avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, February 16th, 2017

There was no NHL Tips yesterday, but it was a fun night of hockey. The Jackets got a good win against the Leafs which was an important one for them.

We were leaning towards the Blues yesterday and they got a 2-0 win over the Red Wings in a tight game. As I said yesterday we would have taken that but just weren’t fans of the odds on that one.

The Flames beat the Flyers 3-1 as the Flyers struggles continue. They’re getting the shots on net but they’re just not going in. Sometimes it appears they’re trying to be fancy when your goal should just to be to put the puck in the net.

We were leaning towards the Sharks and the Over in the Sharks/Panthers game and the Over hit as the Panthers beat the Sharks 6-5 in overtime in a great game. What a horrible start to the game that was for the Sharks.

Bigger slate tonight with 8 games.

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Islanders vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Always a good game between these two. Rangers are killer lately on the road and offensively while conceding a lot as well. Islanders are hit and miss but coming off that Leafs loss as well as being at home and in this game in particular, I like them to hang tough with the Rangers.

Over 5.5 Goals

Wild vs Stars Betting Tips:

We’ve got a goalie dependent bet here.

If Kuemper is in net: We’ll take the Over 5.5 Goals. the Wild were shut out against the Ducks but man did they try – it was as if Gibson had a concrete wall in front of his net. Don’t see any cause for concern with the offense. Stars are dreadful at the moment but are able to put the puck in the net.

if Dubnyk is in net: We’ll take Wild to win in regulation. Similar to above but Dubnyk doesn’t concede the way Kuemper does obviously.

We’re hearing Kuemper is likely in net.

Penguins vs Jets Betting Tips:

It’s really hard to look beyond the Penguins here. The only negative – and it’s a bit of a big one of course – is that Fleury is in net. That’s why the line in the Over is so high in this one no doubt. Jets offense has been solid but we’ll roll the dice and take the Penguins at home here. Penguins in Regulation.

Kings vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

Have to take the Coyotes to win here with the Kings coming off the bye week. It’s a small sample size but teams coming off their bye week have a piss poor record. I feel there’s value in Arizona tonight due to the bye week.

OHL / WHL / AHL Betting Tips::

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. Previous Records: OHL 15/16 28-15 (+17.15u)

OHL Betting Tips(19-14, +3.17u): Peterborough Petes in regulation 1.70.

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  • Benson

    My picks for today… Shopping for some value in the underdog price market for the most part of today.

    Risk factor 3/5
    Parlay 2 picks:
    PIT Reg
    BUF Reg

    Risk factor 5/5
    Parlay 3 picks:
    PIT -1.5
    BUF -1.5
    MIN -1.5

    Risk factor 2/5
    EDM Oilers Reg

    Risk factor 2/5
    OTT Senators Reg

    Risk factor 3/5
    VAN Canucks Reg

    Risk factor 4/5
    ARZ Coyotes Reg

    Risk factor 5/5
    BUF Winning margin of 5+

  • Johnny Hockey

    > NY/NY +5.5
    > Pens in reg
    > Wild/Stars +5.5
    > Blues in reg
    > Coyotes to win (Big Value like Graeme said)

    • Henry Del Valle Sr.

      Same thoughts here. Kuemper should allow at least 3 goals and Wild to score 4. As Graeme said, Coyotes have tremendous value and upside. They’re playing better of late and Smith could stone the Kings.

      • Steve Dimase

        like LA under

        • Henry Del Valle Sr.

          Already wagered that. Under 18 out of 23 games for LA after 3 st road games. I expect the rust in Kings offense after the bye week.

  • BlueLineBets

    Got a nice adjusted total win for 2.30 odds yesterday in that Flyers/Flames game. Posted picks have hit two days in a row! I love the way the Rangers are playing right now, their offense is rolling, scoring 4 goals in 5 of their last 7 games (3+ in 6/7). Lundqvist has won 5 straight starts and the Rangers have won 8 of their last 9 road games. The Islanders always play them tough, but I like the Rangers to score tonight, especially with the way Greiss has been in net in his last 5 starts (2-3, 20 GA, 4.00 GAA).

    NY Rangers TT OVER 2.5 (1.667)

    • Henry Del Valle Sr.

      Looks great! I will play it. Rangers will definitely score. I think they’ll win but about 75% sure of that.

      • Steve Dimase

        you had another great night again good one big guy!!

        • Henry Del Valle Sr.

          Thanks man! I almost prefer a small card because it’s easier to break the games down.

  • Petri Kontiola

    Combo regular time: Penguins, Blues and Flyers.

  • NHL Daily Tips

    2-1 last night

    Tonight I’m all about the over

    Pens/Jets over 5.5
    Wild/Stars over 5.5
    Isles/Rangers over 5.5



    • Henry Del Valle Sr.

      Hold on a sec….(opens pantry room door, grabs the broom)..SWEEP!

      • NHL Daily Tips

        Hahaha Henry!
        I added Oilers in reg, what do you think?

        • Henry Del Valle Sr.

          I have that already wagered. Flyers 1-7-2 L10 in B2B situation. Oilers to revenge last loss in Philly. Edm 5-1 @home vs Flyers.

          • NHL Daily Tips

            Good luck!

    • Steve Dimase

      Think the pens are missing speed right now with guys like hags out.

      • NHL Daily Tips

        Yeah, they do miss some speed atm. But with Malkin back they will get the extra and against a Jets team that is on fire at offence, with Fleury (confirmed) in net, i’m going for the OVER, good luck!

    • Mojo

      I could see the Rags/Isles going Under 5.5 pretty easily. Rivalry games usually mean more intensity and better quality play with fewer break downs and lapses which generally leads to lower scoring. In this game I could see it going either way but I’d lean under. The other two I’d lean over 5.5 but don’t love either. For me its Pens Sabres and Oilers in reg tonight.

      • NHL Daily Tips

        It might go both way in these rivalry matches. Both team have a lot of quality and I think it will be a high scoring match, and a exciting one too! Good luck

      • Tom Brady

        Isles have been very leaky on defense just look at the effort in the leafs game. I feel the rangers play a similar fast paced game that will create a few chances. Isles looking to rebound from that dismal loss. That’s why I like the over

  • Steve Dimase

    1st ticket 4 team parlay NJ ML, NYR ML, BUFF ML, YOTES UNDER

  • lion

    Tonight tips,

    Islanders win %90
    Kings win %100

    Good luck!

  • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

    Going for underdogs tonight, avalanche, jets, stars and canucks, attactive ML odds considering factors like wild having Darcy Kuemper in net, pens having Marc-Andre Fleury and each respective team having good performances overall against its opposition in tonights matchups with the exception of maybe Jets vs Pens, but as I said Fleury in net and he is terrible.

    • BlueLineBets

      He has won his last 7 home starts, allowing 2 goals or less in 4 of those 7 start. Fleury that is.

      • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

        Connor Hellebuyck is better at the moment in my opinion and although the Jets aren’t performing spectactular at the moment, I do feel the combination of Fleury instead of of Murray and the injuries Pens have will play a factor in that match. Could be a tight game.

        • BlueLineBets

          Well I disagree with you there. Hellebuyck, especially on the road is just as bad if not worse than Fleury. The Islanders have lost 5 of his last 7 starts, he has allowed 3+ goals in 8 of his last 12 starts, and 3+ in 4 of his last 5 road starts. Jets defense is allowing 3.63 G/g over the last 8 games.

          • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

            What do you think about the other picks? I’ll probably stick with the Jets (ML) because there is value there

          • BlueLineBets

            I wouldn’t bet a dime on the Avs. They just look awful every single night. The Stars have value with Kuemper in net. I don’t know about the Canucks. The Blues have been pretty good in back to backs, and Allen is great at home. Could be another tight game like last night.

          • SanDiegoBruins

            you out there?

        • SanDiegoBruins

          half way through 1st and Hellebuyck 6 shots – 2 goals

  • what2bet.net

    Got the win with fla/sj over last night 5 goals in the 1st period was nice.
    Tonight I got Winnipeg/Pittsburgh Over 1.5 -130 1st period. Total opened at 6 and now is 6.5. I like this angle when the total is posted at 6 or 6.5 I play over 1.5 1st period. Fleury starting also helps…his GAA is 3.17

    • SanDiegoBruins

      I tailed you here and glad I did! Pens off to a great start 2-0

      • what2bet.net

        Good stuff….that’s all I want is other people to profit and myself too. I hope u didn’t tail me on the cbj/pens 1 though….crash and burned on that 1.

  • Steve Dimase

    Kevin Klein maybe out for the NYR that will hurt them maybe

  • LeDemonBlond

    Blues in reg
    Avs ML
    Yotes ML
    Jets ML

    • SanDiegoBruins

      Jets ML?
      By the living Gawd that made you,
      You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

      • traveler

        I would bet against Jets

        • SanDiegoBruins

          of course! they’re down 2-0 after 12 mins in the first

  • Arto Reinikainen

    Unlucky last night. I can’t believe the Sharks came back from 2 goals down in the last 3 minutes. Especially the tying goal was just stupid, when Luongo got injured and couldn’t get up the make the save.

    On to tonight:

    Rangers ML
    Blues in reg
    Coyotes-Kings O5 (tired team + bye week for Kings, should be interesting)

    GL !

    • SanDiegoBruins

      what are you complaining about? I had the Sharks to win

  • Tom Brady

    Been frequenting the site for about 1yr n half love all the banter and picks. Mine tonight included…
    Isles/rags over 5.5
    Sens win
    Devils haven’t been great, defense is lackluster. Best defender is Corey Schneider but they can’t stop the onslaught of the Sens players.
    Leans included Blues and Oilers

    • Tom Brady

      Disclaimer I’m an Isles fan

      • SanDiegoBruins

        You’re a Pats fan and not a Bs fan?

  • Martin

    2 out for 4 last night, for a fairly profit due to the SJ – FLO OT.

    Rangers reg
    Sabres -1.5
    Blues reg
    Penguins -1.5
    Oilers reg
    Coyotes – Kings O5

    • SanDiegoBruins

      Pens off to a great start!

  • Steve Dimase

    Too many parlay’s to list gl all$$$

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Agree with the thoughts about Sens rolling over Devils. Devils have shown some fight lately, but with the exception of CBJ have only beaten teams with losing records. I think Sens are the better team and will win in regulation.

    LAK-Yotes under 5 – Bit of a risk here, but LAK will be rusty on offence and even with Yotes having some luck around the net recently I think Kings tight up and shut them down.

    Flyers-Oilers under – aside from the odd game here and there, neither team has had much success scoring. Flyers defense is pretty stingy.

    Blues ML – Blues have been on a tear (see what a coaching change can do Bruins fans?) and Nucks are at a tail end of a grueling roadie. Blues steamroll Nucks tonight in regulation.

    Stars-Wild over – two explosive offences with two leaky goalies makes for a 6-5 or 7-3 score.

    Pens all over Jets tonight. I have 2 units on reg and 1 unit on PL

    Rangers have been playing lights out and they’ll prevail in this subway game. I like them to score 2. 5+ too.

    Stars-Wild over / Flyers-Oilers under
    Rangers ML / Flyers-Oilers under


    • Jeremy Patoine

      That exactly my though about Devils but then i saw that they barrely won any games at home this year.. I’m not saying they gonna win tonight but i think they deserve a bit more credit then this even with the crappy home records. NJD is not Colorado after all.

      other then that looking good as usual 🙂

  • Henry Del Valle Sr.

    Thank u, Disqus for your idiotic way of deleted my posts. Really appreciate that.