avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

A pile of games yesterday.  And some big things happened in the history books too.

The Leafs beat the Devils 5-2 and Matthews scored his 66th goal of the season which is incredible.  Lemieux was the last player to hit this number back in 1995-96.  The Caps beat the Wings 2-1 and Ovechkin scored and became the first played in NHL history to score at least 30 goals in 18 seasons.  Also incredible.  This was a big loss for the Wings who are now in 9th.

The Canes beat the Bruins 4-1,  the Habs beat the Flyers 9-3 and for the Flyers to now lose 8 in a row and to get destroyed by Montreal is awful and I’m sure Tortorella was in a great mood in the dressing room after.  The Islanders kept their playoff hopes alive when they beat the Rangers 4-2.  The Lightning beat the Jackets 5-2 which was big with the Leafs also winning.

Only 3 tonight. 

Blackhawks vs Blues Betting Tips:

Hawks are out and I’m not going to waste time going into it.

The Blues still have a shot but will need everything to fall into place for them.  They are in 9th place with 87 points and are 5 points back of the wild card.

They have played 3 times this season and the Blues are leading the series 2-1.

Knights vs Oilers Betting Tips:

Big game here.

The Knights need points to get themselves out of the wild card.  The 2 points would put them in 3rd in the Pacific with the Kings not playing today.

The Oilers can move a little closer to the Canucks and stay ahead of the 3rd place team in the Pacific.

They have played twice with each team winning once.

With both needing points I expect both to show up here.

Coyotes vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Coyotes are eliminated and played yesterday.

The Canucks are in 1st in the Pacific and can widen the gap, or if Oilers win keep it the same, between them with a win here.

I would expect them to win but again they really aren’t desperately needing points.  The Canucks have won both games against the Coyotes this year and both had scores of 2-1.

Would have to be -1.5 and with the previous two results I can’t do that.

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I’m considering how to deal with the Vancouver game, but I think my focus is on soccer and baseball until the NHL playoffs start. As usual for this time of year, many game results have been indication that the prospect of the playoffs has completely rattled hundreds of players and they can’t handle it. Even their coaches have no leverage with them and the golf courses call, call, call.


Don’t bet with real money on my opinions.
I’m a stupid better, who wastes tons of units to gain minimal profits.

Vegas and Edmonton have played each other twice this season.
Interestingly, Vegas narrowly lost the first game while they had Thompson in net and Edmonton had Skinner in net.
The second game was in February. Here Skinner and Hill were in net and Vegas won a somewhat clearer 1:3. Today, Skinner and Hill are in net again, which I think is a good position for Vegas to win. Edmonton has won their last 5 home games, Vegas has lost their last 2 away games. Back when Vegas won, they stopped the Oilers’ streak. The Oilers had won 7 home games in a row. Overall, the Oilers had a streak of 16 games won until they played Vegas. Looking at the Oilers upcoming games, there will be better opportunities for them to get some more points. I think Vegas just has more pressure and is an unpleasant opponent for the Oilers. Of course, it could go the other way, but I just feel more comfortable on the Vegas side today.

I take Vegas ML @ 2 with 8 units


Unlucky mate! Tough game to call.


It’s not unlucky.
It’s simply because I force myself to find a good bet every day. I realize that this is a mistake in the long run. But I have a good concept against it and I’m going to use it more now. The downside is that my bets are only posted about 30 minutes before the game.