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Only had 1 tip yesterday.   We had the Jackets to win in regulation against the Canadiens and they did 5-1.

The Rangers beat the Flyers 4-0 and are back to within two points of the Canes for top spot in the Metro.

The final game of the night was the Kings vs the Avalanche and the Avs won 9-3 for their 53rd win which is a franchise record.

Another full night of NHL action with 12 games.  As each night passes its getting tougher to find games that are worth looking in to.  Some games are so lopsided that the odds are terrible but let’s see what we can find if anything.

Blues vs Sabres Betting Tips:

The Blues have won 6 in a row and are in 3rd in the Central.   They are tied with the Wild for 2nd but have played one extra game.

The Sabres are out of the playoffs.

The Blues are favored here and we would need to take them in regulation to get any value.  Their road record is ok but not good enough for me to have enough confidence to make it a tip.

Senators vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Bruins are in the 1st wild card spot and trail the Lightning by only 1 point.

We would need to take the Bruins -1.5 here and they are on a 2 game losing skid.  In the month of April they are 3-3 with 2 of those wins needing overtime so I can’t back them to win by 2 or more with their recent results.

Ducks vs Lightning Betting Tips:

So the Lightning -1.5 is under 1.70 so there isn’t a play here.

I do like them to win but I really don’t like taking a team -2.5.  They need to win to stay ahead of the Bruins and against a team like the Ducks they should do just that.  But the question is how many goals do they win by?

Wings vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

Another game where the favorite is unplayable.   A Canes -1.5 pick is under 1.70.

The Canes have only a 2 point lead over the Rangers for top spot in the Metro so they will come into this game ready.  But will they win by 3 or more goals is anyones guess and that’s what we would need to take and I’m not comfortable doing that.

Capitals vs Leafs Betting Tips:

The Caps are in the final wild card spot and have a nice lead over the teams below them.

The Leafs are in 2nd in the Atlantic but the Lightning and Bruins are not far behind so they need to win when they can to stay there.

The Caps have won 4 in a row and are on the road where they have a better record than they do at home.

I thought about the over here as both teams are in the top 10 in GPG but it’s 6.5 and not sure if I like that enough as both teams could play a tight game.  This one is too close to call for me.

Islanders vs Penguins Tips:

We would need to take the Pens to win in regulation here and with their recent results I have no confidence in them.  They have gone 3-6-1 over last 10.  These teams played each other on Tuesday and the Isles won 5-4 in a shootout.

The Isles are basically out so they could embrace the roll of spoiler.  With the Pens still needing points they should win this game but the Isles have been playing well despite being out.

Oilers vs Predators Betting Tips:

The Oilers have dropped 2 straight but are still in 2nd in the Pacific.

The Preds are in the 1st wild card spot and need to points to stay there as teams not in the playoffs are close.

This game is tough to call and thankfully I don’t bet on games with the Preds involved.

Wild vs Stars Betting Tips:

Both teams are on 2 game win streaks and have been playing well over last 10.  The Wild have gone 7-1-2, the Stars 6-3-1.

The Wild are in 2nd in the Central but are tied with the Blues who are in 3rd.  The Stars are in the final wild card spot but have only a 3 point lead over the 9th place Knights.

Both teams needing points.  I do lean towards a Wild win but they are on the road against a team who is in need of points.  They played on March 6th and the Stars won 6-3.  This is too close to call.

Sharks vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

Both teams out so its tough to try and predict a winner.

The Sharks have lost 7 in a row including their last 5 on the road.  The Hawks have lost 8 straight.

I really have no idea who wins here but one thing is for sure,  one of the losing streaks ends.

Devils vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

The Avalanche went to work last night putting up 9 goals.  How much do they have left in the next night?

The Devils have won 2 in a row but are long eliminated from the playoffs.

We would need to take the Avs -1.5 to get over our minimum, just barely,  but after last night they may take a more conservative approach. 

I like them to win but can they flex two nights in a row with tonight being against a non-playoff team?

Knights vs Flames Betting Tips:

The Knights need to get back on track and fast.  They are 3 points out of the playoffs and need to close the gap.

Tonight they get the Flames who have won 5 in a row.

I would say I would take the Flames but the Knights are desperate for points.  This should be a good game and it’s tough to call with the Knights backs against the wall.

There is value in taking the Knights to win including overtime but the Flames are on a roll and beating a team fighting to get in would give them a momentum boost moving forward.

Coyotes vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Would need to take the Canucks -1.5.  They have won 4 straight but are still on the outside looking in.  They are 4 points back of the wild card spots.  They have had a decent month so far going 4-1 but 2 of those games needed overtime.

The Coyotes are bad and I don’t see them giving the Canucks a problem here but with Vancouver needing overtime twice in their 5 games this month I have no confidence in them to cover the spread.

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