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Step by Step Guide for Betting Via Your Cellphone – or NHL Mobile Betting for Dummies.

This is a how to guide for betting NHL games at each mobile site.

We will explain to you in a step by step way how to get to where you place your bets from any Smart phone that has a web based browser on Sportsbooks that offer a mobile site.

Here is how to bet at each site via your cellphone:

How To Bet Using 888sports Mobile App or Website

  1. Visit 888 Sports
  2. Login or Register an account
  3. In the Icon List choose A-Z then scroll down to Ice Hockey
  4. select NHL Matches
  5. Choose game you want to bet on
  6. Once in the game you’ve chosen here are all the options available to bet on
  7. Choose bet by clicking directly on team or odd you would like to bet
  8. Once you have chosen a bet it brings you to your betting slip where you place your wager
  9. Choose Place Bet to place your bet

How To Bet Using Bet365 Mobile App or Website

  1. Visit Bet365
  2. Login or Register an account
  3. The icons are at the top of the page, swiping or scrolling to the left brings the Hockey icon into view. Choose it
  4. All available options for Hockey betting are now listed. Choose Game Lines for example
  5. Line, Total and Money Line are listed at the top choose one brings the odds associated with it up
  6. To choose your team to bet on just select them
  7. All teams selected are added to your bet slip, to view your bet slip select it. Its located at the top of the screen in a yellow box, choose it to proceed
  8. Enter your wager
  9. To place bet choose Place Bet

How To Bet Using JustBets Mobile Site

  1. Visit JustBet
  2. Login or Register an account
  3. Select NHL under the Hockey option
  4. Place your wager in box beside the team or odds you want to bet
  5. When finished betting choose Continue in the bottom right of the screen to place your bet/bets

How To Bet Using Nordic Bets Mobile Site

  1. Visit NordicBet
  2. Login or Register an account
  3. Choose the Sports Icon
  4. Choose Ice Hockey
  5. Choose North America
  6. Choose NHL Regular Season
  7. TO bet on team you think will win and to see all available options to bet on for that game select the +# ie +15
  8. After choosing the + number all options for the game are now open scrolling down to see other outcomes for example choose Result Specials
  9. To bet click or press directly on the Odds
  10. Top of the screen is a green basket with a number, the number is the number of bets you have select. Select the Green Basket
  11. Select your wager amount then press Place Bet to place your bet

How To Bet Using Pinnacle Sports Mobile Site

  1. Visit Pinnacle Sports
  2. Login or Register an account
  3. Choose Hockey from the list of available sports
  4. Scroll down and choose one of the NHL options. NHL OT Included for example
  5. Choose game you want to bet on
  6. After choosing game it will open up all available bets for that game. Choose which bet you would like to place by selecting the team
  7. Choose wager amount
  8. to place bet choose Place Bet

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