avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, February 28th, 2016

A winning night for us last night as we went 3-2.

We had the Flyers to beat the Coyotes and they won 4-2. Giroux scored in his return.  Next up we had the Rangers to beat the Stars and this was a close one but the Rangers scored with less than 3 minutes left and held on for the 3-2 win. Last we had the Predators to beat the Blues and they won 5-0 thanks to a big game from Rinne.

Our losses of the night were over 5.5 in the Leafs vs Canadiens game and we missed this by a goal when the Habs won 4-1.  And we went with the Sabres to beat the Kings.  We didn’t like this bet but we had to make it thanks to the odds and the Kings won 2-0.

7 games on today and the 1st, the Capitals vs the Blackhawks, starts at 12:30pm.  Going to meet Graeme at the new Don Cherry’s Sports bar to have some pints and watch some games. So I have to keep these quick

Capitals vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

This is going to be a great game.  The Caps are in 1st place in the East and the league and the Hawks are in 2nd place in the West trailing the Stars by only a point.

The Caps are ranked 1st overall in goals per game with 3.28 and the Hawks are 8th with 2.79.  Over their last 10 meetings, these teams have averaged a combined 6.10 goals.

The Hawks have been busy over the last couple days acquiring 6 players and at least 2 of them will make their debut today.

Going with the over in this one

Over 5

Islanders vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The Isles are on fire over their last 10 going 7-2-1 and ride a 3 game win streak into this game. The Oilers are brutal.  Over their last 10 they’re 1-7-2 and have lost their last 7 in a row.

Sure the Oilers are due for a win but I don’t see them doing it in this one.  The Isles are currently in 6th place in the East and could jump 2 teams with a win today.

Islanders in regulation 

Only the 2 tips today.  Couldn’t pull the trigger on any of the other games.  We both tried to talk through each game but couldn’t agree on anything else.

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BetNHL.ca » Tonights Tips » February 28th, 2016 NHL Betting Tips
  • I personally really like the Hurricanes to win and Ducks to win if anyone is looking for additional bets for today.

    Hurricanes is more just backing against the Blues while they’re on this injury ravaged downward spiral as well as their solid home form as of late. Ducks game is tight but they’ve beaten the Kings 9 out of 11 games and I trust their offense more.

    • magus1349

      I’am a Ducks fun, but…
      Maybe over 5.5.

  • magus1349

    2 from 4 last night for me, and one scorer ( Ekman-Larsson).
    Not bad, but neither good.
    For tonight my picks are: Blackhawks, Blues, Wild and Bruins.
    To score: Niederreiter, Berglund and Seabrook.

    • Indieja

      On a roll!

  • John

    Capitals today : Holtby is an impressive 11-2-1 with a 2.27 GAA and .922 SV% in 14 starts vs. the Western Conference this season

  • Nhl

    Im gonna play every game on the schedule today


    • Indieja


  • Canucklehead

    Decent last night, except I need those dang Leafs to at least score one more. The Habs sure did their part! Here’s what I’m thinking:

    Washington + UNDER (Back&Forth – Comes down to new players not gelling yet)
    St. Louis + UNDER (Blues right the ship in a nail-bitter)
    Minny + UNDER (Tired&Struggling Panthers away)
    Boston + OVER (Bruins are surging right now + Marchand goal)
    Vancouver + UNDER (Canucks have to lose this game so we can be sellers at the deadline … they’ll win of course :()
    Anaheim + OVER (Ducks win big and catch Kings)
    Islanders + OVER (Oilers officially in tank mode…)

    Good luck everyone!

    • Canucklehead

      Edit: Going with OVER in Min/Fla

      • Canucklehead

        6-8 Ugh!

        I had typed out Chicago and had second thoughts, and then changed my over/under on the Minny game …. gotta stick with the gut!

  • Nhl





    • Indieja


      • Nhl


  • John

    Blues all the way, Eric Staal is gone to NY

    • Michael Bishop

      faulk is out as well…..go blues!

    • Henry Del Valle Sr.

      Unfortunately for me…pulled the trigger early today on the Canes. Didn’t wait to hear injury news and of course forgot the possibility of Staal going bye bye.

  • lion

    Wild win %100

    Other pics for tonight bit later.

    Good luck everyone

    • Indieja

      Go lion!

    • Indieja

      Paging lion. We need you in the thread for today, buddy!

  • verneri

    ISLANDERS -1.5
    VAN – SJ 2-4
    DUCKS – LOS KINS 1-2


    • Pat

      Did you bet your house?

      • verneri

        No but tonight i will:
        PENGUINs -1.5
        FLYERS ML (X)

        • Indieja

          Let me guess, 99.99%?

          • verneri


  • Dennis De Hunter

    Usually I post with my “JohnnyHockey”-Account,
    it’seems very exciting to read all the opinions and analyses of you guys – It’s really fun!
    At first: I have to apologize for my english, especially for the grammer and tenses ^^ But I’m from germany and had english just in class. And it was more like a “school-english” there. The rest I have to lern by myself. Reading articles, watching us-sports and so on…

    Got only one pick: ISLANDERS – Like your guys said they’re fire and on a great streak. Can’t imagine the struggling oilers will shock them tonight. Odds are good too! I’m going with them.
    Also I think the Ducks will win. But going to be a tight game. Some of you think it’s going to be OVER, I have the feeling it’s could be UNDER. let’s see! it’s very hard to predict.
    Have a good night – Greetings from Germany!

    • Canucklehead

      Just so you know, your English is good.

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Bolts-Bruins over

  • Aaron Weafer

    My pick for tonight;

    Islanders ML;
    The Islanders are having a great road trip winning 3 out of 3 so far and all against tougher sides than the Oilers. Granted, they don’t have a great record when they visit Edmonton but that doesn’t really matter. There is a huge gulf in terms of form for both teams, the Oilers can’t even win an argument at the moment. They are bound to break the streak and win eventually but I don’t see it happening tonight. I was surprised by the value for the Islanders as it sits at a decent price considering the teams in question. I will happily take the Islanders on the money line.

    • clyde

      However the Islanders are 9-2-1 against the Pacific while Edmonton is 6-7-0 vs the Met.

  • magus1349

    3 from 3 until now. Need Bruins for 100% correct predictions tonight.

  • Nhl

    So far only missed stl-CAR Over
    And chicago win

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Bs-Bolts over
    Isles ML or Isles -1.5
    Bs-Bolts over
    Isles ML
    Sharks ML

  • Arto Reinikainen

    So far 3/3 in the night as i had Hawks, Wild and Blues all ML. Too bad i didn’t have the time to post earlier as i was watching the games over at my friends house.

    Looking at the later games, i feel pretty good about the Kings to win over the Ducks. Both teams are flying high at the moment, but i tend to favor the underdog in these type of games and i could see them wanting it more, the Ducks have won way too much for their liking lately.

    Im also thinking about Bolts-Bruins OT, but not sure if i want to pull the trigger on it. This matchup is pretty much even in my books, but the Bruins should have a bit more jump because they have the home crowd on their side. but the Bolts are riding a 5-game winning streak and that’s not something they want to give up easily, so they’re more than capable of tying the game at any point in the game. Betting on the winner doesn’t have value to me, because it could go either way in my opinion.

    Sharks need a win here so they don’t fall into a 3 game losing streak, and they wont be fucking around after that terrible Sabres game. They’re just so much better than the Canucks, so i’d lean towards them. But at the same time the Nucks are playing without any pressure right now and just enjoying the game. Sharks odds are kinda poor, understandably so. Over 5 here maybe ?

    Oilers-Islanders is a game im going to stay away from. Oilers are due for a win any time now and they’re in range of beating the Islanders (they’re not as good as the Ducks or Kings whom they didn’t lose by much to). Isles are getting the job done right now though, so they have to be the favorites here, but im not going to bet on them as i really fear the Oilers right now.


    • Arto Reinikainen

      Fuck it im going with the Broilers

      • Canucklehead

        Nice work tonight! Those Coilers man …

    • Hawksfan


      You are welcome to visit the betting forum bet-sos.com because a lot of quality bettors are posting their bets there…

      Feel free to join us, it is totally free… 😉

  • lion

    My picks were exactly so,

    Lightning win %65
    Sharks win %75
    Ducks win %90
    Oilers win %80

    But slept early and couldn’t share that pics with you guys. I am very sorry for that!
    I knew that oilers will win somehow. It cannot be like that for always. They were very close to win against ducks but they couldn’t. Then I already thought they will win next game with whoever they are going to play.

    Well such teams like oilers don’t have anything to lose and they are playing very relax. If you play like that then things goes how you really want.

    I warn you about jackets oilers leafs. Don’t play so easy against such teams and if you want high odds to earn with the risk then go on.

    We will see tonight again. Watch out for LEAFS, CANADIENS AND JACKETS

    • Canucklehead

      That would have been impressive …

    • Indieja

      Ahh lion, a bunch of us had the Islanders — Don’t leave us hanging again 🙂