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The Montreal Canadiens are in the next round of the NHL playoffs, along with the Minnesota Wild. The Wild going through was quite the upset, and is going to hurt a lot of fantasy hockey pools – that’s for sure.

That was a series most people couldn’t predict – both of us got it wrong. Scott had Blues in 6 while Graeme had Blues in 6. But well done to the Minnesota Wild – they fully deserved to go through.

As soon as all teams are through we will do series predictions for the upcoming series as per usual.

Round 1 could be fully completed tonight. Capitals vs Islanders has their game 7 this evening, while the Lightning vs Red Wings is Game 6. Going to be an interesting night. In joint series picks so far, we’ve went 4-1, and the Capitals is our remaining joint series pick. We’ll be hoping they do the business tonight for a healthy 5-1.

Let’s get to the NHL Betting Tips for April 27th, 2015:

Lightning vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

Scott: Year after year, the Red Wings surprise me. They are to old, by athletes standards, to be competitive but they make the playoffs each and every year for 24 years. I still like the Lightning to come out of this series but I didn’t see it being such a tough task for them. They have traded wins up until this point and I see that continuing into this game. Lightning Win for 1.86

Graeme: An intense series, and I have a list of people I’ll be messaging to laugh if and when the Red Wings win. This is a tough one. On paper, Red Wings are the better play as they are the underdogs when they shouldn’t be, based on the games so far. Mathematically, they are the better bet. However Tampa Bay are one of those teams who, when properly motivated, are absolute killers. And when you’re on the verge of losing? Motivation is the key. I think if Tampa are on the ball then they dominate the game, and with that I’ll take Lightning in Regulation.

Islanders vs Capitals Betting Tips:

Scott: Wow. This has been an amazing series and it’s going to be over tonight. With the Caps being at home you have to give them the advantage in this game. Before the playoffs started, I had the Caps to take this series in 6 games. I’m still going to back them in this game where they’ll move on to take on the New York Rangers. Capitals Win for 1.71

Graeme: This is one where I have to go for value. This series has been so close, and skill wise it’s a complete coin flip. Getting 2.20 on a coinflip? Then you have to go with Islanders to win at 2.20 odds.

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