avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, April 12th, 2023

It was a busy night with 10 games.

As expected, the Leafs vs Lightning was a good game.  The Leafs won 4-3 and the game had a couple of fights which is a good sign for the 1st round series we will get to enjoy.

The Devils beat the Sabres 6-2 eliminating the Sabres from the postseason for the 12th year in a row.  Hughes scored to give him 97 points on the season which is a new Devils single season record passing Elias.

The Bruins beat the Caps 5-2 setting the record for most regular season points with 133.  The Hawks beat the Penguins 5-2 which really puts the Pens in a tough spot.  With the Pens and Sabres losing the Panthers have clinched a spot in the playoffs.

The Jets clinched a playoff spot when they beat the Wild 3-1.

Only 3 games today.  There is only 2 more days after today and the regular season will be finished.

Canadiens vs Islanders

Habs are out so no faith in them.

This is the Isles final game of the regular season.

They are in 8th and can clinch a playoff spot with a win or point gained in an overtime loss or if the Penguins lose their last game against the Blue Jackets.  No pressure Isles haha.

Stars vs Blues

The Stars are in 2nd in the Central.  After this game they play again on Thursday also against the Blues.

The Blues are out and I don’t expect much from them.

I do like the Stars to win.  They won the only game vs the Blues this season.

Sharks vs Flames

Nothing here.  Both teams are out so who knows.  Would lean towards a Flames win but I’m sure they are ready to get this season over with.

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To WIN puckline: Islanders
Lean: Dallas wins moneyline

There are teams who focus on achieving, and there are teams that are dysfunctional for many sad reasons (Flames, Penguins, Caps, Blackhawks, Habs, etc.). Some teams may be showing some late-season fatigue, but this is the end of the regular season, and I expect the rested Islanders, at home, to be enjoying their win result tonight. Moneyline is the obvious easy pick, but puckline is really not much to ask in this situation.

I’m likely off the Dallas game, although I expect rested Dallas to win tonight, reach for the Division lead and help clarify the playoff race. They’re looking strong right now. However, St. Louis is at home and will put up an effort against a superior team still looking for ideal playoff race placement. If anything, just a moneyline pick there. Dallas won’t play Colorado in the first round no matter what happens, and should be going for the 4 points. It’s up to them.