avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

There were a lot of surprises yesterday in the NHL, but none moreso than in Washington where the Philadelphia Flyers came and won 2-0.

That’s the first time the Capitals have lost 2 in a row in regulation all season, and the first time for it to happen in over a year. Insane.

It’s amazing to see the Flyers sitting here down just 3-2 in the series now. After the self-destruction of the fans after game 3 they looked down and dusted. However Neuvirth is pulling off miracles and nothing can go right for the Capitals. I mean if I told you the Capitals would have 44 shots in the game and the Flyers just 11 you’d assume it was an obliteration for the Capitals – not the other way around.

The Islanders and Panthers continue to have very close games with the Islandrs squeaking out that one in double OT. the Wild and Stars had an amazing game and Niemi has to be disappointed with leaking so many goals there.

The Kings are out. That was one where we didn’t have a consensus pick – Scott went with the Kings and Graeme went with the Sharks.

Saturday April 23rd brings 3 more games with two teams on the brink. The Rangers are 1-3 as they head to Pittsburgh and the Blackhawks are 2-3 as they host the Blues. The Predators and Ducks also face off in Anaheim.

Rangers vs Penguins Betting Tips:

Graeme: It’s hard to convince yourself on the New York Rangers at the moment. The odds are juicy but they just look like a team out of water. If Lundqvist starts today is he going to show up motivated? Or mentally has he checked out for the season? It says so much too that the Penguins are doing this without Fleury – watch them get Fleury back and immediately turtle up. I don’t hold much faith in the Rangers but I’ve seen them rally before and am going to take Over 5 Goals. Can get around 1.75 odds for that.

Scott: The Penguins are rolling at the moment.  They have won the last 2 games and now have a commanding 3-1 lead over the Rangers.  Malkin is back and healthy and has added to an already potent offense.  With the Pens pounding the Rangers in the last game, being at home, having goalie Murray only allow 1 goal over his last 2 games and having their offense on fire I like them to end the series tonight.

Penguins Win in Regulation for 1.90 odds.

Predators vs Ducks Betting Tips:

Graeme: I like the way the Ducks turned things around in Nashville and I think momentum is on their side. Andersen is surely between the pipes tonight and that’s enough for me. Ducks to win.

Scott: After losing the first 2 games of the series at home the Ducks have stormed back to win 2 on the road and have tied the series at 2.   The Ducks won those 2 games by a combined score of 7-1.  Andersen has been fantastic since taking over for Gibson in goal.  I like the Ducks to ride the hot goalie and win at home in this one

Ducks Win.

Can get the Ducks for 1.74 odds.

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Blues vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

Graeme: I’d feel more confident picking tails on the flip of a double headed coin than I would picking this game. The Blues are a terrific value and I believe would be +EV but man it’s so hard to bet against the Blackhawks because we’ve all seen what they’re capable of in the playoffs, especially with backs against the wall. No Bet.

Scott: This has been a crazy series.  Last game needed parts of 2 overtimes where Kane scored his first of the playoffs to win 3-2 and the series heads to Chicago for game 6 with the Blues leading 3-2.  I am going to avoid a tip for this game.  It’s tough to call and I’m far to biased to make a safe pick.  I do like Chicago to get back to winning at home though.  But the way this series has gone so far, anything can happen.

No Bet

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Penguins, Ducks and Blues. All in regulation.


I like that


Today I will take

Arto Reinikainen

Im on the same boat.


Agree Ducks
Chicago 80%
NYR 50 %
Pen-nyr over
Chicago under 5,5


I like the Penguins for the early game straight up.

Penguins have played really well all early day games on Saturdays.

With a healthy Malkin and Murray in net, I believe Pens wrap it up today.


Arto Reinikainen

Tough game to bet.

First of all it’s easy to look at the last game and say “oh the Pens will destroy them tonight”. But in reality 5-0 means nothing, it was one game, teams tend to not think about the result and move on to the next game. Caps beat the Flyers 6-1 and lost the next game. We have finals going on in Finland at the moment and IFK beat Tappara 4-0 & 6-0 in game 1 and game 3, but Tappara now leads the series 3-2.

From the Rangers POV, it’s much easier to play their best game of the series now that pretty much everyone thinks they’re down and out. Pressure is on the Pens, it’s always so tough to clinch a series this early at home against a team that really isn’t much worse on paper and are fighting for every inch. It’s almost inevitable for the Pens to create their own pressure by letting their thoughts already go past this game and the 2nd round.

I get it, the Pens are playing great, but sports are 90% mental. It’s hard for me to justify the odds when the Rangers have the advantage in that department. This is the one game i think Lundqvist can easily steal.
Biggest mistake anybody can do is think that the Rangers have given up and the Pens will destroy them. That is not how it works.

Anyway, big question here is are the Rangers offensive struggles Limited to home only ? I mean they did score 7 goals in the first 2 games, so you’d think they can find that offensive spark again. But that to me is kind of a 50/50, and if they can score goals in this game it’ll be a close one.

I personally think there’s a very solid chance for OT and in OT i’d lean towards the Rangers, they have less pressure to score (examples of this Kings when they were down 2-0 and Hawks when they were down 3-1, both teams won in OT). Always so tough to score that big goal you so badly want at home this early like i said. But i admit the Pens are feeling so good right now that they might be able to do it if it goes that far.

But as always, just my thoughts. I personally think Pens in regulation isn’t worth the odds.

Arto Reinikainen

Oh yeah and i what i forgot to say was the Rangers are the only team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the last two playoffs. They know what it takes and while i don’t think they will necessarily win this series, it starts by winning one game.


Valid Points. Thank you for your insight.

Arto Reinikainen

Still so tough to predict though, i feel like this is the type of game the Pens either win 4-1 or lose after a close game. So go figure.

But the best thing from a betting standpoint is to look at the odds, i wouldn’t blame anyone for going for the Rangers as their odds are juicy.


Also Girardi is back in and Hayes and Dan Boyle are out for todays game.

Arto Reinikainen

Oh wow, lundqvist is just not himself. Have to admire the Pens and if they do win this they deserve to advance 100% they’re a treat to watch

Eduardo Caldeira

I think they could win the cup, the capitals are going to struggle for sure against them

Arto Reinikainen

Long way to go, but they have a decent chance for sure. What a series that will be though.. Potential for one of the best all time entertainment-wise.

Eduardo Caldeira

Ya but for sure the pens will be underdogs so I will back them


It was a epic finish, I stuck with my guts and took the Pens Moneyline.


When you look Murray stats after 13 games posting 2.00 GAA & .930 SV% , it is hard betting against him

Arto Reinikainen

Ducks seem like the perfect pick. Momentum, hot goalie, home crowd.. Meanwhile Smith is out for the Preds, they can’t score. Tough to see anything else than a Ducks win tonight.


Nashville to win 100 % also Blues

Eduardo Caldeira

Going to take the Under 5.0 goals in regulation with the Blackhawks – blues , I think this is going to be a tight game today where they are going to be careful to see who doesn’t start losing.
Gonna be very physical

Eduardo Caldeira

Recovered Live but fuck That was One hell Of a game did Over 7.5 Live