avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Saturday, April 18th, 2015

It was a great night of hockey, and a great night of betting tips.

Depending on how you followed us yesterday – our consensus picks went 3-0, Scott went 3-1 and Graeme went 4-0. The highlight of the picks was the Canucks -1.5, which was a 3.00 odds pick.

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Now onto todays tips:

Red Wings vs Lightning Betting Tips:

Scott: Game one was a good, close game. The Lightning outshot the Wings 46-14 and Mrazek stood tall stopping 44 of them in the Wing 3-2 win. I still feel like the Lightning are the better team and they won’t be heading back to Detroit down 2-0. They’ll bounce back in this one. And watch out for Stamkos. He went pointless in game 1 but did take 8 shots and will be looking to take his team on his back if needed. Lightning in regulation for 1.83

Graeme: Pardon the pun – but Lightning can’t strike twice. Did you watch that game with Tampa and Detroit? Did you SEE the shot count? Absolutely ridiculous. Of course I picked Red Wings as the sleeper pick to win the series, but even AFTER they won their first game – I don’t like that bet anymore! I just can’t see Red Wings holding out again like that, and I think Tampa will rack up the numbers. Take Lightning -1.5 tonight at 2.70 odds.

Bet at Sports Interaction or Bovada depending on your country. Bovada is for Americans, Sports Interaction is for most others. And if SI won’t take ya, go with Carbon Sports.

Wild vs Blues Betting Tips:

Scott: The Wild scored early in the first and never looked back winning game 1 4-2. The Blues won the strong Central Division and the will remind the Wild of that in today’s game. Blues Win and look around for the best odds in this one and take them for 1.70 or higher.

Graeme: Wild were a big upset win in game 1 – but boy did they deserve it. It was a wakeup call to the Blues who are going to have to work hard to regain control of this series. Honestly this is one where I’d probably skip – none of the odds are sitting right with me. Blues are decent favourites to win around 1.70 that really aren’t that favourable after Game 1. Wild are 2.25 which is a fairly low price when you consider the skill level of the Blues, and ignore Game 1. I also like it to go Under – but only if the line was 5.5. The power play was a decent factor in Game 1 – and it’ll be interesting to see how that affects things in Games 2. I think, much like the Capitals bet yesterday – if you’re going to bet on this one, you have to bet on the Blues to be motivated, and show what they are made of. If they do that, they should win handily which is why Blues in regulation at 2.10 is really the only play I’d consider.

Bet at Sports Interaction or Bovada depending on your country. Bovada is for Americans, Sports Interaction is for most others. And if SI won’t take ya, go with Carbon Sports.

Penguins vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Scott: Game one saw the Rangers score twice in the 1st, including the 1st goal coming at 28 seconds into the game, and won 2-1. I expect this game to be a high scoring game. As the first game is a feeling out game, this one should open up. Crosby & Malkin combined for 3 shots in game one. They’ll need better efforts from both of them if they hope to stand a chance in this series. I like the Rangers to win this game but there’s no value in that. Over 5 for 1.86

Graeme: It was an interesting Game 1. Rangers won 2-1, but could have been a lot more. I’d like to value bet on the Penguins because 2.70 is a great price – but the Penguins are in that category for me where – until they show they have what it takes – I just shouldn’t consider them. So I’ll go with Rangers in regulation.

Bet at Sports Interaction or Bovada depending on your country. Bovada is for Americans, Sports Interaction is for most others. And if SI won’t take ya, go with Carbon Sports.

Jets vs Ducks Betting Tips:

Scott: Corey Perry put on a show scoring 2 goals and adding 2 assists in the Ducks 4-2 game 1 victory. The Jets went into the third leading 2-1 only to have the Ducks score 3 times in the period. This game could go either way. The Jets are a big, physical team and that’s going to wear down the Ducks. But I’m going to go with the home team in this one and hope that the Jets can do some damage once the series moves to Winnipeg for games 3 & 4. Ducks Win for 1.71

Graeme: Ducks did what I expected in Game 1. I love the Jets, and I want them to do the business, and I’m SUPER excited to see their first home game. That crowd is going to be freaking MENTAL. But the better team won in Game 1, and I like the Ducks to win yet again. One big thing for the Jets is their physicality – and they’re going to be scared to touch the Ducks after their power play success in Game 1. Big props to the Jets though for making a great game of it though.

Bet at Sports Interaction or Bovada depending on your country. Bovada is for Americans, Sports Interaction is for most others. And if SI won’t take ya, go with Carbon Sports.

Seriously – wherever you bet, look at the odds then click through to one of the books above and compare. No doubt you’ll find at least one better line.

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Good picks. All of them will be playing ‘desperate’ hockey. The Blues and T.B. have a lot of talent and should win as long as they stay disciplined and don’t draw a lot of penalties. I think the Pens will fall into that trap and give NYR an advantage. This is where good leadership and experience is key. Jets have to remember that scoring means nothing against the Ducks if you can’t finish. They’re one of the best come from behind teams in the League. Lots of exciting games filled with suspense. Good luck!