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2 tips yesterday of the 76 games being played and we went 1-1.

The Wild beat the Oilers 5-1. Towards the end of the game Kane crosschecked Kaprizov and Hartman went after him but the linesman broke it up.  After the scrum Hartman flipped off Kane and he will likely get fined for that.  Sucks when of the pile of players pushing and shoving the Refs pulled out the 2 guys who actually wanted to fight.

I had the Knights to beat the Canucks but the Knights dropped the ball losing 5-4 in overtime.  With the Stars and the Preds both winning their games, the Knights are now 3 points out of the playoffs with 1 extra game played.  The Knights were rested and had Stone back after a 26 game absence yet couldn’t get the job done.

The Sabres beat the Leafs for the 3rd straight time.  Matthews had his 16 game point streak snapped, Marner had his stopped after 13. 

The Canes beat the Rangers 4-2 and now have a 4 point lead over them for top spot in the Metro.   The Caps scored 9 against the Flyers winning 9-2.

Only 3 games tonight.

Canadiens vs Jackets Betting Tips:

The Canadiens are out and their play of late shows that they are ready to move on.  They have lost 2 in a row and gone 3-6-1 over last 10.  The Jackets haven’t yet been eliminated but are 18 points back with 9 games left.  So it’s a very, very small chance and they need to win the remaining games and hope that the Caps lose theirs.  It’s not going to happen.

I could see the Jackets making it interesting and fall short.  A game against a struggling Habs team shouldn’t be an issue for them. They have won both meetings this season.

Jackets win in regulation

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(Odds correct as of 2022/04/13 8:44:38 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Rangers vs Flyers Betting Tips:

The Flyers got embarrassed last night so I expect them to have a better effort in this one.  The Rangers also lost last night.

With both playing last night it’s tough to say how each will perform.   Sure the Rangers should win but the Flyers just got pounded so they could keep this closer then yesterday’s game.  I have to skip this game.

Kings vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

The Knigs won last night and are still in 3rd in the Pacific.  They are only 2 points behind the Oilers and 3 ahead of the Knights.

The Knights will turn things around and the Kings know this so they have to play almost perfect to insure they stay in the playoffs.  But tonight they get the best team in the league.

The Avalanche should win this game as they have been playing great lately.  They have won 6 in a row and have gone 8-1-1 over last 10.  They have beat the Kings in both games this season and the last 8 against them dating back to last season.

But the Kings have to know that they can’t expect to stay in the playoff picture unless they go all out for the remaining games.  They could keep this one close.   I have to skip this as it would need to be Avs in at least regulation which I wouldn’t be surprised to see but again Kings could find another gear here.

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Maan I knew I shouldn’t had gone with Knights, or rather I should’ve believed in the scoring capabilities and placed O2.5/3.

The overrated Rangers failed me like so many times, I dunno why I keep betting on them [I don’t mean everytime]. I have better luck with Preds. 🙂

2 live bets with some huge potential payouts were ignored, despite I had a ridiculous strong feeling on both teams pulling it off:
Boston – Blues (2-1) I could just see Blues take it, and shortly after 2-2! They won of course and I regret I didn’t trust that strong feeling.
And especially,
Flames – Kraken (when result was 3-1) yeah… imagine the odds on Flames. I could not see/believe Kraken would win, although after 2nd it didn’t look too bright. I didn’t dare placing but I should’ve! They clutched it. A super missed opportunity.

I believe in CBJ too. But to raise the odds even more favorably (~2.20) isn’t it a no-brainer to place a double with: Avalanche, O2.0. Like….could it really hurt!?
Going for it!