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There were a lot of interesting Game 3s yesterday in the NHL to guarantee that at least 3 of the 8 playoff matchups won’t be a sweep. Graemes tips had a winning day while Scotts didn’t, with it all coming down to that Predators vs Ducks game. Hopefully you took the big value on the Ducks there.

The Blues came back from behind twice against the Blackhawks in a fighting performance to win 3-2 and take the lead in the series.

Mrazek made his first appearance of the playoffs and stepped it up big time with a shutout. However it was a very inefficent performance from Tampa who could only get 16 shots on goal and gave up a lot of penalties.

We won with the Over in the Panthers vs Islanders game. This was a great game with both teams fighting so hard and wanting the win. The Islanders would just not give up and it was a great fighting performance from them.

Finally, the Predators went toe to toe with the Anaheim Ducks and picked up a massive 2-0 lead in the series. They now take that to Nashville. It’s going to make for a very interesting series.

Today we have 3 games so let’s get to the tips for those:

Capitals vs Flyers Betting Tips:

Graeme: Since Game 2, I’ve really not been sure how I’d go with this one. I do think the Flyers pick up a win during this series and I’ve been trying to convince myself on them all of Sunday. My strongest reasoning is that after Mason let in that 2nd goal, he’s going to step up big time here. That – coupled with being at home for the first time are two big factors.

But as soon as the odds were released, I changed my mind. Not that I find there is huge value or anything like that in the Capitals. But I think I was expecting to see the Capitals at 1.50 or below or something like that and as soon as I saw them I just felt Capitals were the bet to make. I don’t fault anyone for taking the Flyers and I think I could argue more for the Flyers winning than I could Washington – but it’s just a gut feeling I have. Capitals to win.

Canada: 1.69 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: -150 Odds at Bovada.
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Scott: All of the talk about last game will be on the goal that Mason allowed which turned out to be the game winner.  It was a 100 foot dump-in that went through Mason’s 5-hole.  But despite the loss and being down 2-0 in the series, the Flyers have played fairly well.  They took 42 shots but have only scored once in the series. But they’re now at home.  The Caps have lost 10 of their last 12 road games in the playoffs so if the Flyers are going to strike, now is the time. Plus some good odds for a Flyers win

Flyers Win

Canada: 2.30 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.
USA: +130 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.30 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Stars vs Wild Betting Tips:

Graeme: This is a big test for the Stars coming here with a 2-0 lead. During the regular season, the Stars had the best goalscoring record on the road. They play an aggressive style and I think that will bode well for them tonight. Minnesota will be up for it but if the Stars get an early goal I think they’ll crumble, and I’m going to bank on that. Stars to win.

Scott:The Stars haven’t made it past the 1st round in 8 years.  And this team looks more than capable of doing that.   The Wild can’t seem to find any offense without Parise and Vanek and have lost 5 straight.  I haven’t seen anything from  the Wild that would suggest any other outcome.

Stars Win

Canada: 1.77 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

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Kings vs Sharks Betting Tips:

Graeme: It’s a bit of a surprise seeing the Kings 2-0 down at this stage. However it’s a strong reflection of the regular season stats where Sharks were beastly on the road. I hate taking 3 road teams but I have to take the Kings here. The Sharks had an 18-20-3 home record and were very poor at home really. The Kings were fairly solid on the road and this is an incredibly important game for them. Kings to win.

Scott: The Kings are down 2-0.  The Sharks have surprised everyone with the fact that they are up on such a strong team.  But the Sharks were the best road team in the league and they were a bad home team.  So with them now at home and the Kings feeling the pressure, I like LA to win this game.

Kings Win

Canada: 2.05 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

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Stars-Wild under


5 units on Kings ML
1 unit on Flyers ML
1 unit on Stars regulation


Flyers in regulation, Sharks in regulation and Wild win.

Arto Reinikainen

It was a fun night yesterday. I did something i never do and bet the exact score on that Blues-Hawks game, which was 3-2. I felt confident about it all game long and literally burst out laughing when Kane took that double minor. Also went for OT in FLA-NYI game AND backed the Preds in regulation (man oh man, Sharks and Preds have been GOLD for a betting man so far). Again though i got the Tampa-Wings series wrong, and went for Tampa but they were flat as hell. For some reason i just can’t get that series right.

Regardless, these playoffs have been absolutely fantastic so far. I’ve made more money than in the last 3 months of the regular season.

Anyway, enough of that. In the same boat as you guys tonight, taking all 3 road teams. I mean, to me there hasn’t really been any surprises so far in the playoffs, but this night techically could be one and if this was the regular season the basic thing would be Caps and Stars both losing. But im not quite feeling either of the upsets tonight.

It would be fun to go for the Flyers, but the Caps are just so much stronger, this matchup is almost a complete missmatch. Couturier injury basically sealed the deal for the Flyers. I can definitely see the Flyers battling hard tonight, but ultimately this game is about goalscoring and the Caps have so much more firepower to score those needed goals. Not to mention Holtby seems so confident, and while it is an emotional night for the Flyers, it can also be a distraction for them.

If the Wild didn’t slide so badly into the post-season, i would probably back them here. But the reality is they’ve lost 7 games in a row and can’t seem to score goals. I mean, i think there’s a possibility they could potentially fight through it tonight and get a classic “Wild” win (2-1 etc.) after they get the lead and Dubnyk plays a strong game. But it just feels like wishful thinking at this point, and i think the Stars – despite the Wild maybe outplaying them – will be able to score more goals.

Kings are the underdogs this time around, and that always works in your favor BIG TIME when two rosters are evenly matched. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the same stuff every year. But you can’t count out the momentum Sharks got from those first 2 games, so im heavily considering OT. In the end though, i feel like Kings ML is the best option because it’s tough to see the Sharks taking a 3-0 lead, and even if the game goes to OT i do like Kings more, it would take a huge play from someone to score that golden goal for a huge 3-0 lead in front of your home crowd.

Good luck !

Eduardo Caldeira

I just dont know what to bet ON The Flyers And caps .. But I like this One to have goals but Ya The thing is holtby.. But The Stars And kings u just Cant Back off Of them tonight


Capitals win
Dallas win
Kings win

Good night!


Hi everyone,

I couldn’t post my thoughts on tonight’s games earlier and I could get less credit because of it so here we go


Couturier being out, the Flyers need to count on the players that were briliant in the past, such as Voracek, Giroux, Simmonds and, yeah, Mason. Tonight, they will probably play more confident considering home ice advantage. But I think it is more a «crowd» avantage for the Flyers so I don’t think they have an edge going into game 3. Holtby is simply a beast, and the rest of the team seems also to play with so much confidence; I can’t see Washington play a relax game. They want to finish an easy opponent as fast as they can, so they can be healty for round 2 of the series. Regulation was a bit scary so I took Caps ML.


There is not that much to say about this game. Minesota is playing without Parise and Vanek, and Dubnyk seems to be a little lost in his net. To be honest, I think they are the weakiest team of the playoffs, even with the two forwards being in the line-up. I think it is going to be a one-way game and that Stars are going to roll over the Wild. The odds for Stars regulation were amazing at 2.35, and even more amazing with the handicap -1.5.


This is my concern of the day. I think the pressure is splitted between these two teams: on one side, this is the ultimate opportunity for the Sharks to take control of the serie and to forgive their poor home-ice performances through the regular season. However, and I’m not particularly a big fan of the Kings, but I just can’t see them losing three in a row. No way they will just let it go. They have to choose between playing a two-to-one San Jose lead or face a three-nothing lead against them. I think Carter, Toffoli, Kopitar and Doughty will stand up big time.

Tonight’s picks:
1st period, draw no bet parlay: WSH & DAL @2.85

Two parlays:
DAL-1.5 , LA & WSH @11.33
DAL ml + WSH ml + LAK ml @5.93

Good luck everyone