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One of our favourite futures bets for the NHL season is always the Over/Under on team wins.

It gives you something to cheer for throughout the NHL season. It can be a very tricky one to predict too of course – you never know what trades are going to happen or what injuries are going to occur etc.

Based on that it’s more a fun bet than anything else – although sometimes you can find some real value.

I’m going to cover five teams and their over/unders in this article. Scott will then cover another 5 teams in a separate article as we get closer and closer to NHL season.

Oh yeah – here’s where to bet it and feel free to post your own thoughts below in the comments:

Where To Bet Over/Under Regular Season Wins:

Canada: Sports Interaction.
USA: Bovada.
Everyone Else: BetOnline..

Anaheim Ducks: Under 44.5 Wins

The Anaheim Ducks have went over 44.5 wins quite easily the last few years. Last year they had 46 wins, while the years prior saw them go above 50 wins.

However I think the coaching change will be a big factor. I wrote about it in my Pacific Division winners article but Caryle is going to be focusing a lot more on the playoffs and I don’t think he’ll be too concerned with regular season wins – more important to get this team prepped for the playoffs.

I think they’ll hit the 40 win mark looking at the schedule but don’t think they go over 44.5.

Canada: Sports Interaction.
USA: Bovada.
Everyone Else: BetOnline..

Edmonton Oilers: Under 38.5 Wins

Just like every season – the Oilers have the potential. Oh so much potential. And they’ve managed to get just 31 wins, 24 wins and 29 wins over the last 3 seasons.

McDavid missed a bunch of games last season – obviously that was a factor in their loss amount. But we have learned with the Oilers not to follow them based on hype and potential because it’s the same shit every year – and until we see different, I’m happy backing Under 38.5 wins for the Oilers.

Canada: Sports Interaction.
USA: Bovada.
Everyone Else: BetOnline..

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Arizona Coyotes: Over 32.5 Wins

The Coyotes wins the last 3 seasons were 35, 24 and 37.

While the Coyotes went over 32.5 last season, a large part of that was due to that huge run at the beginning of the season. Remember that? Man that was something.

I like some of the moves they’ve made during the offseason and I think even if the Coyotes struggle they should be able to rack up about 30 wins. They’re a team that can be nice and streaky and get a good run together and they just need one of those streaks to help them go over. Hopefully they’re looking at their weaknesses from last season such as shorthanded goals conceded as those can really be difference makers.

Canada: Sports Interaction.
USA: Bovada.
Everyone Else: BetOnline..

St Louis Blues: Under 47.5 Wins

Blues have went 49-51-52 for wins in the last 3 seasons. Impressive stuff.

The bookies aren’t too strong on the Blues either with the line at 47.5 but I’m going with them hitting lower than that. The coach dynamic with Yeo/Hitchcock will be interesting. The idea of them working together to groom Yeo for the job sounds good in theory but I do wonder if it’ll backfire.

I think there’s a lot of questions in the Blues camp and I can see a downward streak for them.

Canada: Sports Interaction.
USA: Bovada.
Everyone Else: BetOnline..

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Bryan Springhetti

So are you guys making all of these official bets? Just curious. Love all your info and keep up the great work as always!


When I have a chance I’ll go through previous years of all these props and do a separate listing on the stats page. We don’t include these or any other pre-season bets in the regular stats.