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In this article I’m going to be previewing and analyzing the Metropolitan Division teams for 2017, and picking out who I think will win the division as well as give some advice that should help you with any other futures concerning the Metro teams.

This is a bet you can place at most sportsbooks – who will win the Metropolitan Division in 2017. We’ll be covering all 4 divisions over the next week.

Before I get to that – a quick reminder to check out my KHL Betting Tips. Started off well with a 2-0 record and hoping it will continue.

There are 8 teams in the Metropolitan Division. Last season, the Pittsburgh Penguins were the favourites to win the decision however we correctly tipped that the Washington Capitals would win the division. They won it with ease last year.

So first of all let’s look at the average odds:

Metropolitan Division 2017 Betting Odds:

Pittsburgh Penguins: +225
Washington Capitals: +320
Columbus Blue Jackets: +400
New York Rangers: +400
New York Islanders: +1100
Philadelphia Flyers: +1100
Carolina Hurricanes: +1600
New Jersey Devils: +2000

What’s notable this year is that the Penguins and Capitals odds have dropped(they were +180 and +195 last season). The Jackets went from +2000 last season to 3rd favourites, The sportsbooks also expect the Rangers to be a contender.

If you’re looking for the best overall sportsbooks to bet the futures at, our highest recommendations are:

USA: Bovada.
Canada: Sports Interaction.
Everyone Else: B365.

However if you’re outside of USA and want to bet anyone OTHER than the Penguins/Capitals to win the Metro, I highly advise 888 Sports. Example – Jackets are 5.00 elsewhere, and almost DOUBLE that at 8.00 odds at 888 Sports.

Here’s my thoughts:

Metropolitan Division Winners Betting Tips:

I am going to go with the Washington Capitals to win the Metropolitan Division for the third year in a row. I agree with the bookies that the competition is going to be tough but – playoffs aside – that’s what pushes Washington on. This is a team that loves competition.

They lost a lot of depth to them and there’s a lot of people writing them off this season. I’ve learned in the regular season you can’t write off the Washington Capitals. What some people are seeing as holes and weaknesses, I’m seeing as a great chance to get on a top quality team at a good price.

The best odds for the Capitals to win the Metro

Canada: 4.21 at Sports Interaction.
USA: Odds aren’t up yet but we advise Bovada
Everyone Else: 4.20 at http://www.bet365.com(Non-Americans) http://www.bovada.lv(Americans).

Metropolitan Division Winners Betting Analysis:

Now I’m going to cover the rest of the league. See if there’s any long shot bets or possibilities and it can help you when it comes to other futures bets.

Pittsburgh Penguins: The favourites to win however their odds are better than last year for sure. Success can be a tough thing for a team however and with two Stanley Cup wins in a row, motivation may be a factor.

Of course the Penguins are an incredibly good team and they were 2nd place the last two years in the Metro. It’s one of those bets where I personally won’t make it as I don’t think they’ll have the drive. However I’d say any bet at +200 or above has to be +EV for the Penguins.

The best odds for the Penguins to win the Metro

Canada: 3.25 at http://www.bet365.com(Non-Americans) http://www.bovada.lv(Americans).
USA: Odds aren’t up yet but we advise Bovada
Everyone Else: 3.25 at http://www.bet365.com(Non-Americans) http://www.bovada.lv(Americans).

Columbus Blue Jackets: Last year we said the Jackets had the possibility to surprise a lot of people and we were right. This team has matured and have a lot going for them.

However there’s a lot of expectations and I generally like to shy away from teams like that. For a recent hockey example think of the Calgary Flames in the 2014/2015 season then the 2015/2016 season. While there’s more to it than that, and the Jackets are a great team, I’m personally going to be betting against them on a lot of the futures.

The best odds for the Jackets to win the Metro

Canada: 8.00 at 888 Sports.
USA: Odds aren’t up yet but we advise Bovada
Everyone Else: 8.00 at 888 Sports.

New York Rangers: The Rangers got a huge pickup in Shattenkirk and that’s going to make them a solid defensive team. Of course they really need Lundqvist to really step up this season but there is a lot of optimism for the defense.

This is one team that I think I’d recommend a small bet on – especially if you’re not convinced by the Capitals. They lost a few players on offense however they’ve got a lot of weapons there and it takes just one of them to step up and break out. It’s going to come down to team selection and a strict defense. I’d prefer slightly better odds but I like their prospects this season.

The best odds for the Rangers to win the Metro

Canada: 6.00 at 888 Sports.
USA: Odds aren’t up yet but we advise Bovada
Everyone Else: 6.00 at 888 Sports.

New York Islanders: The big question for the Islanders is if Eberle and Tavares can produce together. With Lee in there that could be a bloody solid line. They had a 41-29-12 record last season with a -1 goal differential. They haven’t really lost anyone too devastating so it’s a case of whether that line takes off or not although losing Hamonic sucks for the PK unit.

There’s part of me that thinks the Islanders could be a surprise this season – but not enough to get me to advise a bet on it. It’s a tough division and making the playoffs is going to be hard, let alone winning it.

The best odds for the Islanders to win the Metro

Canada: 15.00 at 888 Sports.
USA: Odds aren’t up yet but we advise Bovada
Everyone Else: 15.00 at 888 Sports.

Philadelphia Flyers: It’ll be interesting seeing how Nolan Patrick plays for the Flyers. There’s actually quite a lot of promise here with this team. Nolan Patrick doesn’t seem the healthiest kid though so there’s some issues there.

I think if the Flyers are going to make the playoffs this is the season they do it. It’s a big season for them and they might just have the right amount of balance in their team. I’m not confident on them though and I feel they have zero chance of winning the division. I think they’ll be kicking close at the end of the season but will come up dry.

The best odds for the Flyers to win the Metro

Canada: 15.00 at 888 Sports.
USA: Odds aren’t up yet but we advise Bovada
Everyone Else: 15.00 at 888 Sports.

Carolina Hurricanes: A team I have a ridiculously soft spot for. I’m not sure why but I just do. I initially started rooting for them just to bug Scott – who absolutely hates them – but it’s got to the point where I watch all of their games religiously, own a Canes jersey and other various Canes merchandise. All of which I wear when meeting up with Scott.

I think they have a LOT of positives to them. I won’t be advising you bet on them to win the division or anything but I think Darling will be a good fit here. They’ve got a solid defense, and a maturing offense with some good line possibilities. Their top line could be great. I won’t be betting them to win the division but I’ll be looking to bet them in other futures positively.

The best odds for the Hurricanes to win the Metro

Canada: 20.00 at 888 Sports.
USA: Odds aren’t up yet but we advise Bovada
Everyone Else: 20.00 at 888 Sports.

New Jersey Devils: The big positive for the Devils is Nico Hischier of course. I think him and Hall could blend in well together. But this is a team with not much depth and the Zajac injury is brutal for them.

I can see the Devils having a good start to the season actually but I think the wheels will soon roll off the bus and they’ll crumble back to mediocrity.

The best odds for the Devils to win the Metro

Canada: 28.00 at 888 Sports.
USA: Odds aren’t up yet but we advise Bovada
Everyone Else: 28.00 at 888 Sports.

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