avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, April 1st, 2017

We ended a profitable March on a high note, going 2-0.

We backed two potential playoff teams to do the business and they did just that. The New York Islanders had a very solid performance as they beat the New Jersey Devils. The scoreline really didn’t reflect how much better the Islanders were in that one. They looked solid.

We also had the Kings to beat the Canucks. Vancouver made a game of it to their credit but the Kings locked it up in the 2nd half with 2 goals and was nice to see Iggy get a goal. Quick recorded a shutout which I’m sure will be a nice little highlight for him.

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Let’s try and start April off with a bang.

Bruins vs Panthers Betting Tips:

Unfortunately the Bruins in regulation odds are poor. We’ve discussed it and we’ve got to go with Bruins -1.5. This was a tricky one to pick but we just feel good enough about the Bruins to do it.

Panthers are going with Berra in net. They’re officially out of the playoffs. This is the 4th game of a road trip where they’ve blown their playoff hopes. You have to think morale in the camp is at an all-time low at the moment. Can’t see them switching to no pressure, playoff spoiler mode at this point in time.

The selling point for me is that on a back to back weekend where the Bruins play the Panthers and the Blackhawks, they’re putting in Rask tonight. Rask will be playing his 3rd game in 5 days yet they’re going with him here. That to me suggests they’re focused on this game and know how important it is to win this one.

So we’re going to back that mentality with Bruins -1.5.

Canada: 2.16 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: +105 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.16 Odds at 888 Sports.

Note that for 888 you’d choose 3-way handicap and then the game starting at 1-0 for the Panthers.

Hurricanes vs Stars Betting Tips:

How can we not back the Carolina Hurricanes right now?

The Hurricanes have been on fire. What I like however is that they’re always pushing. They’re getting late goals to win games and battling so hard and are relentless. That bodes well if they go goals down – you know they’re going to be there and fighting.

The Stars have struggled offensively and have a horrible record on the road in terms of goals scored and goals against. The Canes defensively have been bloody good lately.

If the Stars win so be it, but the way the Hurricanes are playing they deserve to be in the playoffs, and the stats all point towards Hurricanes in regulation tonight.

Canada: 2.05 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: -105 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.05 Odds at 888 Sports.

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Bruins reg
Canes reg
Leafs reg
Flyers reg
Oilers – Ducks O5



I was thinking your exact lineup but I switched your over for my over.


Thought about that one as well. I just have some bad experience playing over against Price, might be superstition. And isn’t Tampa whit out Kucherov?


Going against Price isn’t somthing I usually push either. He can be stellar. My hopes are they take the night off but still get a few in the back of the net. Montreal isn’t in any real need of a Win, so over today seems good..

Brian Bawiec

Wow! Your good. I’m trying to figure out tomorrow’s Bruins Blackhawk s overall?


Saturday 4/01

Boston (-1.5)
Toronto (ML)
Montreal/Tampa (over 5.0)
Philadelphia (Reg)
Carolina (Reg)

Good luck to all!

Johnny Hockey

I like the Leafs tonight…

Johnny Hockey

What do you say @betnhlca:disqus ?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

I like Leafs but not at those odds. I’d prefer 1.80 at least here.

Johnny Hockey

Maybe in regulation @2.090

Western RattlersD

To WIN in reg: Boston, Philly, Carolina
Leans: Toronto to WIN, Boston and Carolina to go UNDER
>>> (Philly still has a mathematical chance and that’s when teams go berserk on offense, and NJ isn’t a threat to a kitten. Toronto has owned Detroit and will want to avoid falling into a wildcard slot with about 5 teams competing in that area. An important win needed here for Toronto. Avoiding the Minnesota game because they just beat Ottawa 5-1 and though they’re playing Nashville, who are on a good run of wins wanting to get above the wildcard slot, Minnesota playing well would be a major challenge, but are they recovered? Too soon to tell.)

Petri Kontiola

Bruins, Wild, Ducks and Senators.


What do you think about Wilds? Do you think that the last decisive win against Sens woke them up?

John UduakD

Good day guys. I don’t understand what we mean -1.5

Western RattlersD

For hockey, a team given the “-1.5” odds means the team is favored to win but must win by more than 1.5 goals (at least 2 goals) in order to win the bet. It’s often called the “puck line”. If the underdog loses by less than 2 goals, the underdog wins the game in terms of that game. The “.5” measure assures that every game results in a winner/loser and there are no “push” results. Personally, I’m extremely wary of accepting “-1.5” vs “0.5”, because so many hockey games result in a one-goal difference, even though the favored team does win. Be careful.


Leafs ML @ 1.72 & in reg @ 2.26 & -PL @ 3.17 & 1P ML @ 1.80 (I am all with Leafs)
Preds over 5.5 @ 2.18
Ducks ML @ 2.13 & 1P over 1.5 @ 2.22

They were all picked last night so I don’t know how the odds are now.



Winnipeg at home with that offense again at a reeling Sens team without Karlsson?


Yup Jets reg +121


Yeah my main bet is Canes, Leafs, Flyers all in reg

Then a small bet on Jets reg, Gonzaga and Oregon to each win by at least 6


thumbs up all the way


Yeah?! You think Oregon can pull the upset and do it by a decent margin?!


I don’t know if they can, but I WANT them to


Well Carolina screwed me again.


Jets will get 3…. They always get 3 lol just let 3 in, along the way somewhere.

Tomislav Štefanac

I will bet Toronto in regulation, and Senators ML…

Tomislav Štefanac

What is “wildcard”?

MaCas Macejuz

Nobody don’t believe Tampa tonight? im going with Tampa ML. Canes without Benn and Mitchel for tonight. Kucherov back in line up after missing 1 game of illnes.


kiek skaičiaus forumuose, tai visi masiškai už tampa šiandien.

MaCas Macejuz

Visur matau tik kad uz monreali krauna nesustodami net kofas jau krites uz tampa kyla uz monreali krenta. Nors net nepilnos sudeties juda monrealis matomai skirtinguose forumuose lankomes 😀 ir siaip is kur tamstas zinojot kad esu tautietis?


Matomai skirtingus 😀 aš šitam website jau seniai chekinu kitų mintis, o ir šiaip karma betting esu grupėj 😀

MaCas Macejuz

as cia pirma karta paziuresiu ka liaudis sneka na ir siaip gal vertingos patirties pasisemsiu ir manau, kad tikrai daug ko naujo suzinosiu is vietiniu


Pažiūrėk Arto mintis apie visus matchus praėjusių dienų, daugumą pataiko su savo įžvalgom.

MaCas Macejuz

kokio arto? parasyk man i fb jei nesunku

berg13 panathas

I agree with you man…tampa wins tonight