avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

1-1 last night but thanks to an error on my part it could have been better.

Yesterday I had the the tips written and posted at 11 or so I thought at least.  I went to check later and realized that for some reason they didn’t post.   I had the Flyers in regulation so of course that came through. 

We had the Red Wings to beat the Maple Leafs and they did 3-2.  Another big win for the Wings who just passed the Bruins and are now tied with the Flyers for 7th place but the Flyers have games in hand. 

We had Over 5.5 in the Flames vs Oilers game.  This was the last time that the battle of Alberta will happen at the Rexall Place and for the home town Oilers fans this must have been a huge let down.   The Flames won 5-0.

A fairly slow Sunday of action with only 5 games.  But thanks to the start times it works out to be a nice day full of hockey.

Flyers vs Penguins Betting Tips:

These are always great games.  The battle of Pennsylvania.  Both teams are on great runs: The Flyers are 7-2-1 and have won 3 straight, the Penguins are 9-1 on a 5 game win streak.

The Flyers are in the playoffs but haven’t yet clinched the spot.  They’ll need to close out the year strong with the teams they are surrounded by.

The Penguins have clinched a spot but realize that they could help spoil the Flyers year by handing them a loss at such a crucial time.  This is also the Penguins last home game of the regular season.

Over 5.5

Canada: 2.10 Odds at Sports Interaction
USA: +110 Odds at Intertops
Everyone Else: 2.10 Odds at Pinnacle Sports

Bruins vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

The Bruins are in 9th and in need of wins to close out the year to not only keep pace with the teams in front of them but to get and stay in the playoffs.

The Hawks are still without Crawford and Keith.  So without their best defensemen and starting goalie, they will need to score enough goals to make up for the ones that they will give up.

Overall the Bruins are ranked 4th with 2.88 and the Hawks 8th with 2.78 gpg.  With both teams able to score goals and both needing wins, I like this game to go over

Over 5

Canada: 1.74 Odds at Pinnacle Sports
USA: -145 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 1.74 Odds at Pinnacle Sports


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Eduardo Caldeira

I like those picks I’m on that

I think Bruins could be a good pick also for the win today.. Not liking Chicago’s slump lately


Hmmm! Darling in the net.
Tonight i like Wild, Avalanche and Ducks.

Eduardo Caldeira

He has been the goalie for a while. No surprise on that for today

Eduardo Caldeira

Thank god I changed my mind only on over 4.5 @ 2 live… One more goal 🙂

Arto Reinikainen

Last night Coyotes PL went straight to my top 3 bets of the season 😀

For tonight:
Bruins-Hawks Over 5
Flyers ML
Blues in regulation
Ducks-Stars OT

GL !

Arto Reinikainen

Flyers getting the Hawks treatment from the Pens, can’t believe i just keep betting against them 🙁 I should just refrain myself from any Pittsburgh game b/c i clearly have something against them.


same problem here- got Fliers to win, and 3rd period win. I don’t bet against Pens, but I bet on fliers and usually they screw me up baaah!

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah i guess we all have those kryptonite-type of teams 😀


This may be a stupid question, but I’m new: How many goals have to be scored in over 5,5 to go in?

Arto Reinikainen

6 😀


no way… 😀




Hawks, Philly, Wild + under 7.5 in the Jays/Rays Stroman vs Archer game GL to all!!

Arto Reinikainen

Im also thinking there might be some value in Hawks to win, their odds have taken a significant jump from what they were last night (2.15 to 2.55 in reg, Bruins were at 3.00 but now as low as 2.50).

People are clearly going for the Bruins atm. which i was thinking about too, but just wasn’t feeling it because partly why i think the Hawks have had troubles getting out of their struggles is they’ve consistently had to deal with a lot of pressure. Either they play against much weaker teams which everybody expects you to beat or they’ve played the Wild that have been on a mission to beat Hawks every single time this year.

But now i feel like that win over the Jets that they eventually managed to get was a very good pressure-relief and they can just go out and play their game against a Bruins team that desperately needs the points. Hawks have no reason to be overconfident without Keith and the way i see it, they’re going to have a lot easier time to score tonight.

Just my 2 cents. I went for the over because i think it’s fairly safe whatever happens in the game, but yeah, this is one of those games where the underdog win gathers a bit too much interest and that doesn’t make them the underdogs anymore.


I am thinking same as S&G suggested above plus ANA over 4,5.
BOS getting beating right now… already @ 5 goals less than half game through. I expected much closer contest.


here is my slip for goal scorers in case anyone is interested :).

Arto Reinikainen

So far so good lol 😀


wow, i thought fliers won’t even score when i saw then play first half of the game… yup so far so good. To make good money on this combo I would have to get like 6 correct :D.


ok now i can’t sleep .. Scheifele scored too….

Arto Reinikainen

And also the over 4.5 on that last game, talk about excitement on one game 😀 i hope they work out


Yeah, the Stars game thus far not good. Hope the next 40 minutes will bring up some goals. I gotta go to sleep, can’t keep my eyes open. GL and good night.


Today some intresting:matches. Chicago vs Boston was very intresting , 6-4:) I will pick Pittsburgh straight,
Minnesota Wild,ML
Edmonton Oilers.ML

More tips on http://www.nhlvihjeet.com


Tonight picks,

Flyers win %70
Jets win %80
Blues win %70
Stars win %90

Good luck everyone!