Oh technology! Where would we be without you? Do you remember back in the day to see who scored in a game that you missed you had to wait until the morning, throw on TSN and wait until the NHL highlights package came on to find out? Well as you know you can open up any sports website on your phone find out the score, who scored, who fought that huge hip check your buddy told you about literally seconds after it happened.

For people who like to bet and own a smartphone you can now place a bet no matter where you are and at any time you want. Blackberry, Android, Iphone any phone as long as your phone has a browser you can access the sportsbook of choice and place any bet you want from the palm of your hand!

Below i’ll list a few that i feel are the easiest to use and offer bettors of all skill levels something to bet on to help fatten the wallets on the go and a step by step for people new to the joys of mobile betting.

Top 3 NHL Sportsbooks for Mobile Betting:

First up is Titan Bet. The options here are endless on things to bet on and not just NHL – you can bet on who the next American idol is going to be and if you’re like me you couldn’t care less!!

The site looks great – they offer $50.00 in free bets and they love Canadians, so much so that they offer extra bonuses just for being a Canadian how awesome is that!!

Next up is Pinnacle Sports who are always have the best betting odds available and their mobile site looks great and runs so smooth and fast its a great option for on the go betting.

So next time you’re at the doctors office or your mechanics or the inlaws just think how sweet it’d be to be able to bet on the Flames vs Canucks game while Aunt Flo tells you the same story for the 500th time.

Last but certainly not least is Bet365 and I will give you a step by step guide on how to get to where you need to be to place bets – this is a good example of how you bet on NHL via your cellphone.

  1. So in your phones browser enter Bet365.com which will take you to a page with language selection.
  2. After choosing the language you will be taken to the main screen where each sport is listed and has a icon of each sport to make navigating the site that much easier.
  3. So the first 4 listed are football, basketball, tennis and soccer represented by the ball from each sport – clicking on the arrow to the right of the 4 will open up a new set of four and the first one listed is hockey so choose that.
  4. This will take you to a screen of available bets you can place that are associated to hockey and not just the NHL – you can bet on all sorts of leagues across the globe from the KHL to the Czech League they are all here.
  5. so by scrolling down find the game you wish to bet on choose it and it will open up all bets that can be made on that game, and believe me they have a lot to choose from so be prepared.
  6. Once once you find the bet you want to place just simply choose it which will add it to your bet slip.
  7. After you have selected all bets you want to choose the bet slip at the top of the screen which will take you to your slip
  8. Here is where you choose how much you want to wager for each event selected and when ready press place bet and that’s all there is to it.

Bet365 probably have the best mobile betting software of all – give it a try. Register at Bet365.com then head there with your smartphone.

Best America Sportsbooks for NHL
Good deposit bonus, lot of unique bets & props. Excellent mobile & live betting.
Have the best odds the majority of the time
100% to $250 Deposit Bonus, sometimes have really good lines

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