Fantasy Hockey Pool Tips: Goalies

You could draft any of the 30 starting goalies and they are going to get you points. But when drafting a goalie you have to look not only at their skill level but the skill level of the entire team. Also its smart to take a goalie who is the undisputed number one instead of a player that will be splitting duties with someone else. That’s why we haven’t included arguably the best goalie to ever put on the pads, Martin Brodeur, on this list. We will go over the top ten and then some sleeper picks to help you draft the best goalie possible and help you win you hockey pool this year

Top 5 Goalies

  1. Henrik Lundqvist – New York Rangers– The Best goalie in the world. He does everything you would want from a goalie but needs more help from the rest of his team. Expect a big year for Lundqvist this year and he will be one of the 3 goalies fighting for the Vezina trophy at years end
  2. Tuukka Rask – Boston Bruins – A good goalie on a very strong team. He plays behind Chara so that is like having 2 goalies out there
  3. Sergei Bobrovsky – Columbus Blue Jackets – Once an after thought by the Flyers, Bobrovsky is now the reigning Vezina Trophy Winner. Will once again put up outstanding numbers
  4. Jonathan Quick – Los Angeles Kings – Quick will be fighting with the Sabres Ryan Miller to be the starting goalie for the U.S Olympic team. The Kings have very few weaknesses so look for Quick to have a great year.
  5. Marc-Andre Fleury – Pittsburgh Penguins – If you haven’t heard, the Penguins are good. Fleury had an off year last year. But with the talent on this team a chair could still pull off 20 wins. Fleury will bounce back and be in the Vezina race

5-10 Goalies

  1. Cory Crawford – Chicago Blackhawks – Fresh off leading his team to the Stanley Cup, Crawford just resigned so the comfort of having a new contract and Cup will allow him to focus on playing hockey
  2. Carey Price – Montreal Canadiens – Its hard to be a goalie in Montreal. They have been spoiled with so many successful goalies over the years that anything other than the second coming of Patrick Roy is reason to boo. Price is good and the Canadiens will surprise this year thanks to Carey and his rebound year
  3. Craig Anderson – Ottawa Senators – Has shown that he can be one of the best goalies in the world. Health is always an issue but then again who wasn’t hurt for the Sens last year. This years Sens team is better then lasts and the wins for Anderson will show that
  4. Pekka Rinne – Nashville Predators – The Predators love to play defensive hockey. They also like their goalies to be over 6’5. Rinne is one of the best goalies in the world its just that the team in front of him has problems scoring goals
  5. Jimmy Howard – Detroit Red Wings – I expect the Wings to have a great year in the East this year. Howard is a strong goalie and the Red Wings are going to thrive in their new conference

Sleeper Goalies

  1. Roberto Luongo – Vancouver Canucks – Hardly a sleeper but Louie is excited to show the world that they kept the right goalie after last years cluster between the pipes
  2. Mike Smith – Phoenix Coyotes – Smith is a fantastic goalie who has a shot at making Canadas Olympic squad. Needs to learn to control his emotions as his competitiveness comes through and throws him off his game
  3. Antti Neimi- San Jose Sharks – The Sharks are an aging squad but they still possess enough talent to make the playoffs. In 2010 Neimi led the Blackhawks to the Stanley Cup so he is more than capable
  4. Cam Ward – Carolina Hurricanes -Last year was turning into a great year for Ward until he got hurt and the Canes completely fell apart in his absence. When healthy hes one of the best in the league
  5. Ray Emery – Philadelphia Flyers – After going 17-1 for the Blackhawks last year, Ray Emery showed the world that he can still play hockey and play it amazingly. The question is can he do it as the starting goalie. If healthy he will put up numbers as I believe that the Flyers will have a good year this year

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