avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Two more extremely close games last night, with both neding overtime to decide them. The Capitals beat the Leafs 2-1 and the Bruins beat the Senators 3-2.

We had the unanimous pick of Leafs/Capitals Over 5.5 but unfortunately that never happened. With all the penalties in that game it was quite mindblowing that it didn’t even come close.

Today is Saturday, April 22nd and we’ve got an early game as the Blues take on the Wild at 3pm. Following that, the Canadiens go to New York needing a win, and the Oilers go to San Jose knowing they can wrap things up.

Let’s get to it:

Blues vs Wild Betting Tips:

Graeme: After being 3-0 down in the series, the Wild got a hard fought 2-0 win in St. Louis to hang in there. Dubnyk got a much needed shut out and you have to wonder if this is going to be a turning point for the Wild.

When I went to bed last night – extremely bloody late thank you Bruins/Sens – I had a look at the lines. The Blues were at least 2.65 and I thought for sure I’d back them. I mean to get that price in the playoffs considering how close the games have been and that the Blues have won twice here before? Seems a no brainer.

In the light of day, I’m a bit more hesitant. There’s been an extra day for the teams to prepare for this one. The Wild are coming off the back of a much needed shutout. They’re now at home where they were a beast all season long. In a game where they absolutely have to win or the cup is over for them. They’ve proven once they can do it – can they do it again?

I’ll be betting on the Blues. I’m a sucker for that price. However I have to advise no bet.

Scott: The Wild avoided being swept with their win in the last game and with their back still against the wall they will need another strong effort.

I like the Wild to come out and win this game as if they don’t then it’s all over for them.  They are at home and have a good record after a win when in Minnesota.  But the odds aren’t great for that and it would need to be in regulation to have any value.  With 2 games being decided by a single goal and 1 needing OT I can’t back a regulation win.

No Bet 

Rangers vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Graeme: Similar to the above series in the terms of how close this series is. I just can’t pick a winner here. The Habs need to win but I just don’t have the full confidence in them that they can do it. If there’s any game where Price has to step up it’s this one. I do think the Habs will take the win – these teams seem destined for a Game 7 – but I can’t back it. No bet.

Scott: The Rangers have won the last 2 games and now have the Habs on the edge leading the series 3-2.

Montreal will need to get production from its best players. Pacioretty hasn’t scored in the series and they are going to need him and others to breakthrough against Lundvist who has been amazing so far.

Sure the Rangers won at home but they still haven’t had great success there in recent games.  I expect Montreal to come out strong in this one and force a game 7

Canadiens win

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Oilers vs Sharks Betting Tips:

Graeme: This is an odd one as I feel strangely confident about the Oilers. However when I go to write it out I can’t really justify it. I don’t think the odds are there for one.

The Sharks offense stumbled for a couple of games but have came alive the last two. However other than that 7-0 game, the Oilers have looked the best team in the series.

I can’t back anyone here. Oilers have been fading in the games at times. In the last game I felt there was a big turning point – when McDavid took out Sorenson. Prior to that the Oilers were sitting back and had a real lack of energy. That turned things around for them as you could see the momentum rise. However you can’t always count on things like that to turn a game around.

I’ve got to go with no bet again.

Scott: The Oilers lead the series 3-2.  They responded after getting pounded 7-0 with a 4-3 OT win.

The Sharks lose and they go home but if the win they force a game 7.  This is a team that went to the finals last year so we can’t count them out.  It’s going to be a great game and I can’t predict a winner.

2 games in a row hit 7 and we only need 5 in this one so I’m going with Over 5

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Tough to make any serious bets when there is so much on the line. I like Blues to finish things off, Rangers to win and Sharks to triumph. I like the over in this one too.


I agree with your hesitation to call a winner in any series. Games are so tight, I think the teams will focus on defence in games 6&7 (no one wants to make a mistake) so the under (if the value is reasonable) seems like a good guess or picking a game to go to OT. Lots of value there.
Good luck! ?


Habs vs Rangs go to OT @ 3.62
Sharks ML @ 1.724


Arto Reinikainen

Bleh, i knew the Caps and Bruins would win last night – but again nothing to show for it. I guess i have to start taking chances on ML’s.

Tonight i think we have a bunch of interesting games, im going to say no one gets eliminated.

Blues were kind of in this situation last year with the Hawks. They had won the first 2 games in Chicago, and in game 6 they had a chance to put the Hawks away on the road – couldn’t do it. IIRC they had a good start but then the Hawks just poured it on in the 2nd period and outmuscled the Blues. I’d like to say the Blues can bounce back here and go for the big odds, but for that to happen they should have the ability to play clearly better… something i really haven’t seen in this series. It should probably be 2-2 rather than 3-1. I mean honestly, when have the Blues dominated in this series? Again tough one to bet though.. Do you trust the Wild to score enough goals in regulation? And if you go for ML are the odds worth it? I dunno.. will probably just pass.

Habs-Rangers i said before the series that i’d be shocked it it doesn’t go to 7 games.. Habs should be good enough to win this. Habs ML

Sharks in regulation at home. After a 7-0 win last time around i think they’ll be comfortable in this must-win situation.

GL !


My prediction:

Wild to win, Sharks to win.
Rangers vs Canadiens – goes to OT, so draw.

Good luck!

Petri Kontiola

Vladimir Sobotka to score.


I have follow this blog since january and i love your bet on underdogs, whats your thoughts of tonight and tomorrow games? Greetings from sweden/ Nathalie

Petri Kontiola

Regular season is something, play off is something else.Anyaway, i think Habs, Sharks and Senators will win.


Thanks for your replay, i have put My bet on the sens and Montreal tonight, but i bet more on Ahl and Ohl, do you have any toughts in calder playoff tonight? And what about tomorrow games Toronto vs Washington and Boston vs Ottawa ?


Congrats Graeme! Hope you got a sizeable profit on the Blues but not a heart attack watch’n the OT. Time to relax. ?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Ty sir. Yeah it’s tough as part of me wishes I could have openly advised it but that was a whole new degree of intense.

Geir Aage R Jensen

San Jose Win Reg and P. Marleau to score