Now for the Central Division 2013 Odds. Arguably one of the toughest divisions to play in, The Central Division is a hard Division to predict. Vegas Sportsbooks had the hard task of setting the odds at the beginning of the year. Again we will use Bodogs Betting Odds from the start of the season as they are the most comparable to Vegas Odds that you will find.

NHL Central Division Winners Vegas Odds:

  1. St. Louis Blues +150
  2. Chicago Blackhawks +200
  3. Detroit Redwings +300
  4. Nashville Predators +460
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets +9000

As you can see at the start of the year it was really only a three team race but how have the odds changed after just over a week into the season? Well lets use 5Dimes current betting odds as they offer this cool betting option

NHL Central Division Current Betting Odds:

  1. St. Louis Blues +140
  2. Chicago Blackhawks +175
  3. Detroit Redwings +460
  4. Nashville Predators +750
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets +8000

Well as you can see that the odds have changed and now its looking like a two horse race to the finish. So who do you think will win the Central and are you confident enough to place a bet on it?

NHL Central Winners Betting Tips:

Well as you can see from the above lists, the St. Louis Blues have been the favorites to win the Central Division from the start of the season until now at all books around. They are a strong team who use a score by committee approach that has been successfull for a few years now. Led by one of the better captains in the league in David Backes, two more than capable goalies in Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott and the outstanding start to the season by early Calder candidate Vladimir Tarasenko the Blues have a great shot.

The Chicago Blackhawks were a very good team when the won the Stanley Cup in 2010. But due to the overspending of a former GM they were forced to part ways with a bunch of important players. But that was 3 years ago and now the Hawks look as ready as ever to win the Central and take on the role of Central Division power house now that the……

Detroit Redwings have gotten older and in the process lost Nicklas Lidström, their Captain and arguably the best defensemen to ever play the game. For a team who has consistantly been on top of the Central I think that Father time has caught up with them and their record will show that this year

The Nashville Predators have always gotten by playing much like the Blues do with a strong defensive group and a score by committee approach. But the loss of Ryan Suter will defiantly hurt them.

The Columbus Blue Jackets…. Wow its hard to consider them a threat. They never have been and losing the face of the franchise and all time Blue Jacket point leader Rick Nash, they are in full on rebuild mode.

So how will this race finish up “Coming down the Backstretch its a two horse race between the Hawks and the Blues and coming up to the finish line its a photo finish….and the winner is the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS

Ok sorry about that but I do believe that the Chicago Blackhawks have all the pieces in place to win the Central from being able to roll four lines and have 3 pairs of solid defensemen. The only question mark would be in the crease but if Crawford or Emery can play at least somewhat decent the Hawks outstanding forwards will give them plenty of goals to help.

If you think that my “race outcome” is right or wrong be sure to go to BetOnline. and place you bets before they get below even odds.

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