The Bodog Divisional Dynasty was a promotion which took place over October-November 2013. From mid-October until November 10th, you had to place a bet on every single team in the NHL to win their game. For each division you got a certain bonus for betting – for example if you bet all teams in the Pacific Division you’d get a $25 free bet, and if you bet all teams in the Atlantic Division you’d get a $30 free at the casino.

If you bet all teams, you would get all the bonuses PLUS $50 in free cash. The requirement was you needed to place $20 on each team.

Being the gamblers that we are, we took this on betting every team. All of our picks are logged below.

Here are the final statistics:

Record: 18-12.
Profit-Loss: -$0.18.

We very VERY happy with that record. Forced to bet teams like the Buffalo Sabres, we basically broke even and that was with some massive upsets during it(such as the Sabres beating the Sharks).

So with just the free bet bonuses, we profited $99.82. Throw in the $22 poker ticket and the $30 casino chip, for a final profit of $151.82. Here are the e-mails from Bodog:



We also managed to pick ALL 7 teams in the Central Division correctly oddly enough.

Here is our final record:

Pacific Division Bodog Divisional Dynasty:

Anaheim Ducks: Nov 2 vs Sabres. Won $10.
Calgary Flames: Oct 30 vs Leafs. Lost $20.
Edmonton Oilers: Nov 10 vs Blackhawks. Lost $20.
Los Angeles Kings: Nov 7 vs Sabres. Won $7.55.
Phoenix Coyotes: Oct 31 vs Predators. Won $12.12.
San Jose Sharks: Nov 5 vs Sabres. Lost $20.
Vancouver Canucks: Oct 28 vs Capitals. Won $12.90.

Central Division Bodog Divisional Dynasty:

Chicago Blackhawks: Nov 6 vs Jets. Won $7.41.
Colorado Avalance: Oct 25 vs Hurricanes. Won $9.09.
Dallas Stars: Oct 24 vs Flames. Won $11.76.
Minnesota Wild: Nov 3 vs Devils. Won $11.11.
Nashville Predators: Oct 25 vs Jets. Won $14.29.
St. Louis Blues: Nov 7 vs Flames. Won $7.41.
Winnipeg Jets: Nov 4 vs Red Wings. Won $27.

Metropolitan Division Bodog Divisional Dynasty:

Carolina Hurricanes: Nov 7 vs Islanders. Won $17.39.
Columbus Blue Jackets: Nov 7 vs Rangers. Lost $20.
New Jersey Devils: Nov 2 vs Flyers. Lost $20.
New York Islanders: Oct 29 vs Rangers. Lost $20.
New York Rangers: Nov 10 vs Panthers. Won $8.70.
Pittsburgh Penguins: Nov 9 vs Blues. Lost $20.
Philadelphia Flyers: Nov 7 vs Devils. Lost $20.
Washington Capitals: Nov 2 vs Panthers. Won $11.43.

Metropolitan Division Bodog Divisional Dynasty:

Boston Bruins: Oct 26 vs Devils. Lost $20.
Buffalo Sabres: Oct 31 vs Rangers. Lost $20.
Detroit Red Wings: Nov 2 vs Oilers. Won $19.05.
Florida Panthers: Nov 5 vs Oilers. Lost $20.
Montreal Canadiens: Oct 28 vs Rangers. Won $19.05.
Ottawa Senators: Oct 25 vs Ducks. Lost $20.
Tampa Bay Lightning: Oct 27 vs Panthers. Won $18.18.
Toronto Maple Leafs: Oct 29 vs Oilers. Won $15.38.

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