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So you think you know who will make they playoffs eh? Wanna put money on it? Well now you can at [geocode id=5.

The rules are simple – place a bet on if a team will make the playoffs, and if the team makes the playoffs get paid accordingly. I’ve put together a list of five teams that I think will make the playoffs and the betting odds for each team.

Bet Anaheim Ducks To Make The Playoffs At -140

Now the betting odds won’t exactly blow you away but it is safe to bet that the Anaheim Ducks will make the playoffs after the disappointing year they put together last year.

For a team that still has Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan they sure have the talent to get there plus is this the last year for Teemu Selanne? If it is you know hes going to want to go out on top and put together a productive year as usual. And a healthy Jonas Hiller will really make a difference. So with all that said i think its safe to bet on the Anaheim Ducks making the playoffs – looking at the other odds to make the playoffs, this is probably the best bet you can make at [geocode id=5.

Bet Chicago Blackhawks To Make The Playoffs At -800

This team is ready to get the season rolling and to put the previous two lousy seasons behind them. This team is all still relatively young and a short season will do them some good as they won’t get worn down from the regular 82 games as they have in the past. With Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Keith and Seabrook this team has no shortage of talented players at the forward and defense positions.

In goal they have some question marks with Crawford and Emery but I think that with the players they have and the determination to show fans that the last two years were a fluke they will be able to overcome and will be in the playoffs. -800 is obviously not great betting odds – but it still has good value as the Blackhawks, especially with the limited season, should make the playoffs with ease.

Bet Pittsburgh Penguins To Qualify for the Playoffs At -1000

-1000, yikes. Betting $100 to win $10 is usually a risk – but not when it involves the Pittsburgh Penguins, and whether or not they will qualify for the playoffs.

This team is just way to talented to not make the playoffs and despite the odds are worth the bet. With a healthy Sidney Crosby in the best shape he has ever been in anyone who says that they wouldn’t bet that the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to make the playoffs are out of their mind! Malkin, Fleury, Letang and Neal this team is as deep and talented as any team in the league and not only will they make the playoffs they are going to challenge for the Stanley Cup. So even if the betting odds are -1000 its a safe bet and one definitely worth taking at [geocode id=5. Small profit is still profit.

Bet The New York Rangers To Qualify for The Playoffs At -900

The New York Rangers will make the playoffs and here’s why: From the net out they don’t have a position of weakness anywhere on this roster.

Vezina winning Lundqvist in goal, Del Zotto, Girardi and Mcdonagh on the blue line and an outstanding group of forwards that includes newly acquired Rick Nash to go along with Gaborik, Richards and Callahan this team is good and it will show in the standings.

Again not a great amount of money to be won here but if you are as confident as I am and are going to bet that the New York Rangers will make the playoffs, then just increase the amount you bet to turn it into a more profitable win.

Bet The Toronto Maple Leafs To Qualify For The Playoffs At +185

Yes the Toronto Maple Leafs will make the playoffs….ok you can stop laughing now.

The Maple Leafs always get off to a strong start and eventually come crashing back down to earth but if any team is going to benefit from a lockout shortened season its the Leafs. Team management, owners, fans even the players are fed up with losing season after losing season with no decent draft picks to show for it(well maybe Kadri is a good player but for some reason they continue to keep him in the AHL).

So if you also agree that the time has come and would like to bet that The Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs then by all means do it and when your friends or co-workers laugh at you for doing so make sure to rub it in when you win this bet at +185.

Of course there will be more teams in the playoff, 11 to be exact, these are just five that I am betting on and am sharing with you. These are the best bets to make, so head on over to [geocode id=5 and get your bets on.

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