avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

8 games yesterday and what an insane night of action that was.

The Caps beat the Flyers 2-1 after the Flyers, needing a regulation win, pulled their goalie with 3 minutes left and the Caps scored and held on for the win to clinch the final spot in the East eliminating the Wings, Flyers and Penguins with the win.

The Wings came back to tie the game with 5 seconds left and force overtime.  The game needed a shootout but it was all for nothing with the Caps winning before this was finished.  They did win 5-4 in the shootout on a goal by Kane.

The Sens beat the Bruins 2-1 which is back to back games where the Bruins looked like shit.  The Leafs were up 2-0 but the Panthers scored 4 times in the 2nd and added an empty net goal for the 5-2 win.  With the win the Panthers won the Atlantic Divison and we will get to see the Battle of Florida in the 1st round.  Matthews is still looking for his 70th goal and has one game to do it.  The Jets beat the Kraken 4-3 to place 2nd in the Central which gives them home ice in round one.

Only 4 today.  There won’t be any tips tomorrow so we can take the extra day to work on our first round predictions.

Leafs vs Lightning Betting Tips:

The Leafs played yesterday and have nothing to lose in this game.  Matthews needs to score as it would be a shame to hit 69 goals when 70 was within reach.

The Lightning are also locked in place and have nothing to lose. 

This game has no effect on the standings so not expecting much.

Penguins vs Islanders Betting Tips:

Last game of the season for both teams.

The Pens are eliminated so not expecting a strong effort here.

The Isles are in 3rd in the Metro so resting some key players before the playoffs isn’t a bad idea.

Blues vs Stars Betting Tips:

The Blues are eliminated and this is their last game of the season.

The Stars have won the Central Divison so they should rest some players as this is their last game of the regular season.

Oilers vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

This is the last game that the Coyotes will play before they are relocated to Utah.

The Oilers should win this game but the Coyotes are going to want to come out and send the fans away happy in what might be the last NHL game to be played in Arizona.

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Nothing today for wins or O/U, but may try to find a prop bet in the Toronto game, but considering how these games mean zilch and all teams will be wanting to avoid injuries and just get to the golf course or Round One in fine condition, it’s difficult to see much that’s predictable. I had a good day betting yesterday, no point ruining it! See you all in the playoffs! Go Utah!


Flyers Caps game looked like rigged for me, but after reading your post I can understand this stupid strategy. WTF

I watched it. Odds dropped and dropped for the Caps in the 3rd, but still 1:1. I thought about betting on the flyers because of these absurd mistakes. But I thought about collectiong some new experience first and didn’t bet. And then during 1:1 he pulls the fucking goalie. Who the fuck does this when it’s a draw? I mean you mentioned they need a regulation win, but this was so fucking stupid for me.