avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Today is the Super Bowl.

There is 3 games today and they all start early so that they will be finished before the Bowl starts.

I only have the one tip for today. 

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Grand Salami Betting Tips:

The Grand Salami is a number that will represent all of the goals scored across all of the games.

The Grand Salami is set at 15.50 for todays games.  So you have to guess if there will be more or less goals scored than that number.  16 or more goals wins, 15 or less is a loss.

With the teams playing today I like there to be goals.

The Kings vs Caps have averaged over 5.30 over the last 10 meetings.  The Oilers – Canadiens have averaged 5.90 and the Flames – Rangers average 5.20.  So if they all go as they have been we are already over 16 goals.

The Caps, Oilers, Rangers and Canadiens can go off any night.

Grand Salami Over 15.50 for 1.80 betting odds.

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  • Steve Dimase

    What is the best site for betting on nhl anyone? thanks. good nite last night!!

    • Norbert Buzási

      5dimes, marathonbet and pinnacle usually having the highest odds.

      • Steve Dimase


  • Petri Kontiola

    One combo with Caps, Habs and Rangers in regulatioan. I place the bet at first hour in the mourning and the odds was very juicy.
    In the meantime they crushed.

  • Henry Del Valle Sr.

    LAK ML
    LA/Wash Under
    Edm ML
    Rangers in Reg
    Good luck all!

    • NHL Daily Tips

      I go for the Caps ML!
      But yiu had right the last time I doubted your picks 😉

      • Henry Del Valle Sr.

        Lol. I picked LA bc Caps have established a pattern on B2Bs of not winning consecutive games in that situation. Plus LA was 8-2 vs Caps. I took a shot and didn’t work out.

        I’ll take a 2-1-1 day every day! Yay Oilers, Rangers!

        • NHL Daily Tips

          True! But Caps is in my opinion the best team in the world right now, and they have proved to me so many times at home so I took the chance on them. Also had Rangers REG and McDavid over 3 SOG.
          Congratz with good days Henry.
          You seem to have a great view of hockey and I enjoy reading your thoughts 😉

          • Henry Del Valle Sr.

            Thank you for the kind words. The success we are enjoying is also due in large part of sharing thoughts and ideas about the teams/games. All of the input generated from this site is invaluable. There are so many great minds in here.

        • Steve Dimase

          You are spot on most of the picks you take also you do it on a nightly basis. not sure 2nite looks like the devils maybe a good pick 2 nite, still not sure got to look a little bit more. Who do you like?

          • Henry Del Valle Sr.

            Devils have owned the Sabres over their last 10 games. What stops me from taking NJ is how bad they’ve played at home lately. I don’t get the NHL sometimes as teams play better on the road more often than st home. Go figure. Devils power play against Buffalo has been pretty atrocious. Something like 1-for-27. Honestly I think this game can go either way. Sabres get into high-scoring games as visitors and it’s likely that this trend could continue. I like:

            STL/Phil Under 5.5
            NYIsles/Tor Over 5.5

            Best of luck tonight!

          • Steve Dimase

            last 10 nj won 6 I have watched the games as I live local and buff not good on the road also vs the east thanks for the info. going nj PL. also nj ML tml ml, tml over par. then not sure here but going blues and under with your input so gl tu2 lets win 2nite!! went 4 out of 5 with the nfl ATL choked that killed my perfect day. caps PL edm ML ny ML atl+ over

          • Henry Del Valle Sr.

            2-0 tonight! Boom! Nice call on the Devils. I took NJ from your cue. Very nice!

          • Steve Dimase

            nj should have shut them out lucky shoot bad angle. also leafs killed me but nice hit with blues plus under par good job by you again think the pens will win big tonight

          • Manolo

            Hello Henry, how are You ? what’s happen to the blog ? No post, no discuss… the Guy are all right ?

          • Henry Del Valle Sr.

            I had NE-3, +3 on a teaser and Under 63.5 as well. I chalked it up as a loss and just enjoyed he game never ever thinking Pats would come back.

            On a side note–thanks to my wife’s input, I swept the Lada Gaga prop bets that I played! Lol.

          • Matthew

            Thanks for that tip on under/over 🙂 it was actually the only one bet that went right for me last night 😀

          • NHL Daily Tips

            Another great night Henry, congratz.
            I had
            STL in reg
            STL/Flyers under 1.5 1st period
            ISLES/TOR over 5.5

          • Henry Del Valle Sr.

            Fantastic night for you! Bravo!

          • Matthew

            What do you think about tonights matches? I can see there so many pick like Caps or Pens, who are playing home, in reg, both TT over 2.5 maybe even 3.5 and both of the games should go at least over 4.5 if not 5.5, also Wilds are playing Jets, which I think should go in Minnesotas favor considering their actual form or at least Wilds TT over 2.5 and also Sharks are playing Sabers and despite their bad history I think right now Sharks are the better team here. And there are also some slight favorites like Habs or Jakcets, but I dont think if I have enough trust in them because of their last results…

            What do you think about it? I see you are on fire last nights so I would like to know your opinion.

          • Steve Dimase

            sid the kid needs 3 points for 1000 I think he will want to do it at home just my thoughts. gl pitt in a blowout

  • Norbert Buzási

    You need a pretty high scoring rangers game for this salami over. No way the Habs are going over, and I can not see the Kings scoring even one at this point either.

    I am with o5 including OT for the Kings and Habs game…