avatar Written by Scott on Thursday, November 10th, 2016

So there was 3 games last night and all 3 needed extra time to be completed.

The Blackhawks were leading 1-0 but with just over 2 minutes left the Blues tied it up to send it to OT.  Panarin scored 25 seconds in to OT to give the Hawks the 2-1 win and their 7th straight victory.

Columbus scored twice in the first but the Ducks added a goal in the 2nd and 3rd to tie it up.  Zach Werenski scored in OT to give the Jackets the 3-2 win.

The Senators- Sabres game went to a shootout where the Sens scored on their first 2 tries and won the game 2-1.

A much better night with 10 games so let’s get to the tips.

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Stars vs Flames Betting Tips:

Over 5.5 is the bet for this game.

Both teams have been struggling so far this year and are both in 6th place in their respective divisions.  They can both score but haven’t been able to get any consistency.  They both allow over 3.50 goals per game.  For the Stars injuries have been their problem.  For the Flames it’s their top players not performing after signing big money contracts.

This should be a great game where both teams need the win to turn things around and I like the game to be a high scoring one.

Over 5.5

Canada: 1.80 Odds at Sports
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USA: -125 Odds at Bovada
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Jets vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

The Jets have had mixed results so far this year but have shown signs of being a good young team.  Laine has been phenomenal so far this year.  Not sure how long he can keep up the pace he’s on but it’s only helping the Jets.

The Coyotes have had a rough start to their year.  They have had only winning streak this year and went 2-6 in October.  These teams seem to be heading in opposite directions.  I’m taking the Jets in this one.

Jets win

Canada: 1.86 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
USA: -115 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 1.86 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

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Canucks vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

When you see the odds for this game you have to take the Canucks to Win

Both teams picked up wins in their last games which snapped winless streaks but for Vancouver it stopped the losing streak at 9 games.  That win can only help them in moving forward.

The Wings have struggled this year which was expected.  And injuries have put this teams depth to the test.

This game could go either way but the odds make it worth it.

Canucks Win 

Canada: 2.70 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
USA: +170 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 2.70 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

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Johnny Hockey

Same picks as you guys – Not sure what I’ll play but at the first look maybe:

> Pens in regulation
> Habs in regulation
> Tampa in regulation / Over 5.5
> Canucks @ Wings | Over 5
> Jets @ Coyotes | Over 5.5

Jens Denmark

My favourite pick of the night:

Project lion 2/15

Penguins in reg. %100



☹ sad

Jens Denmark

Very. Pens got a good start and looked goog to go but gave the two equaliser goals too early – oh well. Thankfully I also had Lightning, Stars, Jets – all in all a nice profit 🙂


I like the LA Kings tonight vs Montreal Canadiens. The kings seem to have gotten their offense back and the habs are having trouble controlling the game. Of course there is Price in goal but i think the value makes it a good bet. Also, the Canadiens usually have trouble against big teams from the west if I remember well.


That was very close to a pick for us – and I’ll probably be betting on it. I think there’s value on the Kings play. The Habs are letting a LOT of shots get on target and despite the greatness of Price he’s still conceded 6 in the last 2. It comes down to two big factors which is whether the Kings offense can keep up their consistency, and if they can beat Price. Even when the Habs play bad however they’re usually squeaking out the wins. But yeah Kings is probably the right side on that one.



Winnipeg jets
Anaheim ducks


Jets – both teams are leaky so this could be a shoot-out, but I really love how energized the Jets are this season. This is an emotional play, despite the analysis favoring the Yotes.

Ducks – I like Ducks to rebound from tough loss last night. I think they come back with Bernier tonight, he has been surprisingly good this year. Ducks have played well lately and Canes have only 3 wins so far this season. Canes have 6th worst GD in the league while Ducks is among the best. Good value on the Ducks.

Jets @ Coyotes Over 5.5

My site doesn’t have Jets o2.5 total but I’d go with that too vs one of the weakest defensive teams in the league.



– Jets/Coyotes Over 5.5
– Tampa Bay Lightning in Regulation
– Los Angeles Kings ML
@BlueLineBets on Twitter


After a expensive porn night ( X X X ) who cost me 3units i pick Bruins, Penguins, Blues and Stars.


Cayotes to win reg
Nashville to win reg
Habs to win reg

James McNeice

Nice win for me yesterday with the Hawks ML, outing me 1/1. Today I seem to look across the fixtures and despite 10 games,I find I can’t quite pull the trigger on anything, tonight’s pick I’ve been playing through my head all day and I’m going to pull the trigger on the Blue Jackets ML, I’m hoping with Bobrovski in net he’ll have a great night, although Bruins have played well as a team recently I think this may be a close pick. Fingers crossed 🙂


What a night it was. We all got busted.

Here we start right from beginning!

Project lion 1/15

Ducks win in reg. 2€

Project lion combi 1

Blues win %100

Stars win %100

Panthers win %100

No regulation for combi games.

I ll put 1 unit

Good luck everyone


Hey I’m new here I’m from france and i wanted to know what is Project Lion !


Project lion means that you take each day only one game and put your unit there. If you win in 1st round then you put all you earned to 2nd game in 2nd round. You will do it so 15days in row. Only one game and better no regulation. If you accept participating on that then you pick and share right here so we can see how far we all can go. So good luck!


sorry to interupt : Nelson il s’agit d’un pari (gain) en echelle tu mise 1 € tu gain 2 tu mise les 2 c peu marcher pour une infinite mais ya tjrs un risque de perdre tt bonne chance


Thank you for answering to my question ! Il faut donc parier le benefice du pari d avant c est ca ? C est quasiment impossible de faire un 15/15 non ? Je commence avec une bk de 50€. Combien me conseille tu de miser a chaque paris ?


c juste un pari simple qui double ta mise de depart , ok je t’explique si on vs donne le choix entre encaisser 1000 euro par jour ou doubler un maudit 0.1€ pendant un mois lol 1000 !! non c fait juste 30000 tandis que doubler 0.1 56000 et mm plus donc je te conseil d commencer a 5 euro et bonne chance le francais :p


Let’s start making some real picks boys!!

Winnipeg Jets -115
Montreal Canadiens -135


What is going on? Can someone here help me…. Past day and now my post just keep getting deleted as soon as i refresh the page… Those posts are comments on “lion” ‘s post… And just keeps getting deleted. So this is me just being kind of desperate of an response as to why my posts keeps on getting deleted as i put quite some time to writing them so its quite annoying :/


Mate, we all here for the same reason. Our target is not hidden. Project lion is open to everyone. You are going very well and hope you ll go till 15.


Yo, ive got a fb page where i upload my betting preds and tips, i uploaded the post there so you can Read it if you want! Would be appriciated 🙂 Here is the link :https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=994725727339858&id=976826939129737&ref=page_internal Hope it works now…


Not sure why that’s happening. I noticed yesterday there was a bunch of deleted posts in response to lion and thought that was weird. Nothing that we’re doing – try changing your password maybe? We’ll monitor things from our side see if we can figure out why they were deleted.


Allright, trying to send the post again onto lion’s post as a copied it after writing it just in case this would happen, now it says “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by BetNHL.Ca.” Never said that before!


Idk if you can see deleted comments or not, but ill post here now again as response to your response got deleted again, it says on my profile that my posts are “detected as spam” so i pressed that theyre not and then it said “Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected.” !


BOL mate!!! you´ve been doing just great winning ´til now 5 in a row, you´re daring probability & statistics laws! ha ha!

Just a thought: consider withdraw before 15, even lion said was at discrection stop sonner.


He is still sliding. 6/15


Maybe i should just recreate the account by deleting it and naming the new one the same? Sounds like something thats worth giving a try if we cant get it fixed!

Arto Reinikainen

Good amount of action tonight.

Ducks in regulation @ 2.60

I see this as a game where your big guys have to be the big guys. Ducks want to bounce back and avoid losing 2 in a row, while the Canes are looking for a spark to win some games. Confidence isn’t high for the Canes and it’s one of those things that if they fall behind or let up some badly timed goals it’ll all go downhill from there, and at the same time to win they would need some solid individual plays. So capitalizing on your chances will be a huge momentum boost either way. And looking at who the Ducks have as their top guys vs who the Canes have, yeah there’s really not much of a contest. Considering the Ducks have won their fair share of games lately, they feel fairly positive. I expect them to take advantage of the Canes pressure tonight. Getzlaf, Perry and Kesler are all roughly PPG in their careers vs Carolina and Cam Ward doesn’t have the best numbers against Anaheim. I think the value is there to make a bet on this one.

Kings in regulation @ 2.90

Kings have again started playing some excellent hockey. It kind of feels like the Kings from years back right now. They have a good record against the Habs lately, they’re scoring goals and just generally playing better than the Habs at the moment who in my opinion are riding Price and timely goalscoring to wins – that doesn’t last forever. And even though i don’t expect Budaj to steal the game or anything, he’s coming off of back-to-back shutouts, so im thinking he has enough confidence to make some good saves here and there. Anyway i just see many signs pointing towards a Kings win and not so many the other way around, and value considered i like this bet.

Sharks – Panthers OT @ 4.00

This is one of those games i just can’t see either team giving up or being able to separate themselves from their opponent in 60 minutes. Sharks want more wins after slumping a bit, same goes for the Panthers. Florida is a very good home team and they can always battle back even if they’re down by a goal or two, but at the same time i see it tough for the Cats to break the Sharks because make no mistake SJ is still the better team, especially injuries considered, by a fair amount. I know my OT’s haven’t had the best success so far this season, but generally i do pretty well with them so im sticking with it and shoving another OT at your faces 😀

And finally, Coyotes in regulation @ 2.65

I think S&G are falling to the trap of how much media likes to hype Laine and co. The fact is Jets haven’t been that impressive overall. Sure they’ve made some solid comebacks that are fun to watch, but they have one big problem and that’s falling behind in games whenever they start feeling good about themselves – makes them a frustrating team to watch at times. They tend to do well when they’re working extremely hard, but without that they just don’t have the team (partly b/c of injuries) or goaltending at the moment to just go out and routinely outscore their opponent. Meanwhile the Yotes have quietly played well recently, so im not sure how you can justify saying the Jets would be headed in a much better direction considering Yotes have won 3 of their past 4 and Jets have lost 4 of their past 6 games. In any case i think the Coyotes are still looking for that extremely solid game and tonight is a good opportunity to do that with their high confidence, home crowd and an opponent that in my opinion suites them quite well.

As always i went through every single game. I also like the Bruins, Bolts and Wings to come out with home W’s but don’t generally like to go below 2 odds and not too confident in handicaps, so im not making bets on those.

Pens-Wild, Blues-Preds and Stars-Flames are just way too iffy for me to say anything confidently. But i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some OT games here.

Good luck !


Most of the time I don´t like to bet overs/unders because is not the goal for teams finish the game over or under but winning and I´ve lost many matches where they suppose to end in the other side; it is the same for you, or actually is ´cause you didn´t find any strong over/under trend for some matches?

BTW thanks as always for sharing, specially earlier! 🙂

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah i find O/U bets generally way too difficult to predict. Sometimes there can be games you just know will see a lot of goals, or the other way around, but if i go for those then i have a bad habit of starting to make more of O/U bets and just lose in the long run, so i’ve decided to stay away from them alltogether.

Not to mention the times where you go for Over, see 4 goals in the first period and the game ends up going Under.. So freakin frustrating.

FWIW i do think the Flames-Stars game will see a lot of goals tonight. I did think about making a bet on that one but if it happens i’ll do it behind the scenes 😀


like the Bruins tonight 🙂


Vancouver, Anaheim, LA and Dallas all pickup road wins


Hey Guys,

Long Time Viewer but First Time Writer.. Yesterday was real tough Im sure for most of us but this is the game and we got to brush up and look forward to the future.

Picks : Anaheim Ducks – Win SU
Pittsburgh Penguins – Win SU

Now as an Habitants in Montreal, I like to see this game being Hard Fought from the get-go but based on Odds, I have to Follow the Money.

LA Kings – SU

Detroit Red Wings vs Canucks – I’ve been trying to catch some of Detroit’s winnings but as you may realize, they have not been coming that often.

Detriot Red Wings – Win SU

Notice the Straight Ups vs the Spread, it has been a roguh couple gamedays so would prefer narrowing my chances to
50/50 instead.

Thank You BetNHL.ca and of the support of the Players.
Good Luck and God Speed.


And let’s not forget the San Jose SHARKS for the Win SU.