avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, March 10th, 2017

It was a 1-1 night last night with the betting tips.

We had the New York Rangers to win but they couldn’t keep a 3-2 lead in the 3rd period, and the Hurricanes stepped up with two power play goals to steal that one from us.

We won with the over in the Capitals/Sharks game.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that one thing we do with the tips now is come up with the potential tips early on – then revisit them a bit later in the day before posting to see how we feel. That’s worked out well for us quite a lot lately.

One yesterday was the Coyotes/Sens over. A lot of stats pointed to that one going over and it was one we were looking to tip early on. However we revisited prior to posting and decided against it as it wasn’t sitting right with us. Worked out as the game went under.

The Habs without Price got absolutely hammered as the Flames won 5-0 against them. Extremely disappointing performance from Montreal. And I feel bad for anyone on the Blackhawks yesterday as they pounded the Ducks net but Bernier shut them out. I was all set to tip them yesterday but Scott didn’t like it and he made the right call on that one.

It’s Friday, March 10th and we’ve got 5 games on the board. The Blackhawks look to get back on the winning form immediately with a bounce back game against the Wings. The struggling Oilers host the Penguins and the Wild look to end their losing streak in Florida.

Blackhawks vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

Jimmy Howard is confirmed to be in net for the Red Wings. To his credit prior to his injury he was rocking it, however Mrazek and Coreau aren’t to blame for a lot of the Wings losses lately. Their defense just haven’t been there.

It’s possible with Jimmy back they step up tonight but we like the Blackhawks to bounce back strong. They were unlucky last night not to get the win and we don’t think that will get them down.

The Hawks are a strong bounce back team and a solid back to back team and we like them to win tonight. In the second half of the season overtime is a rarity for the Hawks and we’re going to go with the increased odds – Blackhawks in Regulation. Including OT/SO is still playable though if you’re worried about Howard.

Penguins vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The line for this one is Over 6 goals and we’re going to go with that one.

The Penguins offense is on fire at the moment and especially with Fleury in net, they seem to realize that they’ve got to score quite a few because he’s going to be conceding the other end.

The Oilers offense is hot and cold at the moment and at home they generally play tighter and the games go under more – however not sure that’s going to happen tonight. Very hard to stop that Penguins offense and the best way for them to beat the Penguins is by going offensive themselves.

Over 6 Goals.

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BetNHL.ca » Tonights Tips » March 10th, 2017 NHL Betting Tips
  • LeDemonBlond

    Blackhawks in reg
    Blues in reg
    Blue Jackets PL
    Wild ML
    Penguins in reg

  • Danil Burdov

    i see it like this tonight:
    CBJ – Sabres – CBJ in Regulation
    Hawks – Red Wings – Chi in regulation
    Panthers – Wilds – over 5 to be safe
    Blues – Duck – i like under 6
    Oilers – Pens – Pens including OT

  • Western Rattlers

    Strong leans: Columbus and Chicago in regulation.
    Can’t figure Pitts-Edm; a curious matchup. Previous to Winnipeg, Pitts was UNDER in their previous four road games. (Winnipeg is an OVER casher). Edmonton previous to Islanders had 5 OVER home games. Edmonton tonight on two days rest. The lean is OVER.

  • Ankkabyyri

    Kuemper and reimer netminding..
    So i like to go:
    Florida-Minnesota o5.5
    St louis – Anaheim 1
    Edmonton – Pitts: Edmonton o2.5
    Pitts are missing their best Defensive players and Fleury will propably start today. (Hornqvist wont play tonight it seems.)

  • Petri Kontiola

    like only 3 tonight: Sabres, Red Wings and Wild.
    Combo in reg.

    • Izmo

      So do u ever hit with those combos and stuff..

      • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

        I’ve tailed some i’ve liked and come close, I remember one a few days back where ducks were the only ones that needed to win on insane odds, but they failed to score in the 3rd in reg despite dominating the game and won in OT, but yeah I agree that some of the parlays are a little bit of a REACH and not really good for long term profit gain if you keep losing them in a row, I mean sometimes I agree on certain picks that he puts in combo’s and add my own instead with small units, still you could win big if you do win even one of these combos.

        • Izmo

          i couldnt agree a more. iv done it and i do still same all the time but still lilttle bit weird games my fellow citisen seeks. Im from scandinavia too, finland i say. Anyways i do bet only parlays three combos and so on. Stake depending my account between 50 to 250 like i do now coz i hit big time yesterday.
          So combos aint bad… likewise in my opinion. But loosing is more prosentual.

          • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

            what is your opinion on today’s games? I was thinking of taking edmonton ML, St Louis ML and Panthers ML

          • SanDiegoBruins

            I would never bet against Pens the way they are playing

          • Petri Kontiola

            I have 8 or 9 winers combo this year. The odd was always somewere between 30 and 60 and the stake was the same. So you tell me if my balance is positive.
            And despite my nick i’m not from Scandinavia. Not that there’s anithin wrong with that.:)))

  • Anderson Costa

    I like the Blackhawks tip. Howard returns and will have a tough job, I believe the Blackhawks will come on fire tonight and will bounce back.
    So here are my picks for tonight.

    Sabres/CBJ over 5.5
    Blackhawks Reg
    Wild ML

    Good luck guys!

  • Danil Burdov

    what does ML mean? can explain someone please?

    • Anthony L.

      moneyline, it means that team will win the game (including OT and shootout)

      • Danil Burdov

        and whats PL then? i saw it couple times here. Im just from europe and dont know all those specific words.

        • Anthony L.

          PL – puck line, it is +1,5 or -1,5 in regular time, team you bet need to win by 2 or doesn’t lose by 2

          • Danil Burdov

            thank you, now i got it.

  • Anthony L.

    taking CBJ reg and Wild ML

  • Henry Del Valle Sr.

    Blackhawks in Reg
    Blackhawks TT O 2.5
    Columbus in Reg
    Pitt/Edm Over

    Good luck all!

  • Izmo

    Dont know hit yesterday caro reg avs reg sharks ml plus other shit over 3.200 euros. today leaning forward chigo and hmmm

  • Izmo

    Minne wont loose third in a row. i guess. Panarin to score idont know.

  • Izmo

    Ok dudes. Im thinking of.. Minne, ana, chico, pits going to go on.

  • Chiaro

    Blackhawks ML
    Penguins TT O 2.5

    • Mojo

      Like it my man.

      CBJ CHI and PIT all in reg!

  • Paulo Pacheco

    What a slump yesterday! 0-5-1, -5.0u

    2 defeats in OT and a lost by one to hit the over 5.5 at Sens match. It’s always rough when we lose money, but I was confident of my plays so I would play them again and for me this is the most important. When your plays are well supported you have to be peaceful because you will keep winning money. Random events / outcomes will always happen.

    For today I am going with Wilds ML @ 2.07 w/ 1u


  • What a slump yesterday! 0-5-1, -5.0u

    2 defeats in OT and a lost by one to hit the over 5.5 at Sens match. It’s always rough when we lose money, but I was confident of my plays so I would play them again and for me this is the most important. When your plays are well supported you have to be peaceful because you will keep winning money. Random events / outcomes will always happen.

    For today I am going with Wilds ML @ 2.07 w/ 1u


    • SanDiegoBruins

      I’m leaning Cats because they need it more. But I’m betting over.

      • Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

        I lean cats too

      • I will also pick the over. GL

  • John Uduak

    I’m going to try my luck on some of the suggestion. Thank you guys

  • Steve Dimase

    1st play wild ML, wild/fla over, cbj PL … 2nd play blues PL, cbj/buff over, edm Ml….. 3rd play blues ML, pens/edm over, hawks PL….. gl all

  • berg13 panathas

    Guys i think if st.louis wants to go to playoffs match like this tonight they must win…what do you believe?

    • Steve Dimase

      Think the blues will win

      • berg13 panathas

        We believe the same…😉

        • Steve Dimase

          just put a big play on the blues too score 1st

          • Steve Dimase

            wow the fastest I ever won maybe 10 seconds!! boom

  • stevo

    As a Australian Blackhawks fan, I find it amazing so many people are picking Blackhawks today…If there is one team we have struggled against of late…it’s those dirty Red Wings

    • Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

      I’d disagree with that. Hawks have won the last 3 against them and 2 of them were dominant victories. The only one that wasn’t was the 4-3 OT win where Wings had that massive 2nd period against them.

  • Danil Burdov

    any tips about sjs-preds game? and rematch between cbj and sabres?