avatar Written by Scott on Monday, November 28th, 2016

Sorry for the delay with the tips today.

Well only the one tip last night and it was for the Lightning vs Bruins game.

I had tipped the Lightning to win and of course the Bruins came away 4-1 winners. The Bruins went off in the 2nd with 3 goals and didn’t look back.

The Coyotes beat the Oilers 2-1 and with the win, Coyotes goalies Mike Smith is now 15-1-1 against the Oilers over his career. Incredible.  The Jets ended their 5 game losing streak with a 3-0 win over the Preds.  The Hurricanes beat the Panthers 3-2 and after the game Florida fired their head coach Gerrard Gallant.

Only 2 games tonight so let’s get to the tips

Flames vs Islanders Betting Tips:

The Flames are a tired team. They have played a bunch of hockey over the last 10 days and also played last night.

The Isles have been terrible when on the road this season so anytime they are playing at home they have to get the points when they can.

I’m taking the Islanders in this game as fatigue is going to play a big role in this one.

Isles in regulation

Canada: 2.05 Odds at Bet365
USA: +105 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 2.05 Odds at Bet365

Stars vs Blues Betting Tips:

These teams last played on November 3rd and it was the Stars winning 6-2.

Both teams average 2.59 gpg but are in the bottom 10 when it comes to goals against.  Over the last 10 meetings there has been an average of 5.90 goals scored. 

I think the Blues should win this game but I feel more confident taking the over.

Over 5.5

Canada: 2.15 Odds at Bet365
USA: +115 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 2.15 Odds at Bet365


Mathematical/Experimental Betting Systems:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental.  Previous Records: 1st Period System 30-36 (+15.99u), OHL 28-15 (+17.15u)

1st Period System (4-9, -0.65u): Calgary Flames 3.40.

1st Period Betting:

Canadians: Sports Interaction, Bet365 & 888 Sports.
Americans: BetOnline or Bovada.
Everyone Else: Bet365 or 888 Sports.

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  • magus1349

    Great night for me last night. All my predictions was good. Also i was inspired and i played all in a combo with final odd over 58.
    Tonight i play Isles and Blues.

    • Alanson

      I like those predictions after games are done. lol

      • magus1349


        • Alanson

          The combo! 😉

          • Martin Borota

            what are yours for tonight?

          • Alanson

            I had the Flames this morning, but stats changed to nobet. So I’m out this night.

          • magus1349

            Usualy i play each game individual, but sometime i play also all of them in a combo.
            All predictions was here on site. Is everyone decision what and how play.

          • Alanson

            I understand. I can just tell you good job for this one!!! But sometimes I feel like irritated. Because ppl don’t share their geatest bets and then the next day they come up with their huge success. It’s not like I do. That’s all.

          • magus1349


            8 minutes ago

            Jets, Coyotes, Canes and Flyers.



            Share ›

            Like i said, all picks was here on site. I can’t even recommend to the others to play my picks, even more how to play them. Everyone make tis own decision. This is hockey and when you make prediction between you look a real Nostradamus or stupid is a very thin line.:)

          • Alanson

            I know that you win in 2 weeks like all predictions one time, maybe in 1 week. But at all you didn’t post this combo and now you post it after it has won. That’s my only problem here. Why don’t post your combos before? 😛 You can do as you want, but I don’t like this kind of winning after games are done. 🙂

    • DawsonArkiri

      What about tonight?

      • magus1349

        Isle and Blues. Individual and because i feel lucky in one combo.:)

        • DawsonArkiri

          Seems like a good bet! Lets see

  • Norbert Buzási

    What about over 5 for 1.91? I was gravitating towards the Isles ML, but not quite the odd I am looking for. It was around 1.7-1.71 and I kept waiting, hoping it might go up but it is going down at most sites and now I can not get better than 1.64, and I feel like that is too low.

    • Norbert Buzási

      The Flames’ matches reached five 17 out of 24 times, 9 of 14 on the road and the Islanders 13 of 20, 8 of 12 at home. Also, the last four stayed under between the two.

      • Norbert Buzási

        I am going with Isles ML @1.65

  • Jens Denmark

    Islanders in reg. – Tonight it will be game number six on the road for the Flames since 21 November while Islanders have had a few days rest after three tough away games against Ducks, Kings and the Sharks. The Islanders only got two points in these matches but lost in the last seconds to Sharks and due to three late goals by the Kings. Being back on home ice will hopefully get them over the line tonight. The Islanders have won the last four against the Flames and 7/10 so I am going with the home team.

  • Arto Reinikainen

    It’s good to have a slow night every once in a while, to get a bit of a breather. Also tomorrow we have 12 games so it’s going to be a lot of work to go through them all.

    Today im leaning towards the Islanders and Stars to win. But with the way the season’s been going for the Isles, and how well the Blues are playing at the moment, i feel like it’s probably better to take a break alltogether for one day. Maybe throwing small bets on them.

    Hope u guys have some good ideas for tonight 🙂

    • Alanson

      Let me try to help you for tomorrow
      NJ ML
      Panthers ML
      Vancouver ML

      • Arto Reinikainen

        We’ll see ^_^ have to do some research. I do like Devils and Canucks, but not so sure about the Panthers.

        • Alanson

          Just hints from my program, tomorrow we have to lookup the rosters! 🙂

          • Arto Reinikainen

            Last time Florida won in Chicago was in 2007, 5 consecutive losses after that. But they do have the hotter goalie for that game so hey never know.

          • Alanson

            I will post the best of those 3 tomorrow at all. :)) You’ll see. Hopefully you agree with me like the last 2 nights. (Vancouver and Ottawa) Then I will feel more confident, no matter what my success rate is.

          • Mirko Presen

            Panthers just fired their coach,i just dont see them winning in Chi. 🙂

          • Alanson

            In soccer it is a great condition if you have a new coach. Can’t tell it for NHL! Is it bad for a hockey team to get a new coach in the first game?

          • Mirko Presen

            Maybe Gm will do something better as a headcoach 😛

          • Norbert Buzási

            The Wild got better with the new one if I’m correct. I think they stacked up some wins right after, last season.

          • Arto Reinikainen

            Well, generally when coaches are fired in the NHL it’s because the team is losing left and right, and coaches are not wizards, usually they lose the 1st game and it takes some time to adjust. But this is a bit different because the Panthers haven’t been that terrible. I doubt it changes much for the next game. They’re not going to suddenly turn the system upside down in 1 day 😀

          • Caesium

            Panthers coach was fired yesterday after losing against Hurricanes.

      • Mirko Presen

        Alanson congrats on the winning % ,was checking this site for a few days now ,and just decided to join.Keep up the good work.

        • Alanson

          Thanks man! Nobody here knows how much work it was over years to get such an accurate system running. I can just tell I’m fully satisfied by it, but I get even more satisfied by sharing this stuff. G&S learned me a lot, that’s why I’m here now!
          I like other ppls to win also. And I would like to see the bookies fixing those “bugs”. :)))

          • Caesium

            Thank you for your shares @alanson:disqus

          • Mirko Presen

            Mostly i just love watching hockey as i am a fan of Kopitar. Since he is from our country and is unrealistic how he has such a huge succes for such a small country with 7rinks.

            I cant even imagine how much work you had to put to write the program to analyse and collect so much data.

            Any hint from what your program says about tonights games?

    • Mirko Presen

      Kinda like Isles tonight,because they are a very desperate team right now.I watched all three games against Ana,La,Sj and they played quite good, few unlucky bounces.

      I dont know about the blues and sharks.It seem to me blues play quite good at home,but then Dallas offense can explode at anytime.

    • Caesium

      You will not resist to do a bet! 🙂

    • Alexfdg

      Thanks for the last days tips explained! I already could win in nhl following your suggestions…

      Yesterday first of all I resisted to bet PHI & OTT (because I don´t consider them very reliable, as they had let me down in the past, then I thought: ok, go for it, but again I was resisting go for regulation and PK, but I said to myself: this guy knows what he´s doing, as few days ago I won betting Calgary (another not reliable team) with same Arto tips.

      Keep going Mate! 😀

  • Caesium

    Isles in reg @ 2.07.

    As Scott said Flames are too tired once they are playing away since november 18th. So it’s a great opportunity for Isles to hit the Falmes net with success!

  • Stop dreaming with the ISLES please… They’ll not win tonight cause they’re awful on the ice. I prefer stay away from this game and will take:

    STARS ML +115 (Easy win)


    • lol what makes u think the flames are capable to win?

    • Morten Ahlbo

      I think both games of tonight are too risky

      • Alanson

        Nope, they are not as risky as much games tomorrow!

    • Alanson

      But the Isles win easy, because they have to. 🙂
      You have no clue man, go get your head right predicting like this. 😉

    • DawsonArkiri

      Easy lost

  • BLS

    4-2 YTD
    Islanders ML

  • lion

    small unit to home teams in reg. Good luck guys

    • Alanson

      Hey there!
      I do a combo
      Islanders ML
      St Louis reg
      ODD 3.29 with 0.1 units

      • lion

        Good luck mate 😉

        • Alanson

          You too, I still believe in you! Do your work, man! 🙂

          • lion

            Well I do my work on teams, not in odds. With tonight games I ll use my old strategies again and no more bettings in regular time.

  • Hey guys, I’m taking bets at @AnonBetss on twitter.. give me a follow if that’s something you’d be interested. Payouts directly following the game. Cheers.