avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, April 3rd, 2015

So as Scott said we may muss a few days for tips over the next week. Pity as we are on an insane hot run. Thanks to everyone for the complements etc we always truly appreciate those.

I’ll be handling tips for the rest of the regular season. I’m in Scotland until Wednesday though and it can be hard to keep updated on nhl as much as I like plus I’m super busy seeing family and friends and have a wedding as well.

Will do my best but there may be days I miss tips etc. Also as im not able to have access to my usual set of tools maybe only bet half of what you usually would.

And after writing all that – Ugh. Looking at the games tonight nothing is really standing out.

Blues are tempting as the stars are pretty much out and have nothing to play for. Blues riding high. But they just played last night and the man tarasenko is day to day and I can’t see them risking him. Blues should win but not sure if 1.81 is a good price.

Hawks sabres. Have to think that one goes under 5.5 goals. I mean buffalo nothing to win for. Hawks can’t see them being super motivated either.

Can’t see anything else.

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