avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

We had only one tip yesterday and we won it.

We had the Leafs to win in regulation against the Sabres and they did winning 4-2.  What the Leafs rookies have done this year is just amazing.  Matthews scored his 39th goal which is the most ever by an Ameican born rookie. And he also matched Sidney Crosby for goals in his rookie year.  And the Leafs are only the 2nd team in history to have 3 rookies with 60+ points as Matthews has 67 points and Marner and Nylander both have 60.

The Habs beat the Panthers 4-1.  For Montreal they started Charlie Lindgren for his first start of the year and he came through nicely for them.

The last game of the night was the Sens vs the Red Wings and the Wings won 5-4 in OT.  With the point gained in the OT loss, the Sens moved into 3rd in the Atlantic.

From 3 games yesterday to a full night of 13 games tonight.  It’s going to be a fun night of action.  Only 2 Tips tonight.  It’s tough to find tips with some many teams eliminated and others having so much on the line.

Lightning vs Bruins Betting Tips:

This should be a good game.

The Lightning are sitting in 9th place with 88 points.  The team in front of them that they’re chasing is the Bruins who are 8th with 92 points.

Both teams are going to show up for this crucial game as not only will it bring the Lightning to only 2 points behind them with a win but they also have a game in hand over the Bruins.

Both teams are in the top half of the league in goals scored per game and over the last 10 meetings of these teams there has been and average of 5.80 GPG.

This is going to be intense to watch even if your not a fan of either team.  I like these to be a high scoring game.

Over 5.5

Canada: 2.11 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: +105 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 2.11 Odds at BetOnline.

Capitals vs Maple Leafs Betting Tips:

The Capitals are still in first place in the East and the league but they aren’t as comfortable as they once were.  The Penguins and the Blue Jackets are only 5 and 6 points behind them.  The Caps will be going all out until they can lock down 1st.

The Leafs sit in 2nd in the Atlantic with 93 points but things change each night there.  The Sens are behind them with 92 points and then the Bruins are next with 91.  They need to finish the season strong to have home ice advantage in the first round.

Over the last 10 games between these teams there has been an average of 6.30 GPG.  The Caps are ranked 2nd in the league with 3.23 GPG and the Leafs 5th with 3.09

I like that trend to continue in this game and going with the over.

Over 5.5

Canada: 1.87 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: -120 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 1.87 Odds at BetOnline.

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Smoking Barrel

What do you think about Predators-Islanders going over5,5?


Possible, but not sure.
Probably Predators will win the match (no OT), and likely to win the second period.

Tomislav Štefanac

Senators in regulation, Islanders including OT/SO, Maple Leafs including OT/SO.

Tomislav Štefanac

If someone have some additional information and updates about injuries about thoose games i would be grateful for posting.


2-3 Yesterday.

Tuesday 04/04
Toronto (ML) “Biased pick, but they need points!”
Nashville (REG)
Arizona (REG) “Another potential end of season spoiler!!”
Edmonton/Los Angeles (Over 5.0)
Chicago (PL)



Today I have Tampa ML and Islanders ML.
This post will be updated after some analyses.


My problem to take Isles is Tavares default… Halak has been playing well. GL


I had the feeling that Halak will be less good after 2 good games. But he did well again. My fault to pass NYI and take Tampa. The thing that annoys me most is that I know I’m on a good site taking the highest ODD I will get. But still I’m complaining in my brain and taking the lower one. I’ve been making this mistakes for a long time and still I’m doing it. I want the next season, now! 🙂


You are probably not feeling totally confortable with your unit value. Reduce it a little and I think you will get better results! 😉 You have to trust in your work / analysis, not in the lowest odd. If the outcome of my analysis is x play, which is the highest odd of my sample, even better! 🙂


I know what you mean. But you should know I’m doing this stuff for years. And my experience is: Just take the highest ODD, you’ll get maximum profit. Because the tips are from my program and the calculated constellations are like 50:50. The absolut value goes to the highest ODD. But my analyses lead me not to do so. And that is a mistake, because math says: Just do it, u’ll win more with time.


Lol. So you have to stop doing your analysis if you want to win more money. Why not separate them: yourbet = 0,1.progbet? 😉

Jeff Douglas

Hey guys good job last night. Graeme can you post a link to your golf site? Thanks!

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Hey Jeff,

http://www.golfbettingtips.org is the URL. No Masters tips up just yet still studying that one. Probably up later tonight.

Western RattlersD

Likely WIN in reg: Chicago
Strong Leans: OVER: Toronto, UNDER: Edmonton
>>> Weak leans: OVER in St. Louis, UNDER in Dallas. Pittsburgh and Columbus may be thinking “OK, let’s go for a skate and avoid injuries, don’t make it look too cheesy for the spectators.”. Should be lots of exciting hockey to watch, especially the Tampa-Boston game. Tampa must improve on 6-3-1 if it wants to make the playoffs. Ottawa is vulnerable, Boston probably isn’t. Pivotal night!

Petri Kontiola

BlueJackets, Stars, Ducks and Kings.


Toronto – to win the first period, Overs
San Jose to win
Dallas to win
Ottawa to win (excluding OT in case of the last)
Blues to win with the music, match will go Under
Wild to win
Tampa bay to win the first period, Overs (would also like Tampa to win)


Just from the air…
Chicago to win the last period and match.
Edmonton to win + Over, may be also tricky one.
Hurricanes match could go to Overs (5)
New Jersey Devils – Philadelphia Flyers guess Devils able to win in regulation, likely match to go Under

Never trust anyone, even yourselves 😉

John UduakD

Mr. Petri Kontiola; your suggestion are in regulations or. Please specify

Petri Kontiola

combo in reg.


Canucks ML @ ??? (3.18 at this point but I’ll wait to see if it increases a little more).

I see this game a very close one and with Bachman in I like it even more! He is proving to be a very profitable goalie, so they have my shot again.

Isles ML @ 2.80 is also a great play. A lot of value in their side! But for me, this play is not closed yet. If I move forward in this one, I’ll update this post.



Wild, Preds, Hawks, Sharks all in reg parlay.


Took Wild, Hawks, Sharks… staying away from Preds tonight


Fair enough, I just think NYI is all but officially done and that hits home tonight. Plus no JT. Preds also off a loss and the motivation to try and avoid the Hawks


Yea, I might take them as a single bet.


I went on that 4 team parlay at $75 to get back $475.

My other play was Caps, Blues, Oilers all in reg $20 to get back $165


I rather bet smaller amount of games. If i bet more than 3 games on parlay it usually fails… But the second one is worth considering although Im not sure today with Caps… I will go rather with over in that game


I think Toronto has to lose at some point and the Caps can clinch the division tonight


Grubauer in net for caps, last game he played in Arizona and he had to be replaced by Holtby, still losing 3-6 to Coyotes


No other way around. Holtby was awful gave up 3 in the first period


Well I don’t know but I’m taking the over…

Anderson Costa

What’s up guys!? Here are my picks for tonight.
Lightning/Bruins – Over 5.5

Still looking at some other games but not sure yet, for now that’s it.
Good luck!!!

Joakim Skaftnes

Why Colombus?


Yeah kind of risky but, Bobrovsky is 10-2-2 with 18 goals allowed and 4 shutouts in his past 14 starts, he is on fire!! And the pens have many injuries. So I think the CBJ has a chance in this one, and the odd worth the shot for me.

Good luck!


Bruins, Arizona, Anaheim, Oilers and Sharks to win.

Oliver Trigg

Opinion on Blackhawks on the puckline? I know they have nothing to play for, but neither do Avalanche….


Anyone recomend 2-3 players who will at least do 1 point tonight? Who is on fire right now?


Erik Karlsson. GL


Thank you sir…Sorry what is GL?




thank you sir!

Vadim Baruzdin

Edmonton In regulation

Ducks/Flames OT


Looking like anouther 0-2 night from these terrible cappers smh