avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, November 18th, 2016

It was a 2-0 night last night with the NHL Tips and quite the night of NHL action.

The Senators got absolutely thumped at home by the Predators who showed what they are capable of. After that 6-2 loss against the Leafs they bounced back extremely strong.

The Canucks got another key win and this one was over the Coyotes in a tight game that went to OT. And the Edmonton Oilers – man, it’s gotta be hard to be an Oilers fan. They were just at the point where they were the “real deal” – and hell even I was impressed. Now they have lost their last 5, or 8 of their last 10. Absolutely brutal.

We move onto tonight with a quieter schedule of just 5 games. I’m heading off for the weekend in an hour so I’m going to have to be quick here. Let’s get to it:

Capitals vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

After a bout of complacency, the Capitals bounced back strong with a big win over the Penguins. Their home form hasn’t been the best lately but I think they’re going to be confident and looking to flex their muscle over the Red Wings. The Wings are usually a tough battle but I like the Caps to dominate the game and am taking Capitals in Regulation. Can get it for around 1.80.

Rangers vs Jackets Betting Tips:

The two highest scoring teams in the league against each other. However both have pretty respectable GAA so this one isn’t in the bag. However Jackets hoping to continue their streak and the Rangers really look like they’re out there putting on a show and trying to show everyone just how good they are. I like this to be a highly offensive game and will take Over 5.5 Goals. It’s 2.08 odds but I see 2.00 at a few places and I’d take that too.

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Also taking Blackhawks in regulation. Flames have lost Johnny Hockey obviously and while they’re doing well so far without him this is a very testing game and I just think the Hawks will go into it strong.

Mathematical/Experimental Betting Systems:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. Previous Records: 1st Period System 30-36 (+15.99u), OHL 28-15 (+17.15u)

AHL Betting Tips(5-0, +4.93u) : Springfield Thunderbirds to win at 1.68 odds, Albany Devils to win at 1.70 odds, Lehigh Valley Phantoms to win at 1.88 odds.

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  • Johnny Hockey

    Last night I went 4/5 🙂 – Tonight:

    > Caps in regulation
    > Rangers @ Jackets | OVER 5.5
    > Penguins @ Islanders | OVER 5.5
    > Blackhawks in regulation

    • Alanson

      I don’t like over/unders, but those are, as I said this season several times, nice options.

    • SanDiegoBruins

      With Fleury in goal I’d like the o5.5 in Pens-Isles but with Murray in net I think the score will be 4-1 Pens. Isles can’t find the back of the net to save their lives.

      • Alanson

        He will hold all the shots now? Like against caps? 🙂

        • SanDiegoBruins

          Murray 4-1 GAA 1.62
          Just a little better than Fleury

  • magus1349

    Rangers, Islanders, Caps, Blackhawks and Habs

    • HeiaDenSaaVinne

      Thanks for great tips last night! Which one of these picks is your first priority tonight?

      • magus1349

        Caps, Habs and Rangers.

    • DawsonArkiri

      So mad at McQuaid yesterday, freaking blocked rask out of the net so they get scored with less than a minute to go…

  • BlueLineBets

    Hawks in Regulation
    Penguins in Regulation
    Over 5.5 Goals Rangers/Jackets

  • DnaKinG

    Washington capitals
    Chicago Blackhawks
    Pittsburgh penguins
    New York rangers
    Montreal Canadians

    • Lawelly

      Ye defenitily with you on each single one, feels like a “overdog” night. Good night for accas.

  • lion

    Project lion 1/15

    Jackets win %100

    Good luck

    • Alanson

      You’ll do your thing mate:)

      • lion

        ☺ I see that you are not with me tonight! Tell me, what your program says about my work on tonight game?

        • Alanson

          Nothing! 🙂 I’m just spectating all the picks here. I think you got a nice value betting against the Rangers. Sry some fault here – lol. I would prefer an over. Rangers offense is a nice one, and clb showed nice high score wins.

          • lion

            That night penguins were playing against caps and I picked the caps and I went reg. Didnt want to share it here or anywhere because thought then things wont go good for me. Caps are really good and strong but they care only about playoffs. Thats why they can lose some games that we wont understand why or how.

            Ducks are also good this year. I think they are also one of my favourite team this year but they also dont care about the season so they can lose any type of games.

            I think Oilers and leafs will start to lose many games because all I worked about them says that they are not stable. It is very easy to score against them.

          • Alanson

            You shouldn’t think about bad karma when posting picks, I can say that is not true. Maybe it is just an human factor. Since I’m playing with my program things just got real, whether I post or not. I have always like 3 times the picks I post here, but I’m just posting the best ones where ppl can bet. You just should keep on doing your work if you post it or not.

          • Alexfdg

            Sometimes I think lion is right about karma sharing picks… I´ve seen very precise people predicting results and when they share it, they spoil the picks, I mean: maybe some people is not suppose to win (even we don´t like accep it), I make myself more clear: Arto is really talented seeing beyond and I´ve read from him when he doesn´t share, it seems results get better than when he does, in other hand, could be seen as selfish don´t share your talent… I don´t know man, just a thought

          • Alanson

            I can feel what you mean. But let me tell you there was one person the last month in my life who had no clue about betting, but he asked me for picks. He did just *** high stakes on some bets of me and he got a lot of money, showing me and asking me for more picks. I’m just so *** sad about this, he made rlly lot of money without a clue about betting and asked me for more showing his (like 30k$) profit. After this there can’t be karma for me anymore.

    • Lawelly

      Project lion 2/15
      NY Rangers
      Progress: 10kr>21kr>36kr?

      My combo for the night, do not usally do combo bets like these, but feel like it will be pretty onesided tonight so ill just share it anyways: https://gyazo.com/14a2240065143e96602a3a6fecdfb095

      Project lion spreadsheet: http://www.betdog.eu/profile/Lawellys_Predictions

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Rangers/CBJ over. Both teams have great goalies, but these are two fast, offensive teams who will be highly motivated. Torts will have his boys pumped up to beat the best team (my opinion) in the NHL. Personal note: Cam Atkinson and I played on the same high school team. Ok, so it was 30 years apart, but I’m still proud.

    Pittsburgh is going to win and by a healthy margin tonight. They are smarting from the spanking they took from the Caps and will take it out on a far inferior Isles team.

    Chicago and Washington are both premier teams and should win vs sub-par teams, but they have both shown to be unreliable and are prone to taking nights off. Detroit is banged up badly so Caps should win walking away. Calgary could definitely upset Chicago, but with Johnny hockey (another Boston boy!) out with a busted finger their chemistry might be off.

    What I can’t understand is why the oddsmakers aren’t giving the Habs more credit. Canes have the Mo after beating Caps and Sharks, but even with Montoya in net the Habs are a good team and should at least be a pick if not favored. This smells like an oddsmaker suck-out so I’m staying away.

    disclaimer: I suck at handicapping so don’t follow my tips without doing your own homework.

  • Arto Reinikainen

    Red Wings

  • as a flames fan yes I believe taking the blackhawks is full of value… calgary even if they got thorough they have been struggling offensively and thats where I believe Chicago can grab the win if they can keep their shit together

    like the over and the AHL tips… been looking at them and they all look good bets

    just dont like those odds of the capitals… excellent win over the penguins but not so sure about tonight , going to be a battle in my opinion and not worth the odd pre-live

  • DawsonArkiri

    Penguins wins
    Capitals win

    Habs-Canes Over5.5
    Rangers-Jackets Over5.5
    Pens-NYI Over 5.5