Tam u6 — + 230 parlay

    Yotes over 2.5g -113

    • Bulletproof

      Small sprinkle on total g in game 7

      Protect my parlay wager.

      • Bulletproof

        Boom!! If your not good, you have to be lucky. I’ll take it.

    • Bulletproof

      Yotes Chico match up very well. I feel Arizona getting 3. Chico owns em but yotes will get me 3.

  • Bulletproof

    Oylimpic Womens Hockey
    Can vs Finn

    Can PL 2.5g -125

    • Bulletproof

      Anyone live wager US women’s hockey ?

      US about to open up a can of whoop azzz

  • Bulletproof


    They have not been paying out winnings since super bowl and there’s rumours it’s because of the amounts they lost !

    DO NOT USE THIS BETTING SITE, You will not be paid your winnings.

    • Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

      I withdrew money from them just last week. Never had a problem there. If you’re having issues with a withdrawal fire me an e-mail at betnhl.ca@gmail.com with your username there and the details. I’ve got contacts there and can get it looked into.

      • Bulletproof


        Send in bit.