avatar Written by Scott on Monday, April 13th, 2020

Well I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a nice one. My kids had a blast and were up late thanks to all of the sugar they ate. So with them up so late it caused all of us to be tired and dragging our asses today.

And now we have some terrible weather. Thankfully it isn’t snowing but it’s rainy and super windy so it’s going to be a long day inside with 3 kids continuing their sugar bender.

I couldn’t find any NHL Simulations to tip so I’ll have to go back to Madden Sims. One of the games I’m tipping starts at noon so I’ll keep these quick.

Madden Simulations Betting Tips

Giants vs Jets – This game will be played in the rain so I expect the ball to be carried a bunch as with everything being wet its harder to throw

Barkley vs Bell so its a toss up here but I’ll go with Bell to have the better game and carry the Jets to the win.

Jets +3.5 at Bovada/Bodog

Eagles vs Vikings – Both teams made the playoffs and the Eagles won the NFC East but the Vikings had the better record when then finished in 2nd in the NFC North.

With the Vikings at home I’m going with them

Vikings -4.5 at Bovada/Bodog


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