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There was only the one game yesterday, the Jets vs the Canadiens, and we had no tips.  We both avoid betting on games with the Jets involved.  The Jets won 4-2 and are now only 5 points back and have won 2 in a row.

We go from 1 game yesterday to having 14 tonight.

Flyers vs Capitals Betting Tips:

The Flyers are out.  The Caps are in the final wild card spot with 90 points.  They’re chasing the Penguins who have 94 points but the Caps have two games in hand.

The Caps are favored here and to get any value we need to go with -1.5 and even that is only 1.95.  They have played 3 times this season and the Flyers won 2 of them so the Flyers are able to stay in games against the Caps.

Blues vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Blues are in 3rd in the Central and are tied with the Wild who are in 2nd but have more wins and fewer games played.  The Bruins are in the first wild card spot and they are only 1 point behind the Lightning.

The Blues have won their last 5 games and the Bruins have gone 7-3-0 over last 10.  The Bruins are favored here and we would have to take them in regulation but with the way the Blues are playing I have to skip.

Canes vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Another big game here.  The Canes are in 1st in the Metro with 102 points, the Rangers are in 2nd with 100.

This could go either way.  The Rangers are at home where they have gone 24-7-4 and  7-2-1 over last 10.  They have played twice with each team winning once.

I would lean towards a Rangers win but with so much on the line for both teams it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens.

Ducks vs Panthers Betting Tips:

The Panthers are in 1st in the East and 2nd overall.  They trail only the Avalanche by 2 points.

The Ducks are eliminated from the playoffs.

The odds make this unplayable.   Panthers -1.5 is only around 1.60 which is too low.

Sabres vs Leafs Betting Tips:

The Leafs should win here but they are starting Kallgren.   He’s OK as a goalie but he’s still young and is being forced into the roll with Mrazek out.

I would say ya the Leafs will win but its the goalie situation that has me a little put off of them here.

Another thing to keep an eye on is Owen Power will make his season debut for the Sabres and its in his home town.  I’m skipping as it would have to be Leafs -2.5.

Penguins vs Islanders Betting Tips:

The Pens are in 3rd in the Metro but they have only a 4 point lead over the Caps who are in the final wild card spot.   They need to play great for the remaining 8 games to not loss the 3rd position.

The Islanders aren’t officially out but they are 15 points back of the wild card.

The Pens are without Malkin who was suspended.  I feel like the Isles will embrace the role of spoiler.  Sure they could have everything fall into place and somehow make the playoffs but its not going to happen.

I expect them to stay in this game and for that reason I have to skip this game.

Senators vs Wings Betting Tips:

Yeah I have no idea who wins this game.  Both are eliminated so it’s tricky to try and predict a game where they have nothing to gain or lose at this point.

Oilers vs Wild Betting Tips:

The Oilers are in 2nd in the Pacific,  the Wild are in 2nd in the Central.  Both have been good over their last 10 games with the Oilers going 7-2-1 and the Wild 7-1-2.

This is a tough game to call.  Their records are similar and both need to points to stay where they are.

They have played twice this season with the Wild winning both.  With the Wild at home, where they have gone 25-7-2, I like their chances to win this one.

Wild win incl OT/SO – Seeing odds around 1.71

Sharks vs Predators Betting Tips:

Ya its the Predators so I’m still not taking them.  Its just too unpredictable to bet on a game with them involved.

Kings vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

Kings are in 3rd in the Pacific, 4 points behind the 2nd place Oilers.   The Hawks are eliminated from the playoffs.  The Kings have lost 3 in a row and the Hawks have lost 7 straight.

The Kings are without Doughty who had wrist surgery and is done for the season.  He hasn’t played since March 7th but they are still on the playoffs and he’s a huge piece of the team.

With both teams in slumps its easy to skip this game.

Kraken vs Flames Betting Tips:

The Kraken have been eliminated for a while now and they are only ahead of the Coyotes and the Canadiens.

The Flames should win this game but, again, the odds make it unplayable. A Flames -1.5 is only 1.66

Lightning vs Stars Betting Tips:

Big game here.

The Lightning are in 3rd in the Atlantic and have only a 1 point lead over the 4th place Bruins.  The Stars are in the 8th spot but have only a 2 point lead over the Knights.

I want to take the Stars here but it’s against the Lightning who are also in desperate need of points.   So I have to reluctantly skip this game.

Devils vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

Both out so not sure I even want to get into this game.

Knights vs Canucks Betting Tips:

The Knights are in 9th place, 2 points behind the Stars.  The Canucks are 6 points back of the wild card.

The Knights were supposed to be a team to be feared once they acquired Eichel but they have been playing bad.  If they are a playoff team then they need to win this game here.  The team they are chasing also plays tonight against a strong team so they should use this game as a way to gain ground.

Knights win incl OT/SO – seeing odds around 1.77

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Western RattlersD

My eyes are on Vegas tonight. Moneyline.
They have Pacioretty back, and Mark Stone is “questionable” for tonight, after a long time off. Geezuz H. Mergatroid, Knights fans must be really pumped to shorten the injury list after so long, and that means major problems for their opponents at a high-drama time. Vancouver? These teams split a recent home-and-home series, pre-Pacioretty, but there’s no question the Canucks can’t handle a rested, healthy Vegas pushing for a playoff spot, with Vegas facing Calgary and the Oilers next (with only stagnant Dallas and Nashville sitting in the way, 1 point higher). I can’t see the Canucks faring well here, or going on the type of run they’d need to snag a Wild Card slot over three other teams.

I see some trap games elsewhere tonight. Considering only a few bets.