On this page we will go over the Northwest Division 2013 Odds followed by some predictions on how the standings will finish like. These betting odds are from Vegas Sportsbooks on who will win the Northwest Division in 2013. Below I’ve listed the teams, the vegas betting odds for each team and how the Northwest Division will look like at the end of the regular season according to Vegas bookies. With all vegas Sportsbooks having different odds at different times, to make it easier for you I’ve taken the odds from Bodog as their odds seem to be the closest in value to the Vegas odds.

So here is what the Odds looked like for the Northwest Division before the 2013 NHL season started:

NHL Northwest Division Winners Vegas Odds:

  1. Vancouver Canucks +100
  2. Minnesota Wild +350
  3. Edmonton Oilers +500
  4. Colorado Avalanche +800
  5. Calgary Flames +1500

These Odds were BEFORE the season started. But as the season slowly but surely moves along the Odds are going to change. Here are the adjusted Odds after only a few games into the season:

NHL Northwest Division Current Betting Odds:

  1. Vancouver Canucks -125
  2. Minnesota Wild +230
  3. Edmonton Oilers +475
  4. Colorado Avalanche +2000
  5. Calgary Flames +2000

The above odds were taking from 5Dimes.com as they seem to be one of only a few places where you can bet on the Northwest Division winners.

The Northwest Division betting odds are updated at least every Sunday and sometimes twice a week.

NHL Northwest Division Winners Betting Tips:

Which should come as no surprise the
Odds on favorite to win the Northwest Division is the Vancouver Canucks
. Does that mean you should rush to 5Dimes.com and place your bet now? Well just wait a second and consider your options. They may be the favorites to win but will they? I don’t think so and I’ll tell you why. The odds are terrible! I mean they were an even bet at the beginning of the season now are a negative after only a couple games so what gives? The goalie situation still hasn’t been addressed and will need to be sometime soon.

I think that with the rest of the Northwest Division all being at Odds well over even that they should and will win the Northwest and they, not the Canucks should get your bet.

The Minnesota Wild have a great shot of winning the division, with two very capable goalies, a strong young defense and a stacked offensive unit this team has it all. Bringing in Zach Parise takes a lot of the pressure off of talented wingers the team already had like Devin Setoguchi and Dany Heatley.

The young gun Edmonton Oilers are already playing at mid-season speed thanks in part to the majority of the teams core playing together in the AHL with the Oklahoma City Barons. And they will continue to roll along to, at the very least, contend for the Northwest Division lead.

The Calgary Flames will surprise people and no team will benefit from a Short season more then the Flames. Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff lead a team full of veteran players who usually tire from the long drag of 82 games.

The Colorado Avalanche are a team who should sometime in the near future contend year after year for the Northwest Division title but will this year be the beginning?

With all this being said I think that the best bet to win the 2013Northwest Division is the Minnesota Wild followed closely by the Edmonton Oilers. Both teams offer substantially better value then the Vancouver Canucks to win and also a better shot at it. The Minnesota Wild will show that the incredible amounts of money spent during the off season was for good reason

During the NHL season, the best Sportsbook to bet on the NHL Northwest Division Winners is 5Dimes many other Sportsbooks don’t allow you to bet once the season has begun.

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