avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Hi guys,

It was a quiet night in the NHL yesterday with just two games. The Buffalo Sabres rebounded with a win over the Habs, and the Capitals defeated the Rangers 2-0.

Quick note that I’m doing a bunch of backend work on the site today so if you notice anything “off” it’s probably just me accidentally breaking things.

Over the past week there have been more and more “meaningless” games and we’ve generally not been focusing on those when it comes to the tips. Behind the scenes we’ve been analyzing them to see if there is any value but honestly we’re not seeing any.

What this means is that come Saturday and Sunday it’s very likely we won’t have any actual betting tips. We’ll still create a post though and hopefully give some opinions on games and bets to make.

As for tonight – not too many meaningful games left but there’s still some action. We analyzed all the other games but didn’t see anything of note.

Only the two bet tonights. We were initially going to go with the Leafs and then we started laughing about how the Leafs would have to lose all games in regulation to miss the playoffs, while Tampa would have to win them all. Then we realized this kind of mess up is something that only the Leafs could actually do – and it put us off them.

Islanders vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

The Islanders have very, very slim hopes of making the playoffs and tonight is a must win for them.

Islanders are coming into this game on the back of three wins. They’re missing Tavares but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them here.

The Hurricanes have now lost 3 in a row and with their playoff hopes shattered, I think they’re just playing the season out.

I’m taking Islanders in regulation tonight as I feel the Islanders can get the job done here. I don’t expect to see a strong performance from Carolina tonight. They’ll be too busy looking back at a lot of their losses early in the season and thinking “What If”.

Senators vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The odds help dictate this pick in what we feel is some nice value.

The Bruins have made the playoffs after an incredible last few months of the season. While they still have better positioning in the Atlantic to play for I just don’t know if they have any more gas in the tank. It’s been a massive run for them and while we’ve bet and won a lot due to their form – I think there’s a good chance they don’t show up tonight.

The Senators still need to get to the playoffs and ended a 5 game losing streak with a 2-0 victory over the Wings on Tuesday. They’ve owned the Bruins in recent match-ups and are going to be the more motivated team tonight.

Obviously they have their injuries and that really hurts – but while they should be the underdogs, I don’t think it should be anywhere near as high as 2.75 or above.

Senators to win.

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  • Petri Kontiola

    Senators, BlueJackets, Stars and Coyotes.

  • Hi guys! I made some lookups on all teams. I think we all have kind of the same problem with betting on those games. We don’t know what the teams really aim for.
    Looking at some goalies I like Columbus, St. Louis and the Kings.
    What do you think? Especially Winnipeg seems to be broken in their defense, but Columbus goes with backup goalie in this game.
    I’m asking around because I’m always bad on nhl season ends. Maybe we can improve this somehow. :))

    • So no Toews, Keith, Seabrook or Hossa tonight. Or Hjalmarsson. #Blackhawks (source: @TramyersCSN). Just to inform you… GL anyway!

      • Ducks without Fowler and Lindholm.
        If Hawks offense clicks in they will do it. But I can’t say oh wow those injuries don’t matter. I’m a bit concered because of Keith and Seabrook, but we will see how this ends.

        • I am with Ducks but with just 1 unit. I think you are posting your biggest bet of the season in the most difficult time to do it and also in a though spot. I don’t want to influence you or fill your mind with “garbage”, just give you more tools to better support your decision and also because I saw this huge play. Do your program also contemple the lines?

          • No nothing with players or lines. It makes bets and improves its behaviour in betting by losing or winning those bets. Based on an AI.
            It seems big, but it isn’t. :)))
            I have to take the bet, because the winning rate should go up again. The prog is even more betting than I’m posting. And there are so much factors which point on the Hawks.
            Look what the Hawks did in their last game. Look at the H2H. Look at Anaheim’s last matches. I MAY BE WRONG. But for me it is kind of obvious who wins. But I don’t know what the coaches or the players want. That’s my biggest problem.
            All responses are welcome. I really want to get better in betting and so I need to learn more and more. Thanks

          • If you are like me, you can just reduce the potencial losses or earnings, if it goes as originally planned :(, thing that I don’t do. I always place my bet before post them here. We can all be wrong! GL

          • I try to post my stuff as early as possible. But then I have no good player informations. So I’m editing my post again and again (which sometimes leads to a block – THANKS DISQUS). And I also place my bet, before I post my tips, odds and units finally here. GL
            What a shame that we can’t take one bet together, so one will be the loser and one the winner. πŸ™ I don’t like this. I would prefer if all agree on one thing and all get their profit together. Hehe

          • We usually don’t disagree. Lol. We normally play different games and with profit! That’s really good I think. Last time we were together, we lost: Sens ML in Habs 3 –
            1 Sens… :S

          • Okay! That’s nice. :)) It’s just this season I started to post here and I bet much times on the team where others took the opposite. And I think I won like 75% of those tips against others here. And somehow this makes me feel bad. Because I do this work and I try to improve this comment section, but without effects. :X
            I mean I have nice profit, but I also wanted to help others with this. There are ppl in this world who buy those tips. And here they are for free. πŸ˜‰

          • That’s nice! I think we all do our best about posting the tips (and this is the most important) and it’s up with who is reading to filtrate them – which are good or not πŸ˜‰ You can not control the others.

          • No I don’t want to control anything haha. But for example a few times lion (if you know him from here) and me agreed on a team. And then I just doubled or trippled my stake, because I wasn’t alone anymore with this opinion. And that’s also what I want for others. Because you feel more comfortable if the ppl are with you. But if the others say (indirect) Team Alanson won’t win. The bet won’t feel save and then I have to take my lower stakes and have also less profit. Sure all the ppl can lose on one bet, but then you aren’t alone with it. πŸ™‚ It’s just betting is never save and you need lot of factors for a good opinion. If there is a human being who also worked on this and agrees with you, you get more power! (and I can say definitely more money)

          • I couldn’t agree more with you! If you were betting Ducks or Jackets, I’d probably increase my bet to more units. Eheh

          • +1 CBJ ML LIVE πŸ™‚

          • Hahaha yes. Couldn’t believe as i woke up. Haha such a shit. πŸ˜› :)))

          • Nice juicy profit! :)) I was off, so I could get that one unfortunately πŸ™ It’s never easy, but that one was a must win situation. Great one!

  • Rumen

    Man I am eyeing that line of Toronto winning by exactly 2 pucks more than Tampa Bay @ 8.60 odds and my fingers are itching to fire on that lol

    • Rumen

      Well I just pulled the trigger on that line of T0ronto winning by 2 pucks more over Tampa @ 860 odds. If that hits Friday is gonna be great xD

  • Western Rattlers

    I found one! Yep, a dog’s breakfast of no bets, except I will pick Toronto to WIN. Why? Many reasons, starting with Toronto needs this game the most out of the remaining games.
    1) In the last 10 games, Toronto is 4-1-1 as favorites, 3-1-1 at home and 7-2-1 overall, while Tampa is 1-2 as the dog and 5-4-1 overall, plus they face the obvious logic that their elimination is at hand, it’s just a matter of a countdown. Desperados are sometimes hard to beat, but Tampa hasn’t been playing like they are paying much attention to the playoffs anyway.
    2) Toronto’s previous two games against Tampa were wins, at 5-0 and 3-2.
    3) Toronto would like to get out of the wild card slot, and Ottawa is vulnerable at 94 points and playing quite badly.
    4) The cutoff for the playoffs is almost perfectly set at the goals for/against being a plus balance. Tampa today is even at 222-222, and Toronto is +11.
    5) Toronto is 4-1 in it’s last 5 games and has all the reason to nail this now and not drift in high anxiety through the remainder games which will be against Pittsburgh and Columbus (a back to back situation, ouch!), far more difficult to face on talent alone even if they’re resolve if fading being already in the playoffs and on the road against Toronto. Tampa’s next two games are against Montreal (a back to back) and Buffalo, so we can expect them to (possibly) beat Buffalo. Surely, Toronto will pile on the energy tonight and try to obliterate Tampa for 60 full minutes, if ever strategy had a place in their heads, it’s tonight. After that, I think Toronto has a good chance of beating either Pittsburgh and/or Columbus who have each shown themselves willing to take an evening off.

  • Benson

    New York / Carolina (over 5.5)
    Boston REG
    Pittsburgh REG
    Toronto / Tampa (1st period over 1.5)
    Nashville ML


  • Michael

    Bruins reg, Coyotes, BlueJackets and Ducks to win.

  • Juri

    Blue Jackets, Toronto, Coyotes. Difficult, can’t clearly review any game.

  • Santeri Tenhunen

    Minnesota are still fighting over the conference win and are against the avs who obviously aren’t too good, St.louis are against panthers who are missing Barkov, Jokinen, Ekblad and probably their 1st and 2nd goalie. Kings vs Flames i put over 4.5 goals just because the winner is too hard to predict and almost all of their games have been over 4.5.

    • Arto Reinikainen

      What do you mean fighting for winning the conference? They can’t mathematically to even catch the Blackhawks at this point.

      • Santeri Tenhunen

        ur right sorry, i still got all 3 right! πŸ™‚

  • Tonight I am with Jackets in reg @ 1.952.

    I also like Avs – Wild to go over!


    • Adding: Ducks in reg @ 2.19

      • Mehmet Başalan

        hi bro ducks and jackets in reg is good? and why you choise ducks?

        • For me they are, for others don’t πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  • Arto Reinikainen

    Jets 1P

    • So no Toews, Keith, Seabrook or Hossa tonight. Or Hjalmarsson. #Blackhawks

      • Arto Reinikainen

        Yep, couldn’t find any information at the time of posting. Games start at 2AM my time so can’t stay up every night.

        • Just like me! The games are too late at GMT!

        • Ownersbox helps me here.

  • Arre

    My bets tonight is Penguins and Bruins in reg any toughts?
    Can somebody help me pick 2 players who will do at least one point tonight?
    or one player who will score a goal?

    • Matthew

      McDavid and Crosby to make a point, Panarin to score…

      • Arre

        Thank you sir!!

        • Matthew

          Well McDavid and Crosby worked… sadly, Chicago wasnt able to score a single goal…

    • Eric Staal. GL

  • Mojo

    Leafs, Blues, Preds, Wild all in reg.

    First three all have motivation to lose. Leafs to clinch a playoff spot and the other two to get a matchup with the Wild as opposed to the Hawks or Ducks. And Wild are in need of finding some consistency against an awful team that is off a win.