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And then there were two.

After many, many excellent performances throughout the regular season and the playoffs – the Anaheim Ducks came up short big time against the Chicago Blackhawks. In the key game 7, the Blackhawks ran out the winners in dominant fashion.

So now we have the Stanley Cup Final. For new people – prior to the start of the series, we will tip the Stanley Cup Winners. And then we will ignore that bet for all future games – providing betting tips based on how the series is going and how the teams are matching up etc. That’s the only fair way to do it for people who are reading our tips for the first time.

With that let’s get onto:

Stanley Cup 2015 Betting Tips:

Scott: Stanley Cup Finals. No matter who’s playing in them, they are always amazing to watch. But for me, personally, the intensity of each game is tough to handle while sitting at home. My wife may have to take the kids on a two week vacation as she has already gotten pissed off at me for yelling at the tv when the house is asleep. It’s only going to get worse.

The Hawks are in the finals for the 3rd time in the last 6 years. The previous two they came away with the Cup. The just finished their series against the Ducks which went 7 games, more if you count all the OT time, and it was some of the best hockey I have ever seen.

These two were 1-1 against each other during the regular season.

The Lightning are an unreal team. #FunFact: the Lightning are the first team in NHL history to play 4 Original 6 teams in one postseason.

They are young, can score and will challenge for the Cup, as long as the can get Stamkos inked long term, for years to come. But experience is going to trump youth in this series. The Hawks play their best hockey on the biggest stage. With all of their cap issues on the horizon, the Hawks realize that this may be the last chance they have at a Cup with this group. The Ducks were a better team than the Lightning and the Hawks managed to get past them.

Blackhawks in 6 Hopefully 6 games so the Hawks can finally win a Cup on home ice for the first time since 1938. But as long as the win the cup I don’t care where they’re playing.

Graeme: I’ve had multiple conversations with people all week. Friends, family, the mailman, the guy at the corner store – everyone, about the Blackhawks vs Lightning series and who is going to win it.

I’ve debated with them, argued with them, played devils advocate with them. Just to get their input. I’ve also studied the stats, rewatched the games, and attempted to be as biased as possible on both sides.

Every single time, I come to the same conclusion:

I want the Lightning to win it; but I can’t see past the Blackhawks.

The Chicago Blackhawks showed what they are made of against the Ducks. They have an excellent pedigree and have the experience. Tampa Bay are in here but you have to think their run ends here. They’ve had their fair share of luck, and an excellent powerplay has really helped them too.

I’m going with the Blackhawks to take it – there’s a large part of me that actually thinks it could be the sweep. But I’ll also go with Hawks in 6 as you’d have to hope that with the Tampa offense, and Crawford being a strong variable – that the Lightning win at least a couple of games.

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