avatar Written by Graeme on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Last night was the best night yet of the 2017 NHL Playoffs.

4 games, all of which went to overtime and all 4 underdogs won.

What an incredible bloody night that was.

The Senators had a solid road record throughout the season and they added to that with a big Game 3 win over the Bruins. The Ducks and the Flames had an incredible battle. The Flames PP was on fire but the Ducks prevailed with a big 5-4 win.

Then the two home dogs won. The Blackhawks came to life and went up 2-0 going into the 3rd period. However the Predators came back and won 3-2. The Blackhawks are on the verge of elimination now.

And finally the Toronto Maple Leafs – WOW. What a team. They took a 2-1 lead in an incredible fashion in what was an absolutely amazing game. The bookies will be smiling at that one as the Capitals took a lot of money pre-season to win the cup.

And holy crap – what about that Holtby diving poke check? Only in the playoffs.

Tonight we’ve got 3 games and we could see our first elimination as the 3-0 Penguins take on the Blue Jackets in Columbus.

Haven’t heard from Scott yet if he sends his in I’ll edit the post and add them to the comments. Not sure if he’s off swimming with dolphins or if he’s busy killing himself after the Hawks result.

Let’s get to it:

Canadiens vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Graeme: The Habs looked like a playoff team in Game 3 which was great to see. It was the first time in awhile where I’ve watched them and thought “Yep they deserve to be in the playoffs”. I don’t see anything real different in this one compared to the last one.

Honestly I think no bet is probably the best bet for this game. It’s a real 50-50 game.and so the odds are spot on. However I really was impressed with the way Montreal played last time out, and that’s got me betting the Habs to win tonight.

Penguins vs Blue Jackets Betting Tips:

Graeme: The big question is whether the Blue Jackets can pick themselves up for this game. It has to be a really crappy time for them. After such a great season to be looking at an inevitable elimination.

Jackets will be without Werenski and they need Bobrovsky to step up more than ever. He posted 7 shutouts during the regular season and had a .931 save percentage. Yet he’s having a dismal playoffs. Not that it’s all on him – but as we’re seeing from teams like the Blues – you need your goalie to step up.

I can’t back the Jackets to win. I’m going back and forth on a Penguins win or Over 5.5. The two conflicting factors are whether Bobrovsky steps up, or whether the Jackets are flat and just go through the motions.

If the Jackets are flat, the Penguins win but the over doesn’t hit. If Bobrovsky steps up that would hurt both the Over and the Penguins win. So the safer bet that I’m going to take is the Penguins to win.

Oilers vs Sharks Betting Tips:

Graeme: It was a surprising result in Game 3. The Sharks had Thorton back but the Oilers got a big 1-0 victory.

Edmonton seem to know what they’re doing on the road. I’m very conflicted on this one though. The Sharks are a better price than on Sunday but it’s hard to back them after the way that game went. I’m going to sit this one out. No bet.

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