avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Monday, April 25th, 2016

It’s been a nice and profitable round 1 in the playoffs for us, and that continued yesterday with yet another perfect day.

We had the Washington Capitals to win in regulation and they did so by beating the Philadelphia Flyers 1-0. That also won us our series prediction of Capitals -1.5.

We also had the Dallas Stars yesterday and they also win. Their elimination of the Minnesota Wild also won us yet another series prediction of Stars -1.5.

Hopefully we can continue our nice run into round 2 of the NHL Playoffs which begines later this week. We’ll have series predictions up as soon as the online sportsbooks makes the odds available.

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Two games tonight let’s get to it:

Blackhawks vs Blues Game 7 Betting Tips:

Graeme: Holy crap what a game this is. If the Blues didn’t know it before, they know what the Blackhawks are made of now. Last year the Blackhawks had one Game 7 beating the Ducks 5-3 after winning 2 in a row. The year before it was the Kings and the Kings prevailed there winning 5-4. I think I’ve got to go with the craziness to continue in this one, and take Over 5 Goals. 1.97 odds.

Scott:.  This has been a crazy series.  The Hawks have found a way to win the last 2 games and force a game 7.   During game 6 the Hawks scored 5 unanswered goals in their 6-3 win. The Hawks will have the obvious momentum on their side in this one.  I of course have to go with my team in this one not only because they’re my team but I think their experience in must win games will help them.

Blackhawks Win 2.00 odds.

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Ducks vs Predators Game 6 Betting Tips:

Graeme: This is such a tricky one. For some reason I have a strong feeling that it has a Game 7 written all over it. And I just don’t feel good about the Ducks. I’m not sure why as the momentum has shifted, they’ve had 3 dominant victories in a row and obviously have won in Nashville twice. But with the odds I think the sensible bet has to be Ducks to win.

Scott: Just like the Ducks regular season where they opened up the year by playing like garbage to only storm back and make the playoffs,  the Ducks lost the first 2 games of this series and have now won 3 in a row.  They can end this tonight. With the momentum of winning 3 in a row and Andersen playing amazing in goal for them, I like the Ducks to move on to the next round tonight.

Ducks Win. 1.90.

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Eduardo Caldeira

Nice jumping on the same

but tipping the blackhawks to win is the same for them to win the series… so I wouldnt bet that twice… gonna just take the over 🙂

Arto Reinikainen

6-0 with the tips last night. What a crazy game that Panthers-Islanders was. I was starting to kick myself for chickening out on the Panthers and going with OT instead when they led the game 1-0 in the dying minutes, but luckily JT has his beast mode activated and he ultimately won the game for them. I’ve definitely had some luck (that i felt like i had none in regular season) but i’ll take it.

For tonight my picks are:

Ducks in regulation
Blues in regulation
CHI-STL Over 4.5 goals

Ducks seem so good of a pick here that you have to wonder if it’s too good to be true for them to win 4 in a row. But it just makes too much sense. Preds have scored a whopping one goal in their 2 home games, and 3 goals in their last 3 games. That’s just not enough especially when Andersen just keeps building his confidence. Ducks should be able to finish them off here unless the Preds somehow find an extra gear. Maybe they do, but if that’s the case Andersen can steal another one. +150 is too good to pass on.

Blues were my pick before the playoffs started and im sticking with it. They have still been able to score goals despite losing 2 and can funnel all of their rage to this game 7. I see another crazy game happening though, and i wouldn’t be surprised if this time the Hawks had a 2 goal lead only for the Blues to battle back hard. I mean pressure is on the Blues and they might have troubles getting their engine going, but once they do they have the roster to win that game IMO.

I’ve been surprised at some of the Over 4.5 odds, like in this game -120 seems like very good value when you think about the last 4 games these teams have played. At least 5 goals in each of the last 4 games and they haven’t showed any signs of slowing down offensively.

Anyway, that over 4.5 pick seems like the safest one tonight. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the Preds and Hawks both end up winning, marginals will be just that close.

Good luck !


Agreed. Ducks in regulation and over 4.5 in hawks vs blues

Eduardo Caldeira

U Got very lucky, the refs were horrible and I feel that Florida got a little robbed at the end xD. Just a little upset because I had them for the series , but I didn’t bet anything on that yesterday


Ducks in regulation and…unfortunately Blackhawks win.


What do u guys think of Ducks-Nsh over


I want to take Ducks but no sure about it(
Take Hawks to win)


ya i took Hawks
i also took Nsh-Anh over


Not a good night last night with live betting on scoring which was terrible – 2 goals in two matches in regulation. Only bet I won was NYI overtime win for small stake. My combo bets on results and periods didn’t do great either but luckily 2nd period got 4 games correct out of 5 and ended slightly in plus.

tonight only couple of games.
CHI win in regulatio

2 game parlay:
CHI – STL over 4.5
ANA over 1.5
medium stake.

otherwise it will be live betting :).


Yeah home teams won. It was better to trust my instinct that Nashville and Blues won’t make it easy. Glad to have the Blackhawks away from playoffs. Hope Nashville wins the game 7!