avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

It was a 2-0 night with the NHL Tips.

We won with the Rangers beating the Hurricanes – and man was that a thriller. One of my favourite sort of bets to win. We had the Rangers in regulation so at 2-0 down it’s not that you want them to come back – but you want them to come back and FAST. After Stalbergs double it was looking scary but the Rangers prevailed thanks to a big night for Rick Nash. Games like that are what makes betting so enjoyable and win or lose it makes it worth the bet. Of course even better when they win!

We also had the Oilers/Leafs game to go Over 5.5 and it did just that as the Leafs hammered the Oilers 4-2. I must confess at 4-1 to Toronto I threw a small bet on the Oilers just in case. Talbot didn’t have a good game but the Oilers will feel happy that Gustvasson was able to come on and have a solid performance.

Overall it was a very fun night of hockey with a lot of interesting and tight games.

We move onto tonight with just three games. It picks off with the Penguins visiting the Islanders, then the Leafs continue their Western Canada trip with a game against the Flames, and finally the Sharks take on the Kings.

Penguins vs Islanders Betting Tips:

We usually don’t place bets on a game going to overtime. It’s hard to justify the reasoning behind it – even though it occasionally has value. I’ve even spent a large portion of the last couple of seasons working on a betting system to predict overtimes to no avail – it just seems to be completely flukey.

However I’d be kicking myself if I don’t take Penguins vs Islanders to go to overtime tonight as when looking at the tips I kept thinking about it. I wanted to take the Penguins today to win. They’re fresh off a 3 day break, and the Islanders have been brutal. Even against the Flames the New York Islanders were not impressive at all and it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s some internal drama there.

However these two teams have had some tight games in the past, and the Islanders have went to OT 6 times in their last 11 – including once against the Pens. Pittsburgh are a tricky team as obviously that can almost win at will it seems at times – but they’ve got some goaltending issues at the moment and not a good balance between Murray and Fleury.

I’d like to bet the Pens to win but I can’t justify it at those odds of 1.64 and I also don’t feel confident betting them to win in regulation.

So I’m taking this one to go to overtime. Penguins vs Islanders to go to overtime. At Bet365 it’s under “3-way” and then the “Money Line”.

Canada: 4.00 Odds at Bet365.
USA: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 4.00 Odds at Bet365.

Flames vs Leafs Betting Tips:

I have to say I’m really impressed with the Leafs in recent times. They’ve put up some absolutely solid performances with those wins over the Capitals and Oilers. You can go back further as well to thrashings of the Panthers and Predators.

However I think they’re going to struggle here. It’s not confirmed yet but I believe the Flames are starting Johnson and the Leafs are starting Enroth – bet is only applicable if Johnson starts. Flames to win. Leafs have still struggled to score on the road this season. Flames have an above average GPG at home. The Western Canada trip is always tough for teams and I think the Leafs lose this one.

I will warn that the money seems to be going on the Leafs on that one. I saw the line at 1.84 earlier for Flames and it’s jumped.

Canada: 2.02 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.02 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

Mathematical/Experimental Betting Systems:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. Previous Records: 1st Period System 30-36 (+15.99u), OHL 28-15 (+17.15u)

1st Period System (5-13, -2.75u): Toronto Maple Leafs 3.15.

WHL Betting Tips(14-9, +2.71u): Seattle Thunderbirds 1.96, Lethbridge Hurricanes in Regulation at 1.65, Red Deer Rebels in regulation at 1.90.

AHL Betting Tips(7-2, +4.71u) : Syracuse Crunch 2.15, Grand Rapids in Regulation 1.75, Utica Comets in Regulation 2.25, Stockton Heat 1.70.

1st Period Betting:

Canadians: Sports Interaction, Bet365 & 888 Sports.
Americans: BetOnline or Bovada.
Everyone Else: Bet365 or 888 Sports.

OHL, WHL & AHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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  • DawsonArkiri


  • magus1349

    Islanders, Flames and Sharks.

    • Chris

      How sure are you? Lol

      • magus1349

        This is hockey! This is NHL!
        How sure can you be?:)

        • Chris

          This is true haha

        • Chris

          I put 100$ down on islanders flames and sharks haha

          • magus1349

            Good for you.:))

          • Chris

            Thanks for the pics 🙂

    • sh0t0kan

      u ML or reg?

      • magus1349

        always reg.

        • sh0t0kan

          you going combo on that?

          • magus1349

            yes. One unit on each game and one unit on combo. Hope be better night. Last night was total desaster.:)

          • sh0t0kan

            hell yeah!!

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Flames ML and maybe reg short units. TML are 0-4 on back end of b2b. Enroth is a sieve and if he starts I like both Calgary to win and the game to go over.

    • BlueLineBets

      No confirmation on the Leaf’s goalie yet, but in 4 previous back to back situations, Babcock only went with Enroth if the Leafs lost the first game. There is still a chance Andersen plays tonight. I’d wait to bet this game until both goalies are confirmed. (Stat via Leafs beat reporter @kristen_shilton)

      • SanDiegoBruins

        both the Flames and the Leafs beat reporters are named Kristen and they are both cute.

      • Johnson has been confirmed

        • BlueLineBets

          Yes, thanks, but not Andersen/Enroth yet.

  • Vince Bender

    What the hell are you talking about a 2-0 night? You tipped the bruins over 5.0 and it ended in 2-2 which means it’s a loss. It was a 2-1 night. Please don’t cheat with the statistiscs

    • Flyers28

      OT counts on the total…therefore it was a push

      • Dybala21

        No it does not

        • iFoyy

          on my bookie it counts 🙂

          • sh0t0kan

            then you should take the advice given one comment up

          • Vince Bender

            They recommend 888 sports for European people all the time. And 888 does not count OT. So they should suggest an other bookie then, or count it as a loss. This is a loss to me, and saying it was a 2-0 night while recommending 888 sports to everyone doesn’t make it fair does it?

          • goal down a line then… and no they dont have to look a bookie for you. Its your job to see which is better… its like shopping for clothes , do you search for the one that they tell you or yu search for the ones that u like and are probably cheaper? cmon man . ridiculous your comments

          • Flyers28

            Everything Edurado said, plus I am pretty sure those are just site sponsor links and have no connection to their tips or the odds they provide.

          • sh0t0kan

            I have multiple accounts and play where i believe ill get a fair shake sorry

          • iFoyy

            what advice, u drunk ? xD

        • BlueLineBets

          It does depend on the book.

        • Flyers28

          My advice to you is find a different sportsbook. Your getting cheated a goal.

          • Dybala21

            Seriously? I’m betting on Unibet/WilliamH, on that sites the OT does not count on the total

          • so pay attention when u bet… its your fault dude , dont be saying that it doenst, if he didnt indicate unibet or william hill to bet. when that happens use the over 4.5 then or over 4

          • Dybala21

            Yes, will do 🙂

          • Flyers28

            Yea that is the added benefit to not including OT, but personally I’d rather that OT goal. Benefit to being on multiple sportsbooks is you can line shop. It’s also beneficial to keep on eye on the line, O/U odds can change quickly closer to game time since that is what a lot of people tend to bet on. It’s no big deal if your book does not include OT, you just have to compensate for that and alter your betting strategy. And this goes for the other guy complaining about this, don’t bet blindly because tipsters tipped it.

    • vince bender and all other people that dont know how to bet… when u bet the goal line u should see if it included OT… Pinnacle Sports and Bet365 include OT, its not their fault that a little bit more they have to place the bets for you… He said it right

      • Michael Sexton

        But They had 3 tips yesterday, so its still not 2-0 and Graeme was talking about the Oilers/Leafs over 5.5 and did not mention the Flyers/Bruins game over 5. BTW it was not over 5 so it doesnt count anyway!

        • fecantta

          It will push if you bet over 5 and there is 5 goals, so it was 2-0 night for them

          • Michael Sexton

            Yes, so that game doesnt count. Sorry I didn´t understand that word.

          • ok they could have said that they had a push … but yes it was still 2-0. It did count but your profit was zero and the money was returned and if u want I can show eg of it… how the over 5 works .

          • Michael Sexton

            So its like this…If the match finish in regulation 3:2 it will push. If the game finish 2:2 in regulation and will goes to OT you already know it will push either. Good type of bet.

          • fecantta

            Exactly, it really is a good type of bet if you know both teams can score atleast 2 goals each and if there is decent odds for that bet

          • Michael Sexton

            Yeah but both teams must score 3 goals if you want to win. Because 3:2 in regulation does not play role so as 2:2 but its still better then 5.5

          • fecantta

            When the game is 3-2 there is a high chance that there will be a goal in the last minutes, it might go 4-2 or 3-3 and you win the bet, but you never know, thats the beauty of betting 🙂

        • Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

          Yeah sorry I thought I had written something about the Flyers game being a push yesterday but I must have forgotten to add it in. With our record we don’t bother listing pushes. We had it briefly awhile back but started getting all these e-mails asking what the 3rd entry in the records were, or what ones a loss and what’s a tie and it just seemed to add confusion so just started going with W-L.

    • BetNHL.ca

      As has been mentioned the Bruins/Flyers game was for Over 5 goals including OT/Shootout and that ended in a push. This is the common rule at the majority of sportsbooks. We will always specify if a bet is in regulation or not.

      Your issue here is the sportsbooks using the Kambi software – which are 888, Unibet and a few others. They don’t offer the option to bet Over/Unders including overtime/shootout. They specifically will state Total Goals – Regular Time actually. I assume that’s where you had bet as you mentioned 888.

      Note that for that specific bet we didn’t mention 888 as the place to bet it. We listed Sports Interaction and Bet365.

      Honestly betting at various online sportsbooks can be tough – they all have different wording, different rules etc. I’ve made mistakes like that in the past.

      What can give it away is the odds. The odds we listed yesterday were 1.74-1.77 but I expect the 888 odds were around 1.95? That’s a much bigger difference than normal and that’s before betting I’d look into it.

      If something like that pops up and you’re not sure then be sure to comment here or shoot us an e-mail and ask. Always happy to help clarify things like that as like I said online sportsbetting can be tricky sometimes.

      I’ll add something in the tips tomorrow just as a reminder about this so it doesn’t cause confusion for people in the future. Sorry you lost that bet.

  • dusan

    Sharks to win

    • SanDiegoBruins

      what’s your reasoning on this?

      • dusan

        statistics, my feeling and injured players, or a series of victories. I live in Slovenia, and there’s no hockey popular.

        • SanDiegoBruins

          Well, that’s specific.

          • dusan

            See resultat san hose???

  • BlueLineBets

    Penguins ML
    Leafs/Flames O5.5
    Sharks/Kings OT (only if Jones is in net)

  • Mojo

    Pens Regulaton, Kings ML parlay… both should win relatively easy

    • lol Kings relatively easy… lol , u underestimate Jones a lot… the kings now even cry not to have him

  • fecantta

    Long time lurker here, finally decided to comment and join the discussion!
    Last night was full of crazy events when Buffalo finally decided to start their offence when Eichel returned, had a feeling that might happen so I took Reinhart over 1,5 points and over 1,5 PP goals. I really wanted to take Eichel score but my booker didnt have that.. Still happy with those 2 landing safely home.
    Tonight I am leaning towards Pens in reg, Flames ML and Kings in reg.
    Good luck guys!

    • Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

      Good to have you here dude and I hope the Flames & Kings bets win and the Pens loses 🙂 Yeah player prop bets can be good. I spent all of last season playing around with them as we wanted to do official player prop tips each day but we felt we couldn’t deliver them with enough of a degree of accuracy. But there are a lot of spots where it’s worth taking it – hindsight is everything but Eichel last night for example, or someone on a streak etc.

      • fecantta

        Haha, I am actually so afraid about that Islanders-Pens game, NYI games have been so hard to predict this season.
        There is always some player prop bets that make me spend an extra hour looking into the games, they are fascinating.
        But I am glad to be part of the community, will not be my last comments here!

  • Norbert Buzási

    Pens in reg., Kings ml. and 5.5o for the Flames are the ones for me this night.

  • Lawelly

    Lion project 2/15 (NHL)

    Do not really understand the odds of CAL Flames tonight, me myself see them as the favorites at home against Toronto! Therefor they will be my choice for the second bet with great odds =)
    Calgary flames ML (2.05)
    Progress 10kr>18kr>36.90kr?

    Sharing my NBA bets show my total progress in the spreadsheet, feel free to follow 🙂

    Lion project 2/15 (NBA)
    SAC Kings @ PHI 76ers Over 204.5
    Progress 10kr>19kr>36.27kr?

    “I can also see that people are checking back on my spreadsheet every day, first off: Highly appriciated for the support and appriciation of my spreadsheet and second: Sorry for the break :/ But back now, stronger than ever, lets go 😀
    Spreadsheet”: http://www.betdog.eu/profile/Lawellys_Predictions

  • lion

    Tonight picks

    Leafs win
    Islanders OT

    Good luck everyone.

  • SanDiegoBruins

    Jhonas Enroth skated with the scratches this morning, which suggests that Andersen will go again tonight in Calgary. He has won four of six with a 1.85 GAA

    • SanDiegoBruins

      Confirmed – Enroth got the call

  • Matro

    Enroth is in the net according to @OwnersBox

  • Caesium

    After the yesterday game against Oilers and today playing away with Enroth in the net, my pick is Flames & over 3.5 @ 2.64. GL to everyone!

  • Arto Reinikainen

    Sharks in regulation